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The Cheapest States to Buy a Car & Their Cities

April 28, 2016

If you’ve ever had to shop for a car you probably noticed that buying a car in the city is more expensive than driving an hour and a half out into the country to buy the same car. In a recent study by, it was revealed that some cities pay less for used cars than others. We were surprised by both the cheapest city and the most expensive city on the list. Here we’ll examine the cheapest states to buy a car, along with their respective cities.

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities for Used Cars

car metal silverThis study had a surprising result. The cheapest city in the United States to buy a used car was Miami, Fl. This is especially interesting as the cost of living in Miami is unusually high (roughly three times the national poverty line is required to live a “modest lifestyle” in Miami, according to this report. That means average yearly earnings of at least $60,168). Despite the high cost of living, the average used car price in Miami is 6.6 percent below the national average. Cleveland, Ohio (5.7% below national average) and Rochester, NY (5.4%) followed Miami on the list of the cheapest cities to buy a used car.

Something that was especially interesting was the city in which used cars cost the most: Jackson, MS. Buying a used car in Jackson, MS costs 9 percent more than the national average. That means that the more expensive city to live in actually has cheaper used cars than a city with a significantly lower cost of living. Other expensive cities to buy used cars in were Seattle, WA (6.4% above national average) and Montgomery, AL (5.8%).

Used Car Prices Study Details

The cheapest cities to buy a used car were determined by examining the prices of 3 million used cars in major metropolitan areas from around the United States. The group that conducted the study,, used an algorithm that adjusts for differences in make, model, and year. All cars included in the study were model year 2000 and newer. The full list can be viewed on their website.

What if I live in an expensive city for used cars?

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