The best traffic apps for android and iOS

April 28, 2016

The Top Three Traffic Apps

We’ve all been stuck in traffic at one time or another, but some of us get caught in traffic on a daily basis. Many of us have just accepted the fact that traffic jams are just part of our daily commute. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. brings you the top three traffic apps to save you time, prevent frustration, and get you to work before your boss. You might even have time to stop and grab that latte you need.

Traffic appsThere’s no shortage of traffic apps available for smartphones and GPS devices. Many of them do more than just highlight high traffic areas along your commute. But how much of that do you need? Our list prioritizes the traffic alert features of these traffic apps, but awards additional points for bonus uses (because it’s easier to have one app doing 10 things instead of 10 apps each doing one thing – as long as it performs its primary function flawlessly). Here are’s top picks for traffic apps.


This app does two things well. It gives app users reliable driving directions while also delivering up to date traffic data. WAZE records data about your drive – how fast you are driving, your route, and more; it then shares that data with other WAZE users on the road as it shares their data with your app. This is how WAZE stays on top of traffic conditions. The only downfall is that it relies heavily on other users, so drivers who are in areas where there may not be a large number of WAZE users might not get the value from this app that those in cities like New York or L.A. might. [Note: WAZE has recently been bought by Google and many of their features have been added to the standard Google Maps interface, but the premium features have stayed with WAZE.


This free traffic app is very simple. Pick two destinations (likely home and work, for most of us). Then pick two routes between those destinations. INRIX calculates the time it will take you to reach your destination based on current traffic conditions while predicting future traffic conditions. The traffic app also lets you see projected travel time if you were to wait a while before leaving. This way you can find the optimum time to travel in addition to the best route. An upgraded version is available for $24.99 per month which allows drivers to save more destinations, have access to live traffic cameras, and more.


This is another free traffic app, but whereas other apps rely on getting periodic updates from a database that may or may not be connected to state and local government traffic data, Sigalert works directly with these agencies, tapping into traffic sensors and cameras to provide accurate and real-time traffic information. Maps within the app are zoomable and clickable, allowing users to get clear views of their route or destination. A premium service is available to users that allow them to use custom routes. Despite that, the free version has more sheer information provided at a faster rate than any other app we’ve seen and the reliability was great.

Why traffic apps aren’t getting smarter

No one knows your neighborhood like you do. You know the shortcuts; you know that the traffic light on Jefferson Ave. and 5th st. takes FOR-EV-ER. These are things that traffic apps have yet to master. Localization of these apps to work in the same way as someone from your neighborhood (or the neighborhood in which you’re driving) is a long way off. Right now the best we can hope for is a traffic app that lets us know what is going on along our usual path to work, home, or wherever you’re headed. That being said, we’re constantly looking for new and exciting apps to make our commutes a little smoother. Check back often for updates.

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