#CompareDD Free Car Insurance Giveaway

Reward your Designated Driver for The Big Game
The Big Game isn’t just a big day for football; it’s a big day for advertising. While you’re sitting back enjoying the commercials, sipping on some craft brews, munching on a BBQ slider, don’t forget about how you’re getting home. Wouldn’t it be nice to reward your buddy who volunteered to stay sober and drive you home? Even more, wouldn’t it be nice to reward yourself for planning ahead?

Enjoying the game is best done with a Green Flash Soul Style IPA in hand, knowing that you’ll make it safely through the checkpoints at the end of the night. That’s where compare.com decided to step in. We want to celebrate those who celebrate while staying safe. We want to give back to those who make good decisions.

Nominate your designated driver by tweeting their name with the hashtag #CompareDD anytime you see a beer commercial during The Big Game on Sunday, February 7, and you’ll be entered to win free car insurance* for you and your designated driver for a year.

CompareDD Tweet Free Insurance Giveaway
But what if your designated driver is driving more than one person home? Or if you’re not drinking? Or what if you’re grabbing a taxi or Uber home? And what if you’re at home, or sleeping where you’re watching the game?

Don’t sweat it. Any way that you’re avoiding driving home drunk – or even buzzed – is helping to keep you and your community safe. If you don’t have a designated driver, tweet us how you’re staying safe with the hashtag #CompareDD, whether that’s Uber, horse and buggy or pedicab. You’ll still be entered to win us paying your car insurance tab for a year.

So what are you waiting for? Tweet for your chance to win the big prize! Happy game day!

For the whole list of rules, regulations and legalese, review our Giveaway Conditions.

“Free car insurance for a year” will be paid out as $1,200 per person via check that may (or may not) be used toward car insurance. The person who nominates their designated driver must have the contact details of that person.

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