American Red Cross: Jeremy’s Story

Blood drive desk

Twice a year, since 2015, hosts a blood drive in partnership with The American Red Cross. Over the years, we’ve built a strong relationship with our local chapter and look forward to the bi-annual drive. For the first time this year, we rented out one of the empty office suites downstairs and hosted a group of nurses in our very own building.

We open our drives up to the local community, so that anyone in the area can donate blood. It’s great to see people from neighboring businesses come to the drives. With every drive, we get more and more people donating and this year we’ve saved over 100 lives.

We spoke to Jeremy, one of’s regular donors, about his experience donating with

How long have you been donating?

I’ve been donating around eight years. I started when I was in college and have tried to do it a couple of times a year ever since. It can get difficult when life gets in the way or the drives are not at a convenient time or place for me.

What actually happens when you give blood?

First off, you have to fill out a couple of forms; they ask you some general questions, like you might fill out at the Doctor’s office. After that, you’re taken into a private area; they check that you’re not anemic and that you’re feeling well enough to donate that day.
Once all the formalities are out the way, your taken over to the bed and the donation starts. The blood donation itself takes about 20 minutes, but each person is different. A nurse is right there throughout the donation. That way, if you start to feel funny, they can stop the process immediately.

After you’ve finished, you’re shown over to a recovery area. There they give you some cookies and orange juice, to make sure that your blood sugar levels are brought back up to normal. People sometimes get a bit lightheaded after donating, so this is an opportunity to just sit still for a bit and ensure that you’re well enough to get on with your day. The whole process takes around an hour, so it’s easy to fit in your lunch break.

What difference does hosting a blood drive on site make?

It makes a huge difference. I’m from Florida and there used to be loads of drives that were convenient to me, so it was easy to donate. Especially when I was at college, there would be a drive every week! When I moved to Richmond, I found it more difficult to donate as it tends to be more hospital focused.

Donating blood is really important to me, so when started offering blood drives during work hours, in the same building, it made everything so much easier. I’m also really lucky that my employer is so committed to the community, now I don’t have to take any time off work and can be back at my desk within the hour.

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