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Richmond Animal League: Martin’s Story

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your favorite furry friend. That’s why, when staff said that they wanted ways to volunteer with animals, we headed straight to The Richmond Animal League (RAL). RAL is a local animal shelter that believes that no pet should ever be put down. They work hard to re-home as many cats and dogs as they can. RAL is now the oldest no-kill shelter in the Richmond area, finding homes for thousands of animals each year.

In March and August, a group of volunteers headed to RAL to hang out with some cats and dogs. All the way from new puppies to old moggies, volunteered helped to clean their kennels, take them on walks and generally show them some love and attention. We spoke to Martin who headed up our new partnership.

When did you first get involved with RAL?

I heard that were organizing a day at RAL and it sounded like fun. I like animals and being outside, so this seemed a great opportunity to combine the two. An email went out to all staff in March 2017 asking for volunteers, so I signed up and five of us headed over to the center.

What happened on the day?

We arrived at RAL around lunchtime. We were all blown away by how helpful and kind the staff there were. They were so grateful for any help at all and were so happy that we’d come out to visit them for the day.

After some brief introductions, we got to work. Some of us helped to shift around some doggie kibble and cat litter, which was pretty hard work. We also cleaned out some of the kennels and did some general tidying up. The best part was when we could play with the cats and dogs. A few of us took some of the dogs on a walk and the rest stayed behind to play with some kittens.

What’s next for your relationship with RAL?

I enjoyed my time at RAL so much that I’ve started volunteering in my spare time. It’s such a great way to give back and those cute little puppies and kittens make it all the better! I now manage the relationship between and RAL at work, so that I can keep that connection for other employees for years to come.

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