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There are a lot of car insurance companies out there, but you only need one to offer a lower rate to save you money on auto insurance. Here at, we help you compare car insurance quotes quickly and conveniently, saving you both time and money. Compare multiple auto insurance quotes and start saving today.

How It Works

Here’s How Our Car Insurance Comparison Tool Works

  • You provide basic information needed by the car insurance companies including information about you, your car, your driving record, and any other drivers you’d like covered under your policy. This information is required by the insurance companies in order to determine the rate they will offer you.
  • uses that information to bring you accurate, real-time insurance quotes from trusted auto insurers, presenting them all in one place in just a matter of seconds.
  • You can compare auto insurance quotes side-by-side and find the best price in a matter of seconds. We also provide detailed information about each company including unique features and customer service hours in order to help you make a better-informed purchase.
  • One click will send you to the selected insurer’s site to complete the purchase of your new car insurance policy, or you can use our customization tool to fine tune your coverage levels and savings before making your purchase. helps you figure out which car insurance quotes are the best value for you. With over 400 licensed insurance companies operating in the U.S., we are here to make the car insurance quote comparison process easier. Our unique side-by-side comparison chart allows you to easily find the best price on car insurance online.

Some professional advice CEO Andrew Rose recommends getting at least four car insurance quotes to ensure you are getting the right price. “Many people pay much higher rates on car insurance than they should because they haven’t gotten a quote from at least four insurance companies.” said Rose “I recognize that many people don’t have the energy or time to visit multiple sites and answer the same long list of questions over and over again. That’s why we built – to have you fill out one form and receive multiple quotes for side-by-side comparison. Whether you are visiting or multiple individual insurance company sites, do your homework. The savings are worth it.”

What We Compare

What We Compare

You’re used to hearing about how every car insurance company in the world can “Save you money” on your car insurance rates.  The surprising thing is that many of them may be telling the truth.  The hard part is knowing which car insurance company will give you the most value for your money.  It’s a bit like the Dating Game – you have to look at a few different auto insurance companies before you find your perfect match.

To demonstrate how much you could be saving by comparing car insurance rates, has conducted some research to help illustrate the difference in car insurance rates among some of the top brands in car insurance.  Since car insurance rates are customized to a person’s individual circumstances, we created three different fictional customers who represent three of the most common car insurance shopper profiles.  Using each of these three fictional shoppers we set out to get quotes from 5 of the top 100 car insurance companies in the US so we could share with you an unbiased look at how prices vary by individual and by company. Read on to see the driver profiles and our car insurance comparison chart.

Meet our virtual mystery shopping team:

  • Elizabeth Allclear:  Elizabeth is 40 years old, has never had an accident or ticket, and has terrific credit.  We bet she also turned in all her school projects two weeks early, too. Elizabeth is a better-than-average driver.
  • Joe and Julie Average:  In their mid-thirties, Joe and Julie certainly aren’t speed demons, but they have gotten the occasional traffic ticket.  They keep up on their insurance payments and try to stay current on all of their bills. Mr. and Mrs. Average most closely represent the average driver.
  • Johnny Racer: Johnny’s not a bad kid, but he had an accident recently that caused some property damage.  He’s in his early 20’s, has recently moved out on his own, and hasn’t really established a credit track record yet.  We like him because he always remembers his Mom on Mother’s Day. There are more than a few “Johnnys” out there, but hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

Compare auto insurance rates

Mystery shopping insurance companies is not exciting work, but we learned a lot.  As you can see in the car insurance comparison chart below, every driver has the opportunity to save money when they compare auto insurance rates. Savings vary based on variables such as what car you drive, how much your deductible is, and how much coverage you buy. In order to make sure we were presenting comparable information, all of our mystery shoppers got a quote for the exact same types of coverage, coverage levels, and types of cars at every company.


On average, our drivers could save $359 on their car insurance policy by picking the right company and in some cases our drivers saved as much as $1031. That’s just for extra-safe and average drivers. If you’re a driver with a couple accidents, speeding tickets, or you’re driving an expensive and powerful car, you could save thousands. In the case of Johnny Racer, he could save over $4,300. Remember, these drivers aren’t real, but their car insurance quotes are. These savings aren’t easy to find; it takes a bit of research and a lot of time, but think of the money you could be wasting if you don’t compare auto insurance quotes from different insurers.

Common Auto Insurance Mistakes

Common Auto Insurance Mistakes

1. You’re married, but have individual auto insurance policies.

Married drivers actually pay less for car insurance on average. If your policies are separate, try combining them for greater savings.

2. You aren’t telling the insurance company that you own your home.

Homeowners get lower auto insurance rates. If you own your home, don’t bother with sites that don’t ask you about home ownership. You could be missing out on some serious savings.

3. You don’t realize your credit score matters.

Your credit score, in most cases, plays a role in determining how much you pay for your auto insurance. This can actually get a bit complicated, so if your credit score isn’t great, we have some info for you that could help.

4. You’re incorrectly telling the insurance companies when you drive and how far.

On many auto insurance quote forms you’ll see two questions. The first asks how your car is used (commuting, driving for work, driving for pleasure). Knowing the difference between these can save you money. If you work from home or if you are a stay at home mom (or dad) then the commuting and work options don’t actually apply to you. In your case, “driving for pleasure” is the best option and will save you some serious money. For all the commuters out there, you’ll also see a question asking how long your commute is (something like, “how far is your commute”). We highly recommend using something like Google Maps or Mapquest to put in your home address and your work address, as well as your route to work, to get an exact number. Most people overestimate their commuting distance and it can cost you.

You aren’t comparing quotes.

It might seem like shameless self-promotion, but was created to do just this. It’s hard to compare auto insurance quotes and it’s massively time consuming. We’ve worked hard to make it as simple as possible. To find the best price on auto insurance you need apples to apples comparison and you need to compare four or more auto insurance quotes (ideally from different sized insurance companies) in order to find the best price.

Stop Overpaying for Car Insurance

The savings that are advertised by most auto insurance companies really are out there. The thing is, you have to do the work to get them. It’s not easy, but we’re working hard to make it easier. If you still aren’t convinced that can make finding the right price for auto insurance easier, start a quote now and see for yourself.

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Thank you for providing this service. I live in Texas and insurance rates are high. I am now paying almost half of what I was paying with another insurer.

Dorothy – Dallas, TX