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new%20jersey $131.25/mo.
National $89.17/mo.

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You can’t afford to be caught driving without insurance. Join us as we compare New Jersey car insurance policies and see just how much rates may differ from company to company in this state. We can help you find the best car insurance quotes at the right price.

What Are the Basic Car Insurance Coverage Requirements in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, if you drive a motor vehicle, you are required to carry the following amounts of coverage:

  • $15,000 of bodily injury liability per person
  • $30,000 of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $5,000 of property damage liability per accident
  • $15,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) per person or accident

Though it may appear cheaper to opt for the bare minimum of required coverage, it might be a better idea to get a little more than that. That’s because even one accident can easily cause more damage than the basic coverage you carry.

If your insurance doesn’t cover the entire claim, you’ll be responsible for paying the remainder out of your pocket. It’s your responsibility to compare multiple car insurance quotes to find the right coverage with the best rates.

Does Cheap Car Insurance Exist in New Jersey?

So, why is cheap car insurance in NJ so tough to find? The story here isn’t just that New Jersey drivers pay so much for auto insurance, but why they pay so much. New Jersey, it seems, doesn’t do auto insurance the same as other states and for that reason, it’s hard to compare prices between New Jersey and other states.

Check out our list of some of the most expensive cities for auto insurance coverage:

Car Insurance Premium by NJ City
City Average Annual Premium
Paterson $5,140
Irvington $4,448
Camden $4,264
East Orange $4,248
Newark $4,236
Perth Amboy $4,112
Passaic $4,063
Elizabeth $4,004
Union City $3,987
Clifton $3,950
Atlantic City $3,891
West New York $3,675
Plainfield $3,481
Jersey City $3,447
Bayonne $3,431
Trenton $3,298
Toms River $3,075
Hoboken $3,057
Vineland $3,038
Hackensack $3,035
New Brunswick $2,913
Cherry Hill $2,901
Montclair $2,868
Clementon $2,867
Paramus $2,767
Edison $2,748
Princeton $2,675
Morristown $2,342

*These quotes are pulled from single driver, single car policies

Cheap Liability Coverage in New Jersey

Car insurance is really expensive in New Jersey, so it can be hard to find cheap liability insurance. can help you find the lowest rates you qualify for. Select “state minimum,” and we’ll show you real, personalized quotes for liability coverage. In New Jersey, you must have at least a 15/30/5 policy: $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability, plus $5,000 in property damage liability. (You also need $15,000 in PIP coverage.)

In New Jersey, the average cost of liability car insurance is just under $1,230 per year. Your rates will depend on your gender, your age, where you live and other factors. For example, an 18-year-old NJ driver pays $5,392 per year for state-minimum coverage — ouch! Once a driver reaches 25, the average cost of liability insurance drops to $2,309.

Internal Study: Average NJ Car Insurance Premiums from 2016 - 2018

By using our internal data, we were able to analyze thousands of NJ drivers that have bought through in 2016 – 2018. We separated drivers that were previously insured and drivers that had let their insurance policies lapse. Diving further, we also compared full coverage against liability only.

Interestingly, we do see a decrease in rates from 2017 to 2018. Perhaps it’s a good time to compare rates in New Jersey? We’ll keep an eye on this to see if trends hold.

Attention: If you let your insurance lapse, your rates will almost certainly rise. Review the differences in liability and full coverage below.

Previously Insured Drivers: Liability vs. Full Coverage

Year Liability Avg. Premium Full Coverage Avg. Premium
2016 $1355.53 $2342.28
2017 $1421.76 $2438.05
2018 $1229.71 $2063.67

Drivers with Lapsed Coverage: Liability vs. Full Coverage

Year Liability Avg. Premium Full Coverage Avg. Premium
2016 $2317.51 $3733.41
2017 $2383.25 $4152.78
2018 $2228.22 $3665.40

How did we pull these numbers? – For this study, we calculated the average quote for both previously insured & not previously insured New Jersey drivers that had only one car in the household and no existing claims, tickets, or accidents. We then compared their full coverage quotes against their liability only quotes.

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Average Annual Premiums by Age, Generation, & Gender (2018)

Analyzing rates by age, we see that the younger, higher risk drivers are paying more for car insurance. Millennials are the most expensive to insure, with 18 & 19-year old’s topping our charts. We left out 16 and 17-year-old drivers due to the lack of data. This could be due to many of these younger drivers being added to their parent’s policies. For the tables below, we used single drivers with only one car on their policies.


Average Annual Premium by Generation in New Jersey
Generation Average Annual Premium
Silent Majority $2,324
Baby Boomer $2,566
GenX $3,027
Millennial $3,295


Average Annual Premium by Age in New Jersey
Age State Minimum Liability Annual Premium Comprehensive & Collision Included
18 $5,392 $8,872
19 $4,804 $7,924
20 $4,105 $6,777
21 $3,526 $6,313
22 $3,127 $5,528
23 $2,678 $4,628
24 $2,488 $4,521
25 $2,309 $4,038

Male Drivers Vs. Female Drivers

We found that female drivers in New Jersey are paying around the same premium for state minimum coverage, however, full coverage is a different story. As a female driver, you could expect to pay a bit more than your male counterparts.


NJ State Minimum vs Full Coverage by Gender
Gender State Minimum Annual Premium Full Coverage Annual Premium
Male $3,039 $3,599
Female $3,052 $3,767

Why is New Jersey Auto Insurance so Expensive?

With previously insured drivers paying around $1,230 for liability only and high-risk drivers paying around $2,228, we can olny ask ourselves, “Why?”. The reason the numbers are so much higher is that consumers in the state, on average, are electing for higher coverage levels.

That means that you can get more affordable coverage in New Jersey, but the average consumer there feels it necessary to utilize higher coverage levels to protect themselves. This can be related to several factors, some of which are related to the fact that most of New Jersey is an urban area. Urban areas carry with them higher crime rates and higher numbers of auto accidents and subsequent insurance claims.

Another reason New Jersey auto insurance rates are higher than the national average is because the insurance agencies in that state allow for much higher Personal Injury Protection (PIP- a coverage that covers medical costs related to a vehicle accident) coverage limits, which in turn, drives up the cost of auto insurance. New Jersey allows for the second highest levels of PIP coverage in the U.S., second only to Michigan whose PIP limits can be as high as the buyer wants (provided they are willing to pay for the coverage).

NJ Car Insurance Laws

Living in New Jersey features its own unique challenges regarding car insurance. If you’ve just moved to the state, or you’re getting car insurance for the first time, you need to understand that insurance works here in a little different way from many other states in the United States. Find out more about its laws below.

New Jersey is a No-Fault State

Years ago, some states adopted a car insurance system that designated the state as either “fault” or “no fault.” The purpose is to determine whose insurance policy would be used first after an accident.

Traditionally, we presume that whoever is at fault for the collision would offer his or her insurance to cover any damages. That’s true for states that use the “fault” system, but it doesn’t work that way in a no-fault state.

States like New Jersey that have adopted the “no-fault” system require drivers involved in an accident to seek compensation for injuries and lost income from their own insurance policies regardless of who is deemed at-fault.

Limited Right to Sue as a Driver

Because New Jersey is a no-fault state, a driver can only pursue an injury claim directly against the driver at fault if the injury is serious, according to the state’s definitions of serious injury. The state classifies serious injuries as:

  • Dismemberment
  • Disfigurement or significant scarring
  • Displaced fractures
  • The loss of a fetus
  • Permanent injury

If the accident qualifies for a direct injury claim, then the injured party can recover damages for pain and suffering as well as other non-economic losses that are otherwise prohibited in a personal injury claim.

Although it’s a no-fault state, New Jersey gives consumers a choice when it comes to what type of policy they wish to purchase. For example, you can select the option of a limited right to sue, or unlimited right to sue.

When you choose a limited right to sue, your premiums will be considerably cheaper, but in exchange, you are forfeiting your right to sue another party for pain and suffering.

NJ Vehicle Costs and Fees

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, you’ll need to budget for more than just the vehicle’s sticker price. You’ll be on the hook for basic DMV fees like title, license plate, and registration fees no matter where and how you purchase your new car, truck or SUV, as well as buying a new car insurance policy for your car. But some buyers will find themselves with additional fees such as sales tax, documentation fees, personal property tax, emissions and inspection fees, hybrid and electric vehicle fees, lien recording fees and a slew of other costs.

Check out’s comprehensive vehicle costs breakdown to make sure you account for all the added fees you might be on the hook for when buying a car in New Jersey.

What's the Difference Between Liability, Comprehensive, and Collision Coverage?

Car insurance companies aren’t trying to cause confusion. Rather, they’re giving you the ability to meet your state’s minimum coverage requirements. They can also provide options to get full coverage if you want it.

It’s not hard to become confused when insurance companies talk about liability, comprehensive and collision. But they’re fairly simple once you understand what these different types of coverage are for.

Optional coverage is designed to protect your own property, and it includes comprehensive, collision and underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. Mandatory coverage exists to protect other people, also known as liability insurance.

How are Car Insurance Rates Calculated in NJ?

Depending on your age, gender, marital status, and your credit history, the premium for your auto insurance coverage is going to vary compared to your neighbor’s … even if the two of you drive the same vehicle. Your driving record also counts when determining your policy cost.

The following factors matter too:

  • The age of your vehicle
  • How long you’ve held your driver’s license
  • How many vehicles you have on your policy
  • Whether your neighborhood is a high- or low-crime area
  • Where you park your car (garage, street, gated community, etc.)

The only way you’ll know if you’re getting the cheapest car insurance rate in New Jersey is to compare. Let us do the hard work for you. We can perform an insurance quote comparison in just minutes, so start today.

Compare New Jersey Car Insurance Rates by City

City Average Monthly Car Insurance Premium
Absecon $101
Asbury Park $89
Atlantic City $139
Bayonne $87
Bellville $117
Blackwood $84
Bloomfield $103
Brick $87
Bridgeton $102
Camden $144
Carteret $114
Cherry Hill $100
Clementon $91
Clifton $114
East Brunswick $82
East Orange $144
Edison $86
Egg Harbor Township $105
Elizabeth $138
Elizabethport $165
Englewood $116
Fair Lawn $86
Fort Lee $86
Freehold $85
Garfield $114
Hackensack $108
Harrison $95
Hillside $99
Hoboken $79
Irvington $148
Iselin $90
Jackson $83
Jersey City $103
Kearny $101
Lakewood $108
Linden $105
Lodi $108
Marlton $101
Mays Landing $106
Millville $99
Mount Laurel $73
Neptune $85
New Brunswick $99
Newark $147
North Bergen $130
North Brunswick $97
Orange $146
Passaic $149
Paterson $165
Pennsauken $104
Perth Amboy $145
Phillipsburg $73
Piscataway $85
Plainfield $133
Pleasantville $102
Rahway $102
Roselle $144
Sicklerville $106
Somerset $87
South Amboy $104
Teaneck $101
Toms River $96
Trenton $106
Union $101
Union City $140
Vineland $107
Wayne $81
West New York $129
West Orange $97
Williamstown $97
Willingboro $111

Click on the name of each city in the table above to find detailed breakdowns on all the factors that go into calculating your monthly premium. Here, you’ll find all the information you need on how things like driving record, age, gender, vehicle make and model, and more will affect how much you pay for car insurance in each locality.

And if you want to jump right in and see how much you’ll pay, simply enter your ZIP code below and find your best rate in minutes!