Best Seasonal Air Fresheners to Keep You Car Smelling Delicious

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Gone are the days of late summer and early fall when the temperatures were perfect for rolling down your car windows and letting in the crisp, cool air. That fresh breeze is the most natural way to keep your car smelling and feeling clean and airy. When the winter months begin to roll in and you’re forced to keep those windows closed tight, the smell of spilled coffee, dirty gym bags and anything else that may be roaming around your back seat gets trapped. To keep your car smelling fresh and seasonal all year long, invest in one of the many air freshener options.

Pine scented hanging cardboard

best smelling air freshenerIf you’re looking to get in the holiday spirit a little early, pick up a pine scented hanging cardboard air freshener for your vehicle. The aroma of earthy pine needles will have you tricked into thinking you’re driving through the back woods of your favorite forest on a snowy winter day instead of stuck in traffic on your way to work. The oil scent of the pine will come through your air freshener when it is exposed to the air. For a longer shelf-life it is recommended that you make small openings instead of large ones. Hanging cardboard trees are available in a number of different scents from fresh flowers and chocolate to pumpkin spice. According to the New York Daily News, the most popular car air freshener scent is black ice, which smells similar to musky men’s cologne, followed by new car smell and vanilla.

Festive-scented vent sticks

According to Gear Heads, vent sticks last longer than hanging cardboard air fresheners do. Less obvious than the hanging type, vent sticks clip effectively onto your car vents and the air that is pushed out of the vents releases the aroma. Yankee Candle sells vent sticks in almost every festive scent possible. After a day of apple picking, attach your apple pumpkin scented vent stick for an irresistible aroma. If you’re not a fan of apples, try vanilla cupcake, black cherry or Christmas cookie. And if you’re wishing you weren’t entering the cold months of winter, try the sun-and-sand scented vent stick.

Multi-scented oil wicks

The last thing you want is to climb into a car that smells of old food or pets. Another great way to keep your car smelling fresh is with an oil wick. To use an oil wick as an air freshener in your car you must first insert a wick into a small bottle filled with your choice of fragrant oil. Oil wicks with a plastic top can be attached to car vents in the same way that vent sticks can. Gear Head recommended this option as best for larger vehicles as it is one of the most aromatic fresheners. Oils can be single or multi-scented and will keep your vehicle smelling fresh and delicious for a long time to come.

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