Stand-Up Comics Take on Driving

jokes about driving
Airplanes. Politicians. Driving.

These are some of the most popular topics that stand-up comics routinely joke about. And there is a reason: they’re fertile topics that thousands of different jokes can be written about them without stepping on another performer’s punch lines.

Driving works so well because – with the exception of kids, The Amish and urban mass transit riders – everyone drives. And everyone can relate. Here are a few bits from talented comics Owen Benjamin, Doug Benson and John Mulaney. Heck, play them in your car as a reminder to not take yourself, and others, so seriously when you’re jockeying for position during the morning commute.

3 Best Stand-Up Comedians on Driving

Owen_BenjaminOwen Benjamin – ‘How to End Road Rage’

Benjamin’s solution to road rage is a “car horn vocabulary.” Today the horn only has that one sound that is very alarming and just sounds mean. Sometimes when you honk, it is not always mean, like when someone is sitting in front of you at a green light, there should be a nice beep to let people know it is time to go. Different beeps for different situations could potentially cause less anger on the road.

Doug Benson – ‘Doug Benson as the voice of a GPS’

The days of using fold-out maps to navigate our way to a new destination are over. We can just type the address in our phone and it tells us exactly what to do. It is quite convenient, but the same lady’s voice can get old. Doug Benson narrates his way around L.A. He jokes with the driver and makes it a lot more interesting. He makes fun of and compliments the driver at the same time. For example: “You are a terrible driver,” “Public transportation is always an option” and “You are obviously good at this.” We should all petition for a Doug Benson narration setting for iPhone maps.

John Mulaney – ‘Terrible Driver’

Up and coming comedian John Mulaney talks about how, if he were in other driver’s shoes on the road observing him driving, he would honk at himself too. He admits that he knows nothing about cars, as many of us do not but we are afraid to admit it. Most people say, “Oh I’m such a good driver.” He has owned up to not being a good driver and that is quite admirable.

Driving is serious. But it can also be funny. Knowing that others have the same pet peeves and insecurities about driving – even if these people are stand-up comics – is a nice reality check every once and a while.

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