How to Travel With a Dog: Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip

May 08, 2017

dog friendly road tripsAAA predicts that about 60 percent of Americans plan to take a road trip this summer. That’s more people than in previous years thanks to cheaper gas prices and shared economy services like Airbnb. If you’re are a wide-eyed globe-traversing person who is looking for dog friendly road trips, there are a few ground rules that will keep you safe so you can enjoy all this stunning nation has to offer. Learn about how to travel with a dog in a car safely and make taking your dog on a road trip an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Practice traveling with your dog in the car

Before you set off on a dog friendly road trip, take a test drive locally to make sure your dog is ready for a lengthy trip. Chances are a dog that can’t handle an hour-long car ride is going to be a handful during a week-long road trip.

Every dog is different, so it may take weeks or months to get yours accustom to long car rides. If your pooch isn’t road-ready, there’s always next year, so practice taking your dog on a shorter trip until then.

Use a puppy carry-on for dog friendly road trips

How to Travel With a DogDon’t let your four-legged friend sit on your lap. Even if you’re driving a few miles from your hotel to the gas station, put your dog in a crate. It’s important to stow away your pup because dogs may feel anxious during long trips and distract you while you’re driving. Moreover, if you have to slam on the brakes, your pup will be safe in the crate.

“Don’t let your four-legged friend sit on your lap.”

Look into dog insurance

Compare different insurance options prior to your lengthy journey. As the Department of Motor Vehicles explains, collision coverage protects pets with some insurance companies. However, the DMV suggested purchasing separate pet insurance as well as car insurance.

Make pit stops when you travel with a dog in a car

Your four-legged friend isn’t a piece of luggage. He’s your co-pilot, man’s best friend and someone who has needs just like you. Avoid making your pooch feel miserable by making stops along the way. At each resting point, let your pup go to the bathroom, eat a meal and go for a walk.

Don’t get swept up in the excitement of seeing a Grand Canyon sunrise so much that you forget to put a leash on your pup. The last thing you want to do on vacation is stress out searching parks and establishments for your furry friend. Plus, you never know what animals might be lurking close to tourist destinations.

Make everyone comfortable on your dog friendly road trips

If you’re looking to frequently travel with a dog in your car, we’ve picked out six of the best adventure cars with space for your pup and entire family. Or if you need even more space for your herd, we’ve got some van-tastic options for road trips too. Do you have some kids on your road trip? We’ve also written eight tips for traveling with kids.

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