Father’s Day Car Gift Ideas On Every Dad's Wishlist

Dad Excited on Father's DayFather’s day is upon us. You need a Father’s Day gift, but you’re coming up blank. What do you do? Don’t be like every other schmuck and get him a bottle of whiskey and a pair of cuff links (well, ok—maybe the whiskey), get him a Father’s Day gift that inspires and delights. Reach back to his glory days and find a gift that says, “You’re a dad, but also a man”.

The Secret of the Father’s Day Gift

No one will tell you this, and if anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from me. The trick to Father’s day gift buying isn’t one of those stupid Father’s day gift lists… you just need ONE GOOD GIFT. That’s it. Just one. For all time. You can phone it in every year after you’ve given him that one perfect gift.

So what is it?

Science has shown that there is a 99.96% chance that what your dad really wants for Father’s Day is his dream car. Yep. A dream car.

But don’t get discouraged. Fathers have different kind of dreams. I can be your guide, your spirit animal, if you will. A metaphysical shaman panther guide to your dad’s daydreams. Yeah. That.

Get Your Father the Wheels of his Dreams

Here’s another pro Father’s Day tip: this dream car doesn’t have to be the dream car of today. Watch his eyes well up with joy as you reveal the IROC Camaro or Fastback Mustang of his boyhood dreams. Think about the unrestrained bliss he’ll experience as he tears through your neighborhood in that sweet ’79 El Dorado (while blasting his favorite Parliament 8-track and looking funkadelic as a BOSS).

But how does one determine the object of your younger father’s mechanical desires?

We have a method. It’s based on science.

WWDD: What Would Dad Drive?

Dads are notoriously difficult to read. If they don’t outright tell you something, it’s hard to be certain of their level of interest in it. But like all sciencey things, evidence remains—and it’s up to you to find it.

Does your dad keep old automotive magazines lying around? What about posters? If he’s a car guy, odds are you (or your mom, or his best buddy) know what his favorite car is or was. If he’s not, you may have to resort to making an educated guess. The best method here is to break it into decades and dad types.

We’ll run through the top decades and dad types to compile for you last-minute Father’s Day shoppers a list of best options for dad’s nifty new ride (no, no, it’s too late. You waited too long and now you’re committed to this).

Let’s start here:

In what decade was your father last single?

The 50s

57' Corvette Fathers Day GiftNice. The 50s was full of classic cars that made men’s hearts swell and their heads swoon. If dad is a shake shop and doo-wop kinda guy, you can safely bet on a Chevy Bel Air.

Is he a bit more rough around the edges? Did he ever slick his hair back? Props to dad, he was probably a greaser. That’s a good look—just like our top pick, the 1957 Chevrolet Corvette.

The 60s

Was your dad a hippie? If yes, then obviously he needs the VW Westfalia (and some patchouli).

Not a hippie? Then his dad dream car is probably a 1966 Dodge Challenger.

The 70s

Red 1979 Cadillac EldoradoGet him a 1979 Cadillac El Dorado. Just do it.

The 80s

Could your dad have been described as yuppie? He’ll keel over when you lift the cover off of a BMW M1. Then again, so would most guys.

If not, he’s probably more of an IROC Camaro kind of guy. If you can, opt for the T-Tops.

The 90s

90s dad? This is a tough one. On one hand, they have served their time as a dad. On the other, they gave us “millenials”. We’ll let this one be up to the gift purchaser. Your options are:

Dodge Stealth



World's Greatest Dad Mug

How do I pay for this stuff

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