Which School has More Virginia Personalized License Plates?

December 06, 2016

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly university rivalry, especially when it comes to school spirit. We’ve asked you to vote for which university you think has more actively registered school-specific Virginia personalized license plates: Virginia Tech or the University of Virginia? 80 percent of voters thought that Virginia Tech had more registered vanity license plates. According to the Virginia DMA, Virginia Tech has 17,374 active vehicle registrations associated with their school-specific plate, while the University of Virginia only has 6,977 registered plates.

That means 80 percent of you have hawk-like eye sight and a strong attention to detail, as you were able to notice the overwhelming presence of Virginia Tech license plates. Nice work!

While university specialized license plates are a popular option, there are hundreds (literally, hundreds) of other designs you can also pick. Here’s a bit more about Virginia personalized license plates.

Stats about Virginia Personalized License Plates

  • dont tread on me license plateVirginia has the most personalized license plates of any state, being declared the “Vainest of all“, with 1 out of ever 10 vanity plate in the country being from Virginia
  • Within 20 months of release, 21,000 “Don’t Tread on Me,” vanity plates were sold, quickly becoming one of the most popular Virginia personalized license plates
  • Virginia vanity platesOf the more than 200 options, the two most popular special Virginia plates are the “Scenic,” and “Heritage,” options

If you’ve become inspired to get your very own Virginia personalized license plate, the DMV has an easy-to-use generator that allows you to not only change your plate type but find out if your desired personalized character combination is still available. Which plate is your favorite?


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