Out of State Speeding Tickets: Avoid These 4 Strict States

“A speeding ticket in these states could increase your insurance costs.”

Most of the time, a speeding ticket results in a traffic stop and a fine. However, some states are doing their best to crack down on this illegal activity. If you’re planning any state-to-state travel, you might want to look into out of state speeding tickets and their associated fines.

Instead of a basic ticket, speeding can land drivers in court, in jail and with massive fees and insurance hikes. Not every state is like this, though. There are some that focus on just the simple fine, and others that have additional penalties tied to speeding.

 Here are 4 of the worst states to receive out of state speeding tickets:

1. Georgia

Out of State Speeding Tickets

Georgia may be home to that southern charm, but it doesn’t exactly extend to its speeding laws. The National Motorists Association reported that Georgia’s is at 55 miles per hour for cars. The reason it’s on this list is not just for the lower speed limit, but for the price you’ll pay for driving over the limit. In Georgia, a first-offense speeding ticket could be as high as $1,000. Depending on how fast over you were going, you could also face jail time, end up with a suspended license or have your vehicle impounded – and it is all up to a judge.

2. New Hampshire

Here, the state speed limit on urban interstates is 65 mph, according to the NMA. And, like Georgia, New Hampshire can have a steep penalty for first-time offenders. There is the monetary hit – up to $1,000 again – but there is also the insurance hit. New Hampshire police are more likely to ticket you for going roughly 5 mph over the speed limit, a narrow window where most drivers assume they are safe. Then, you could get a ticket that adds multiple points to your record. The end result is higher auto insurance costs for you. This doesn’t even get into the other penalties like Georgia’s: impounded vehicle, suspended license or jail sentence.

3. California

The NMA reported urban interstate speed limits are 65 mph for cars in this state. California gets a spot on our list for several reasons. One is the aggressive police force in many towns and cities, with officers who will gladly pull you over for barely exceeding the speed limit. The other is the hit a speeding ticket does to your insurance. California is one of the most severe states in the U.S., with one ticket drastically increasing your premiums.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the state requires that driving history be the most important factor when determining insurance premiums, and this includes speeding tickets. Furthermore, an individual ticket can increase premiums by as much as 10 or 11 percent, depending on your insurance provider. The third reason is the fee structure in California. You may get a small ticket, but by the time it’s all over, you’ve spent a lot more money than you thought due to the additional court fees and related fines.

Jailed for Speeding

4. Virginia

Virginia’s urban interstate speed limit is 70 mph, plus it is perhaps the toughest state in the country on speeders. This is because many speeding offenses are categorized as “reckless driving,” which is the same crime in the state as a DUI. In Virginia, going over 80 mph is a great way to get caught for “reckless driving.” And, expect a ticket to come with a court date. While you may be thinking that there is no way you’ll get jail time for going 80 mph on a 70-mph highway, you’d be surprised. Virginia is known for jailing speeders who fall under the reckless driving category.

Don’t believe it? For example, check out the account of auto journalist Patrick George, who was jailed for three days for speeding in Virginia. Also, Washington National’s baseball player Jayson Werth served five days for speeding.

There you have it – out of state speeding tickets are no fun, so don’t speed. Next time you’re driving, make sure to check your speed and slow down, or else you could be paying a steep price. In addition to saving money by not having to pay speeding tickets, you can check out Compare.com for some great auto insurance deals

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