10 Ways to Save Money This Winter

Girl Outside in WinterWhile it might not feel like winter outside yet, it’s never too early to start planning on ways to save money this season. Winter weather means more than just cold – it means increased energy bills and other costs. It’s also not ideal for driving, as icy roads and snowfall can cause auto accidents.

Here are some ways you can save money this winter, and stay safe on the road.

Top 10 Winter Money Saving Tips

1. Find and seal air leaks

Keep the cold air out by finding and sealing all the leaks in your house. This can include sealing ductwork, plumbing and cable wires. Leaky ducts can account for 10-30 percent of heating and cooling costs. Other places to look for drafts are doors and windows. For doors, install sweeps at the bottom of the door, or use draft dodgers. For windows, be sure to caulk around the window to entirely seal them.

lower your thermostat2. Lower Your Thermostat

The Consumer Energy Center says that for every degree lowered between 60-70 degrees, your energy bill will be reduced by 5 percent. Lowering your thermostat doesn’t mean you have to freeze, though. Try to layer your clothing or use space heaters in rooms you occupy.

You should also lower your thermostat when you are sleeping or away from the house.

3. Run Ceiling Fans Clockwise

It may seem counterintuitive to run your fans in the winter, but running fans clockwise will actually help keep your room warmer by trapping the warm air that wants to rise.

4. Insulate Your Windows

Keep heat in your house by using insulating drapes in windows, or keep your blinds closed when the sun goes down.

specialty tire5. Put Air in Your Tires

Colder temperatures cause the pressure in your tires to drop. Fill your tires in the winter to reduce the chance of a blowout. Low pressure in your tires can also hurt your gas mileage, so pumping up your tires can save you money on gas too.

6. Cook at Home

It’s simple: running the oven heats up the house, which means you can use less energy running the heat. It’s also cheaper to cook meals at home than spending money eating at a restaurant.

7. Get a Humidifier

Running the heat can cause the air in your home to be extremely dry, and dry air does not hold in heat well. A humidifier is great for cutting energy costs by helping the air in your household heat better.

8. Replace Your Furnace Filter

Over time, filters get clogged with the dust they collected. The collected dust keeps the hot air from flowing freely into your home, which forces your furnace to work harder.

9. Insulate Your Home

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bill is to ensure you have proper insulation throughout your house. Insulation minimizes heat transfer in both winter and summer, which makes your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently.

10. Shop for Car Insurance Quotes

You should also ensure you are getting the best price on car insurance. With over 400 car insurance companies in the U.S., odds are you could be paying less for your car insurance. Compare.com makes it easy to shop for an affordable policy, which may save you money.

Stay safe and warm, be energy conscious and don’t pay too much for things like energy and insurance bills this winter.

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