What Car Should I Buy? Your Zodiac Sign Has The Answer

HoroscopeYou know a Honda Civic is the sensible choice, but your heart yearns for a powerful pickup truck. Or maybe you’ve always driven SUVs, but now you want a Fiat. Who can say why we’re drawn to certain cars? The answer may lie in the stars. If you’ve been wondering, “What kind of car should I buy?” see if your zodiac sign can guide you.

What car should I buy if I’m an Aries?

If a guy in a red Viper rides your rear bumper before swerving to pass you, chances are he’s an Aries. Hard-driving Aries are impulsive, energetic, bold and sometimes a little reckless. Vehicles that are perfect for an Aries include:

  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray: A classic American muscle car.
  • Jaguar F-Type: This aggressive coupe is growling to go.
  • Dodge Ram: Because obviously.

What car should I buy if I’m a Taurus?

Taurus are known as stable, strong and reliable, but don’t mistake that for boring. People born under Taurus are also sensuous, enjoying luxury and finely made materials. If you’re a Taurus, you want to drive a vehicle that’s well-engineered, low-maintenance and beautifully appointed. The feel of the car is more important than its exterior.

  • Chrysler 200: A spacious sedan with a stunning interior.
  • GMC Sierra Denali: A rugged and practical SUV that includes luxuries like heated and cooled seats.
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class: The ultimate in high-tech luxury, with ambient light, hot-stone massage seats and self-steering capabilities.

What car should I buy if I’m a Gemini?

Mini_cooper_bullyWhen a Gemini asks herself “What kind of car should I buy?” it’s going to take a lonnnng time for her to decide. This sign is notoriously fickle, anxious and indecisive, meaning you must be careful not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the car-buying process. At the same time, Gemini are sociable, versatile and curious. When it comes to your new car, the key word is fun.

  • Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe: A zippy microcar for urban explorers.
  • Mini Cooper: A sporty car that’s infinitely customizable.
  • Prius C: Eco-friendly and cute to boot.

What car should I buy if I’m a Cancer?

Cancerians are family-oriented homebodies, and you like your surroundings to be familiar and inviting. Considering that a car is an extension of your home, your daily driver should be spacious and comfortable. People whose sign is Cancer also tend to accumulate possessions. Look for a car that has ample storage, so you can avoid filling up the back seat with books, papers, toys and junk.  You’re also protective of your loved ones, so safety is a major factor.

  • Honda Odyssey: Seats up to eight and drives like a dream.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe: A smooth-sailing, comfortable and roomy SUV.

What car should I buy if I’m a Leo?

The answer: Anything that gets you noticed. Leos love the spotlight. For you, a car’s not just a conveyance but a reflection of your dramatic, bold personality. Leos have expensive tastes, so a subcompact hatchback is just not going to cut it. Because Leo’s deepest desire is to be admired, you’re careful not to choose a car that’s too ostentatious or obnoxious. You’ll leave that to Aries.

  • Audi A5: Muscular, poised and understated.
  • Tesla Model S: Extraordinary, electric and exhilarating.
  • Land Rover Range Rover: Be the king (or queen) of the jungle in this luxury SUV.

What car should I buy if I’m a Virgo?

When it comes to buying a car, Virgo’s at the opposite end of the spectrum from Leo. Virgo is reserved, quiet and modest, and you prefer to drive a vehicle that blends in. You’re analytical and practical, meaning you cares more about a car’s long-term maintenance costs and reliability than its good looks. You’re also a nature lover, so hybrids and fuel-efficient cars are especially appealing. However, safety is paramount, because (sorry, Virgo) you’re a bad driver. The numbers don’t lie: In a 2010 study by Allstate of its claims data, Virgos were involved in 700 percent more crashes than those involving Scorpios, who are the safest drivers.

  • 2014_Honda_Accord_Plug-In_Hybrid_Sedan_trimmedHonda Accord Hybrid: It won’t turn heads, but it’s comfortable, quick and efficient.
  • Honda CR-V: An all-around winner in the small SUV category.
  • Volvo S60: Understated good looks and a five-star safety rating.

What car should I buy if I’m a Libra?

This harmony-loving sign is all about a smooth ride. Libra loves nothing better than spending time with a partner or dear friend, especially outdoors. Look for something sleek and dependable, maybe with room for a bike rack on the back and skis on top. While you enjoy shopping, you like to take your time, so car buying may take a while.

  • Ford Fusion Titanium: Quiet, steady and reliable.
  • Subaru BRZ Roadster: A perfectly balanced, fun-to-drive coupe.

What car should I buy if I’m a Scorpio?

It’s easy to succumb to a Scorpio’s charm. Passion and intensity are always simmering beneath your calm appearance. You’re an excellent driver, balancing aggression and control, and the Allstate study revealed Scorpio to be the zodiac sign that’s involved in the fewest accidents. You require a car that can match your peerless driving skills.

  • Mazda3: Premium interior detailing plus sporty handling.
  • Fiat Abarth: A “small and wicked” turbocharged driver. Plus, look at the logo.

What car should I buy if I’m a Sagittarius?

“Road trip!” These words bring joy to your heart. Sagittarius relishes travel, change and the freedom of the open road. You prize comfort over style — think cowboy boots, not heels — and you need a car that can keep up with your wanderlust. You love the feeling of the wind in your hair, so a convertible is especially appealing. Sagittarius can be a risk-taker, however, so you shouldn’t skimp on safety features.

  • BMW 3 Series Wagon: Combines power with athletic handling.
  • Ford Mustang: An American classic convertible.
  • Audi A7: This luxury sedan is “stylish, fun and surprisingly practical” — just like you.

What car should I buy if I’m a Capricorn?

Capricorns don’t mess around. You’re all business, taking a serious, level-headed approach to life — and driving. A Capricorn wants a vehicle that’s professional, polished and proven. You also appreciate fine craftsmanship, so your car should include features like leather trim and a high-quality sound system.

  • Volkswagen Passat: Crisp handling, powerful diesel engine and stylish interior.
  • Acura MDX: Faultless performance and low long-term ownership costs.
  • BMW 3-Series: A perennial favorite in entry-level luxury.

What car should I buy if I’m a Pisces?

2008 Volkswagen BeetlePisces tend to go with the flow, but that doesn’t mean they’re bound to follow the rest of the school. As a Pisces, you’re creative, expressive and artistic, and your car should reflect that. Pisces are compelled to follow their dreams and visions, so let your intuition guide you when you’re looking for a new car.

  • Kia Soul: A groovy little SUV with fun features like lighted speakers.
  • Volkswagen Beetle: It may be high-tech, but it’s still a love bug.

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