What to Keep in Your Car in Case of a Zombie Attack

zombie attack

As a car owner, it’s always smart to be prepared for any and every predicament that may arise. The average driver puts about 15,000 miles on his car each year, according to Time magazine. Those miles translate to a lot of time spent behind the wheel and you never know where the road may take you. There is always the possibility of getting stuck on the side of the road, running into extreme weather conditions or finding yourself in the middle of a zombie attack. That’s right, you never know when the next zombie apocalypse might hit and it’s best to be ready for battle when they come knocking on your car door. Here are the essential items to have in your car in case of a zombie attack:

Gasoline can

Fortunately, the safest way to escape a zombie attack is in your car, according to Top Ten Reviews. Truck drivers, bus drivers and all those who have to endure a long commute each day will be the lucky ones. Not only is your car the fastest way to outrun a zombie but the vehicle’s strong metal frame will act as a form of protection between you and those gruesome, ugly monsters. However, if your car runs out of gas while an army of zombies is still chasing after you, then you’re in trouble. Keeping a full tank whenever possible is ideal. If you do run low and find yourself in an emergency situation, an extra can in the trunk of your car could make all the difference. Do not keep the can full – that would be risky in the event of an accident – but with an empty can you can fill up from a fellow driver or run to the closest gas station when the zombie apocalypse kicks off.

Emergency kits

Keeping both an emergency tool kit and an emergency first aid kit in your vehicle will help you in a number of ways. The Department of Motor Vehicles strongly recommended that along with properly-equipped emergency kits, every driver should carry the necessary equipment to change a tire. This includes a working spare tire, a tire iron or lug nut wrench and a pipe for leverage. If you are changing a tire on the side of the road it is important to set up triangle road reflectors so that other drivers can see you. Bottled water, extra snacks, engine oil, duct tape, a pair of work gloves, roadside flares, brake fluid, an ice scraper and a pocket knife are additional items recommended for your emergency car tool kit. In the event that you must find a hiding spot from a zombie for an extended period, having extra food and water is crucial. Additionally, many of these essential car items can be used against an attacking zombie.

“Every driver should always have a spare tire with them.”

Jumper cables

Jumper cables have the potential to save your life, figuratively if your battery dies on the way to an important interview or meeting or literally, in the event of a zombie attack. Most seasoned drivers would never think of pulling out of the driveway without their set of jumper cables. According to MSN, your vehicle owners manual will have instructions on how to properly jump start your vehicle without harming your engine or yourself. Those jumper cables could also come in handy when warding off the enemy. Furthermore, if another driver is stranded with a dead battery, you’ll have your jumper cables to save the day during the next zombie apocalypse.

Blanket or towel

zombie_attack2Having a warm blanket or two in the trunk of your car is always recommended, especially for those who live in areas that experience harsh winters. In the event of getting stuck in a snow storm and having to sleep in your car or in case your heat abruptly stops working in the middle of the winter, having a blanket on hand is critical. And in the event of a zombie apocalypse, Top Ten Reviews suggested using a blanket or towel as a hammock. Setting up camp in a hammock high off the ground in a nearby tree is the best way to stay out of reach of the hungry zombies below.

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