Match These Popular Cars to their Famous Athlete’s City

most popular car in Texas

It’s an exciting summer, with most of the world’s best athletes heading to Brazil for two weeks of tough competition. We could write endlessly about how fantastic each athlete is, but we wanted to do something special. In an effort to help athlete’s feel less homesick, let’s remind them of something from each of their city of residence.

We’ve taken a look at 5 cities where 5 of our best athletes are from to find out which cars are the most popular in each area. The results might surprise you, while some will not (looking at you, Texas).

Let’s make this a game. We’ll give you a few clues about the athletes and the most popular car in their city, and you tell us which athlete we’re talking about. After the closing ceremony, we’ll let you know if you were right. Comment on our Facebook page with your 5 matches for city and athlete.

Our five athletes of choice are:

  1. A female swimmer from Bethesda, Maryland
  2. A female gymnast from Spring, Texas
  3. A male decathlon from Eugene, Oregon
  4. A male swimmer from Phoenix, Arizona (hometown originally Baltimore, Maryland)
  5. A male fencer from San Francisco, California

Most Popular Car in Bethesda, Marylandmost popular car in maryland

Bethesda is home to a powerhouse swimmer, but it’s also home to quite a fleet of Toyota Prius Hatchbacks. According to our data, people in Bethesda are most commonly searching for insurance for their Prius.

As we’ve said about the Toyota Prius, it will probably always be ranked as one of the most fuel-efficient and affordable cars you can buy. Bethesda clearly got the memo.

Most Popular Car in Spring, Texas

Before we tell you which car is the most searched on in Spring, Texas, would anyone like to take a guess? Hint: it’s a pretty Texas choice.

If you guessed the Ford F150, you are correct! Ford F150 trucks are more than double the second place, which is still a truck – the Chevy Silverado to be exact.

If you want to make one of the gymnasts feel more at home, maybe send her a truck picture while she’s away? Just kidding – that’s spam and we don’t believe in spam.

Most Popular Car in Eugene, Oregonmost popular car in oregon

A decathlete and his pentathlete wife live in Eugene, Oregon. The front-runner of cars in Eugene might be the speediest of them all on the list. Eugene-ans like to enjoy life with the top down with the wind in their hair, as their most popular car is the Nissan 370z Touring convertible.

We’ve made a list of the best sunroofs on the market, but the Nissan 370z puts that list to shame. What’s better than a sunroof? No roof.

 Most Popular Car in Phoenix, Arizona

A highly decorated swimmer recently bought a house in Phoenix, so what car does he need to be prepared to see a lot of on the road? Phoenix is taking a page out of Spring, Texas’ book with the most popular car being a Ford F150, followed closely by the Chevy Silverado.

Notably, in third place is the Honda, Accord, which was the most popular car from his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Perhaps the frequency of Accords has helped him settle in so far away from home? Perhaps, but probably not.

Most Popular Car in San Francisco, California

The final athlete is a fencer who was born, raised and currently resides in San Francisco, California. What car is most popular where he lives? None other than the Toyota Prius Hatchback. Maybe if our athlete from San Francisco meets our athlete from Bethesda, they can talk about their city’s shared interest in the Prius? Okay – also unrealistic.

If all this talk of cars has you ready to buy a car, skim our Car Buying Guide, where we can help you find the perfect car for any need – or any location’s favorite ride.

*The most popular car of each city is from a sample of auto insurance consumers using who reported their vehicle make and model.*

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