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Cheap van insurance: minivan parked in front of a beach

While minivans may not have the cool factor of an SUV, they’re making a comeback in a big way. Convenient, full of features, and both family- and business-friendly, vans have a unique appeal and practicality that no other vehicle can match. However, finding cheap van insurance isn’t always easy.

Personal factors and insurers’ internal policies can influence the price of a van insurance policy, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay exorbitant prices. Whether you need a family car or a cargo carrier, we’ll cover everything you need to know about van insurance and how to lower your rates.

Find the Cheapest Van Insurance

Is a Van More Expensive to Insure than Other Types of Cars?

Cheap van insurance: van parked near a beach

Although logic may tell you that a larger vehicle such as a van would be more expensive to insure, that’s not the case. In most instances, a van is cheaper to insure than SUVs, trucks, and some cars. Van insurance cost is often more affordable due to the following:

  • The main buyers of vans: Married couples and parents tend to be less risky behind the wheel and have lower rates of collisions.
  • Less damage: Vans often cause less damage to other cars in a collision and are also less susceptible to rollovers and damage during major accidents.
  • Reputation as a family vehicle: Insurance companies see vans first and foremost as family vehicles, meaning that van drivers tend to take fewer risks behind the wheel, drive slower, and avoid both tickets and accidents.

While a side-by-side comparison of the cheapest cars to insure may show some variance in prices, van insurance premiums, on the whole, may cost you considerably less than other vehicle alternatives.

Insurance Companies That Offer Cheap Van Insurance

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Van insurance rates depend on numerous factors. Most of the time, your driving history and other personal information, the pricing methodology of insurers, and claims history in your geographic location are the greatest predictors of van insurance pricing.

Furthermore, pricing for insurance companies fluctuates regularly; as such, shopping around for van insurance can help you get the best rate. If you want a place to start, these reputable van insurance providers generally offer some of the cheaper van insurance rates in the industry:

Although you could go to the website of each of these companies individually to gather quotes, Compare.com gives you the ability to compare them all in one place. It’s quick, convenient, and can take the hassle out of shopping for private van insurance.

Find the Best Rates to Insure Your Van

The Cheapest Vans to Insure

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Over the past decade, many vans have disappeared from the market due to lackluster sales and popularity. That leaves only a handful of vans left on the market. So if you’re trying to choose a van based on the annual price of ownership, here are the most popular options.

Chrysler Pacifica

  • Full Coverage: $143 per month
  • Liability Coverage: $81 per month

Generally regarded as the top entrant in the minivan segment, the Chrysler Pacifica is also relatively inexpensive to insure. While it’s more expensive to insure the Pacifica than your average truck, it also comes with more features than other vans, such as a plug-in hybrid option and loads of other interior features.

Honda Odyssey

  • Full Coverage: $129 per month
  • Liability Coverage: $77 per month

With features such as an onboard vacuum, multi-zone audio, and even an intercom system, the Honda Odyssey might be the best family vehicle available while having a relatively low cost to insure.

Ford Transit

  • Full Coverage: $143 per month
  • Liability Coverage: $79 per month

The Ford Transit is perhaps the most versatile van on the market. It works as a transit van, business van, courtesy van, or personal van. It’s also a popular modified van — often turned into a self-contained camper or mobile home. Despite its many uses, the Transit is still the same average price to insure as other vans on the market, which may provide a bargain for those who want a larger option.

Toyota Sienna

  • Full Coverage: $129 per month
  • Liability Coverage: $70 per month

With legendary Toyota reliability, plenty of safety features, and stellar reviews from critics and consumers alike, the Toyota Sienna is one of only a handful of vans that’s weathered the storm and remained on the market. It’s also one of the cheaper vans to insure, with insurance premiums that are 10% less than other Toyota vehicles.

Ram ProMaster

  • Average Car Insurance Rate: $143 per month

If you’re commuting from your place of work to a client’s home or need a van fleet for your business, the Ram ProMaster is a great option. Thanks to its customizable interior, diverse business uses, and wrappable exterior, it’s the quintessential commercial van. Plus, it’s no more expensive to insure than vans geared toward personal use.

A Quick Look at Cheap Commercial Van Insurance

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Call them errand runners, commuters, family haulers, or something else, but vans are typically associated with use by a person or individual. However, certain professions and businesses often prefer vans to transport goods, equipment, or personnel from client to client.

While business van insurance may seem daunting, commercial vehicles are surprisingly affordable if you shop around. In addition, tips for saving on commercial van insurance are surprisingly similar to saving on personal insurance.

To get even lower rates on a commercial van insurance policy, follow these steps:

  • Keep your driving record clean and only hire employees with a clean driving record.
  • Put anti-theft devices such as alarms or immobilizers on your van fleet.
  • Change your level of van insurance to liability-only, or reduce your coverage amounts.
  • Get a bundling discount by packaging your van insurance with business insurance.

Tips on How to Get Cheap Van Insurance

Van in a city

Comparing quotes and rates is perhaps the most effective means of finding cheap van insurance, but you can save even more cash with these few tricks up your sleeve:

  • Try a telematics app or program: Several companies have added these apps to monitor driving habits and allow safe drivers to receive a discount.
  • Get your own van without a loan: If you have a loan, the lender will require full coverage, including collision and comprehensive van insurance, as part of the lease agreement.
  • Look for discounts and bonuses: Take advantage of companies that offer a no-claims discount or no-claims bonus. Safe drivers help insurance companies turn a profit, so insurers are willing to reward you in turn if you meet the standard.
  • Know what insurance you need: Get clear on the types of van insurance available. Legal requirements for insurance vary from state to state, so understanding what coverage you need, the optional extras or add-ons, and what your van insurance covers are important.

Find Cheap Van Insurance Today

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Many factors can help you lower your van or car insurance rate, but perhaps nothing is more effective and instantaneous than shopping for cheap van insurance quotes. In just a minute or two, you can use Compare.com to enter your coverage needs, collect quotes, and get the best rate for your van insurance needs.

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