¿Por qué escoger Amica Seguros de Auto?

  • Amica Mutual Insurance has a wide range of customizable coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage adapted to your budget and lifestyle
  • High marks for its financial strength and excellent customer satisfaction year after year

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  • Amica’s name means Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America
  • If you contact them by phone, email or mail, you will work directly with an Amica representative
  • They offer several payment options to make bill payment quick and easy
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  • Customer Service: 800-242-6422
  • Claims: 800-242-6422
  • Roadside Assistance: 866-286-9968
  • PO Box 9128, Providence, RI 02940-9128

For more than a century, Amica Mutual Insurance has worked hard to keep its promises to generations of loyal insured. The company, which opened in 1907 with a small office and two employees in Providence, Rhode Island, now has 44 offices and 3,700 employees nationwide. The corporate headquarters are located in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


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From the beginning, Amica tried to treat the insured with respect , providing them with the best possible customer service. By continuing with this founding principle in all employees, they have created a customer service culture that has gained national recognition for its superior service standards. However, the true measure of the company’s service remains the emails, phone calls and letters of satisfied insured.


They have thousands of policyholders who have relied on them for decades for their insurance needs, and this loyalty is reflected in the company’s high retention rates. Ask an Amica customer what makes this company different and you will hear a variety of responses, such as your consultative approach, knowledgeable representatives and detail-oriented support.


From policy updates to fast and fair payment of claims, Amica employees comply with the company’s mission statement: create peace of mind and build lasting relationships. As a mutual insurer, they are directly responsible to their insured, who have ownership in the company. And as a direct writer, Amica customers deal directly with the company’s employees – there are no agents.


A mobile website and a telephone service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, facilitate direct connection with Amica service representatives. In a world full of uncertainty, customers know that they are financially strong in the long term.


Available Discounts of Amica Mutual

  • Self-payment: Set up automatic monthly payments and get an easy discount
  • Anti-theft devices: If your car has an alarm or a tracker, you could save
  • Safe driver: If you are free of claims, Amica wants to reward you with lower premiums
  • Owners: If you are lucky enough to have your own home, you can get a discount

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  • Vehicle safety: air bags? ABS? Choosing security will save you
  • Good student: Get rewarded for staying in school and having a high GPA
  • Multi-car: Secure more than one car with Amica and get a quick discount
  • Payment in full: Choose to make a one-time payment instead of monthly payments and save

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Amica Mutual Insurance Customer Reviews:

“Amica has always been courteous and professional when I had to call her toll-free number for customer service.”


“I remember getting into my first car accident and Amica was the company that handled my claim. Everything was done so quickly and efficiently – it was as if the accident never happened. ”


“The representatives are always friendly, knowledgeable and complete when I have had to call on a question or to file a claim.”


“It was so easy to change! I got the best offer of all the companies I researched, blowing away the “mainstream” and the TV companies. We did everything online. Amica is the company that I recommend for ease, utility, cost and coverage. ”

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