Allstate vs. GEICO: Car Insurance Comparison Tips

April 22, 2014

Car Insurance comparison seems pretty easy. You get a quote from a couple different car insurance companies and then see who has the lowest price, right? Wrong. If all you compare are prices, then you could have some trouble down the road. Want to compare car insurance like a pro? We can help. We’ll start by comparing Allstate vs. GEICO.

Why Compare Allstate vs. GEICO?

Allstate is a well-known and well-respected auto insurance company. Then again, so is GEICO. As national carriers who service most, if not all states, how can you tell these two insurance giants apart? What’s different? How do you make a decision based on anything other than price? It’s important to look at the history and business model of each company, as well as compare what other benefits might be offered by each auto insurance provider. Car insurance comparison takes a little work, but don’t worry; we’re going to walk you through this.

Our car insurance comparison course starts with Allstate vs. GEICO.

About Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate is the third largest auto insurance company in the U.S, as you read from our Allstate Auto Company Page.That’s a pretty big deal in terms of car insurance comparison. That means that they write a lot of insurance policies, are financially sound, and are extremely experienced when it comes to handling auto insurance claims. Allstate’s focus is customer service, which is why they employ a large number of agents and customer service reps throughout the country. To them, it’s important that you be able to reach a real person, quickly. They understand that you’re likely to be happier with your service if you do business with a local agent who knows you personally and knows your needs. Unfortunately, using this model has earned them a reputation for being a bit more expensive than their competitors.

Allstate customers:

According to, 73% of Allstate customers say they would recommend Allstate. 89% say that they would renew their auto insurance policy with the company.

Allstate Discounts:

The discounts offered by an insurer are an important element of car insurance comparison. If one company offers a discount that others do not, you could save some additional money by choosing that company—assuming that you qualify for that discount. Also, the amount of discounts varies from company to company. Let’s see the difference when you compare Allstate vs. GEICO.

Allstate’s Top Discounts:

  • Safe Driver: up to 45% discount
  • Passive Restraint: up to 30% discount (for cars equipped with airbags and other passive safety devices)
  • Good Student: up to 20% discount.


GEICO’s strategy is to offer low-cost auto insurance. They’re a well-established and long-standing auto insurance company as well and are just as financially sound. GEICO made us all take notice when they began their iconic television ad campaigns, but they’ve been around a lot longer than that. We won’t bore you with the details here, but if you want to know more, you can read our company profile of GEICO.

GEICO actually sits at spot number two in the U.S. car insurance rankings—right above Allstate. This fact might make you wonder why you should bother with car insurance comparison at all, but trust us. There’s an insurer out there for everyone.  Take the time to find the one that suits you best.

GEICO has had a pretty significant rise over the last several years, but that just speaks to how well their business is doing and not so much to the quality of their auto insurance coverage. GEICO focuses more on offering lower rates and advertising at such a high volume that it’s difficult for their competitors to keep up. One major difference worth noting when you compare Allstate vs. GEICO is that GEICO’s customer service is dependent on call centers. The company has no local agents.

GEICO Discounts:

Many insurance companies have the same or similar discounts available to their customers. A few companies offer some additional discounts, but for the most part insurance discounts are limited. What does make a difference is the amount of the discount. Car insurance comparison between Allstate vs. GEICO isn’t easy, but looking at each company’s available discounts might save you more depending on the discounts for which you qualify.

GEICO’s Top Discounts:

  • Airbags: Up to 40% discount
  • Good Driver: Up to 26% discount
  • Anti-Theft Devices: Up to 25% discount
  • Multi-Car: Up to 25% discount

Picking the Best Insurance Company for You

If you’re going to compare car insurance companies, the tips above can help you make the right choice.  You’ll be able to weigh a company’s discounts against their customer service and you’ll have a bit more to go on that just the price of their premium.

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