Progressive Flo Halloween Costume

Coming up with a creative Halloween costume can be a challenge for many of us. There’s so much pressure; trying to be clever while also creating a costume that doesn’t make people think too hard is a lot of work. Fortunately, Halloween costumes are now less about monsters and ghosts and more about pop culture references. Not up on your pop culture? No worries, may we recommend going to your Halloween shindig as Progressive Flo, the car insurance girl?

Why Progressive Flo is the Perfect Costume

Halloween costumes can be a ton of work. All that zombie makeup takes forever to apply and even longer to get off and yeah, you could go as Joan from Mad Men but we can’t even begin to get into how much work that takes.  The great thing about going as Progressive Flo is that the outfit is pretty simple to cobble together yourself out of some pretty common items (well, common if you’re female). Or, failing that, there’s no shortage of places that sell the insurance icon’s name tag, apron, and headband along with a wig pre-configured into that classy bouffant. So stop worrying already and read our tips on how to assemble this awesome (and generally well-received) Halloween costume.

Becoming Flo from Progressive

How you become Flo will be determined by your level of commitment to your costume. Want to just be recognizable as the Progressive Insurance spokesperson? You’ll likely be good to go with a prepackaged costume or just the apron, wig, nametag combo and perhaps some white pants.  But let’s be serious for a moment. This costume has been done before, which means you’ll have to do it extremely well if you don’t want to be mocked by your peers. Again, don’t worry. We have you covered.

Items you need to become Progressive Flo

If you just want to DIY your outfit, here’s what you’ll need:

  • White Pants
  • Blue Headband
  • Blue Converse Chuck Taylor’s
  • White Polo Shirt
  • White Apron

These are the core elements of Progressive Flo’s outfit. Pretty simple, huh? Now for the next step you’re going to have to get the makeup just right. Her trademark red lipstick is a must. Just add in some black eyeliner and false eyelashes and you’re good to go.

Have fun with your costumes and be safe this Halloween!

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