Toyota 4Runner Car Insurance

July 12, 2018

The Toyota 4Runner is a perennial favorite of SUV buyers. What started as compact SUV has grown over time to a mid-size vehicle with the available 4-wheel drive. The 4Runner is also known as the Toyota Hilux Surf.

In 1981, the Toyota Trekker was put out by the company as a foray into the SUV market. In 1984, the Trekker was replaced by the 4Runner and it has been selling well and growing in popularity every year. In 2017, this classic SUV sold over 120,000 vehicles.

Multiple premium packages allow 4Runner buyers to choose different types of trim and power packages.

One of the 4Runner’s best attributes is its 5,000-pound towing capacity, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking a classy, comfortable ride.

Toyota 4Runner Quick Facts

  • The 2019 4Runner will include the Toyota Entune JBL audio system, with navigation and the App suite
  • The 4Runner has an available sliding rear cargo deck that can make it ideal for loading and unloading
  • This midsize SUV/Crossover has one of the best resale values according to Kelley Blue Book

Save Money on Toyota 4Runner Car Insurance

The 4Runner, like many of the vehicles in its class, is not nearly as safe as a passenger vehicle. However, for an SUV, it’s light years ahead of earlier models.

  • The 4Runner has multiple airbags, including front and rear head airbags
  • 4 wheel ABS and disc brakes
  • Electronic stability control
  • Front tow hooks to make extraction easier
  • All-wheel traction control

Typical car insurance discounts include :

Toyota 4Runner Motorsports

The Toyota 4Runner has been a fixture on the rally racing circuit for over 30 years. The high clearance and powerful engine win rally races worldwide consistently.

Toyota Racing Development has contributed to the success of the 4Runner in off-road racing by adding in racing power and control to the stock packages. Much of the power of the 4Runner and the smaller RAV4 comes from an automatic transmission that is designed to move the engine’s horsepower efficiently, even in the 2 wheel drive models.

Toyota 4Runner Environmental Impact

The Toyota 4Runner gets a combined mileage rating of 18 combined mpg. The various models get 17 mpg city and 20 to 21 mpg highway ratings. The EPA rates the Toyota 4Runner as a 3 out of 10 (10 being the best) in Greenhouse Gas Emissions, putting it on par with the Ford F-150 and Honda Pilot.

The 4Runner is a vehicle designed for power and driving, not necessarily fuel economy or environmental-friendliness. At, we don’t mind whether you drive a 4Runner or a Prius, we just want you to get good coverage at a good price. That’s why we offer a free, online service to compare Toyota 4Runner car insurance prices, side by side, with real rates. Start your quote now and see how much you can save!

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