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It all began back in 2008, when American entrepreneur Leah Busque noticed that many Bostonians could not find the time in their busy schedules to complete simple tasks. RunMyErrand, as TaskRabbit was originally known back in 2008, connected people with “runners” who would complete their tasks.

The concept proved wildly successful, and within two years RunMyErrand was rebranded as TaskRabbit. What began as simple errand-running expanded into a wide assortment of tasks. Freelancers on the TaskRabbit platform were known as “Taskers” and proved able to competently complete tasks ranging from waiting in line to assembling an entire office’s worth of furniture.

Today, TaskRabbit boasts an impressive 148,000 independent contractors that have cleaned over 400,000 homes, assisted in over 300,000 moves, repaired over 218,000 things around the house, delivered over 235,000 items, and assembled over 550,000 pieces of furniture. Over 700,000 people are currently using TaskRabbit to complete everyday tasks today.

Note: The author of this article is an experienced Tasker with over 50 completed tasks in the San Francisco area and a 100% positive rating on the platform.

Requirements to Become a Freelancer

To begin working on the TaskRabbit platform is easy, as TaskRabbit doesn’t have any strict or necessary credentials to begin taking on new work. To become a Tasker, users must first download the Tasker application onto their iOS or Android device.

Once the download has completed, the user must sign up and create an account. From there, all potential Taskers will be asked to build out their profile, which includes selecting the services they feel the most comfortable in providing to future clients.

Once you have completed building out your profile, you will be asked to verify your identity, after which you’ll be asked to pay a $25 registration fee. Once the registration steps have been completed, you’ll be free to choose your services and work area.

How to Get Started on TaskRabbit

To make the most out of your experience as a Tasker, we would suggest you really think about which of TaskRabbit’s services you’ll find the most success with. Typically speaking, the highest paying tasks are Furniture Assembly, Moving, and Mounting. This is because these tasks actually require some skill to complete effectively. In the case of Furniture Assembly and Mounting, having your own tools will immediately put you ahead of your peers.

If users leave a bad review, it can be devastating to your business. With this in mind, be sure to select a task you know you can do well.

While this is freelancing, the principles of professionalism still apply. Always be punctual. Many Taskers arrive late to tasks or commit the cardinal sin of cancelling the task altogether moments before it was meant to take place.

There are few things that bother clients more than Taskers that aren’t taking their job seriously enough to even show up on time. If you show up on time, you’ll differentiate yourself from much of your competition, and in doing so you’re much more likely to get hired again by that same client.

Everyone wants a job done efficiently, which is why punctuality and professionalism will always win the day.

When you’re just starting out on TaskRabbit, you’ll have no reviews. This means that users of the TaskRabbit platform won’t know if you’re capable of completing the tasks they’ll need you for.

We would suggest you lower your rate below market price for your given task so that users will have an incentive to take a chance on you. Once you’ve successfully completed a few tasks and garnered some positive feedback from your clients, you’ll be free to match or exceed the market rate for your given skillset.

Credibility is everything on TaskRabbit, and nothing speaks to your credibility more powerfully than positive reviews.

TaskRabbit has some essential metrics that are important to keep in mind as you manage your business.

The first metric is Response Rate, which tells users how responsive you are to task invitations. We live in an age of instant gratification, and users of TaskRabbit love it when the person they’re looking to hire responds quickly to their task invitation.

The second metric is Acceptance Rate, which is based around how many invitations you accept as a Tasker. Declining an invitation can really hurt your business, so TaskRabbit wants Taskers that are willing to take on any task so users won’t have to restart their search.

The third metric is Reliability Rate, which is based around how many tasks you complete. This tells clients how reliable you are once you’ve been hired and is arguably the most essential metric.

Maintaining a high Response Rate, Acceptance Rate, and Reliability Rate will be key to ensuring you find the most success possible on TaskRabbit.

What to Expect as a Tasker

Getting paid through the Tasker app is as easy as signing up. Once you’ve followed the steps within the Tasker app to link your bank account information, the process becomes entirely automated. After completing a Task, a client will send over payment, which should show up in your bank account within 2-3 business days.

However, it isn’t all sunshine and butterflies on TaskRabbit. The service does take a nominal fee out of your work for linking you with the client that needed you for their given task. This service fee is a flat 15%, which excludes any and all reimbursements made from while you were completing your task.

Reimbursements are another important element of the TaskRabbit experience. It isn’t uncommon for clients to need you to make a stop at a hardware store to pick up some miscellaneous item that is required to finish the job.

Be sure to use the chat interface within the Tasker app to notarize any and all expenses that might come up. This way, when you go to charge for a job you’ve completed, there is a paper trail with the client’s explicit approval toward whatever expense you’ve incurred.

How Much Money Can You Make with TaskRabbit?

The average Tasker earns about $110 a month. While this is the average, it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s all you can make.

Some Taskers even make upwards of $6,000 to $7,000 a month, with others making even up to $12,000 in a single month. The income varies widely for freelancers on TaskRabbit, and that’s because so much of the success on the platform has to do with expertise level, location of business, metrics, and variety of tasks a given Tasker is willing to take on.

From my own personal experience using the Tasker application, I’ve made $5,000 in just two weeks simply because I landed the right gig. That particular job was a furniture assembly job that had me essentially overseeing the furnishing of a new office, complete with over 40 new desks, 100 new chairs, and 12 conference tables that all needed assembly and moving. This job in particular turned into a two-week gig that had me working eight-hour days at $50/hour. These kinds of jobs are the jackpots on TaskRabbit.

However, these jobs are not the norm. Normally on TaskRabbit, you’ll find jobs that only take an hour or two to complete. Even still, making $100 in two hours is not something to turn your nose up at, and is a great way to make a living.

I’ve rarely encountered long dry spells while using TaskRabbit, as San Francisco is a city that relies heavily on the gig economy. However, it isn’t uncommon to experience three to four days without any bookings, and then suddenly get booked for several tasks all at once. Check the Tasker application to see which tasks currently have the most demand.

How to Make the Most Money with TaskRabbit

Becoming an Elite Tasker is one of the best ways to make the most money on TaskRabbit. Elite Taskers maintain the best metrics and earn positive feedback from their customers of 98% or higher while also completing a substantial number of tasks each month when compared to their peers.

The Elite Tasker status literally places you above other Taskers when clients are looking to hire someone for a given task. Elite Taskers are also given a customer service hotline that can be reached via phone at any time, which isn’t available to normal Taskers.

For anyone looking to make TaskRabbit a full-time gig, becoming an Elite Tasker will be a must.

As mentioned previously, each task on TaskRabbit has its own going rate that is based on demand. The higher the demand, the higher the going rate is for that given task.

In San Francisco, for example, the most in-demand tasks are Furniture Assembly, Moving, and Mounting. Ensuring you have the skillset, tools, and know-how to complete these tasks will ensure positive feedback for completing them, which will help you get hired for the next job. Master these tasks, and your feedback will reflect it, which in turn will get you hired more.

As a Tasker, you may only be eligible for certain tasks if you have a car. Many Taskers that are looking to make a full-time living on TaskRabbit should consider investing into their business. With a car you’ll typically be able to service a wider area, which in turn can mean more jobs and clients. While having a car may have its costs, there are ways to lower those as well.

TaskRabbit is a fantastic way to also build out a network. If you do your job right, customers will want you back. I’ve met many clients along the way that ended up hiring me as an independent contractor for their business on a permanent basis, which led to much more income.

Always put your best foot forward when completing a task on TaskRabbit, and you’ll be rewarded for it.

TaskRabbit FAQ

What kind of jobs are available on TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit offers services ranging from Babyproofing bedrooms to Pet Sitting. There are so many tasks on TaskRabbit that just about anyone can find some way of making money on the platform. TaskRabbit offers a comprehensive list of all of the available tasks on its website.

How do I find work on TaskRabbit?

For anyone looking to begin work on TaskRabbit, they’ll first need to download the Tasker app on their iOS or Android device and complete registration. Once the registration process is complete and your identity has been verified, you’ll be free to choose from a wide variety of tasks that you feel capable of completing.

What are the advantages of using an online freelancing platform such as TaskRabbit?

The advantages of utilizing a freelancing platform like TaskRabbit include being able to set your own schedule, set your own rates, and be your own boss. TaskRabbit also gives you access to a huge market of opportunities and potential clients. The app has established a lot of credibility over the years, which means that people trust it and are comfortable using it. All of this will work in your favor.

Am I able to work part-time using TaskRabbit?

Absolutely. There are no minimum hour requirements on TaskRabbit, which means that Taskers and Freelancers are free to work as many or as few hours as they choose. TaskRabbit is a great way to make some extra money for those who already work a typical 9-to-5 or are just looking to make some extra cash with a side-hustle.

What kind of fees does TaskRabbit charge?

TaskRabbit charges a flat 15% fee. This means that TaskRabbit will take 15% of any earnings you make on their platform. It’s a small price to pay considering how much demand the platform will be giving you access to.

How do I contact TaskRabbit’s customer support?

For Elite Taskers, TaskRabbit customer support can be contacted via chat directly through the Tasker application. For all other inquiries, TaskRabbit can be contacted at (844) 340-8275 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. CST.

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