IPhone 6s Vs The Nokia 215

The iPhone 6s vs. the Nokia 215

The iPhone 6s represents the pinnacle of smartphone technology. It’s praised for its intuitive features, modern design, and really just its ability to make our lives easier to manage.

The Nokia 215 is the cheapest entry-level smartphone available, having first launched in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. It’s your grandma’s phone. It’s the phone they give away at the bottom of a box of cereal. But it works and boasts more features than you might imagine.

So what does it look like when you actually take the iPhone 6s and Nokia 215 and compare them head to head? We’ll break it down…

Design, size and screen

The iPhone 6s is simultaneously beefy and sleek. The generous 5.5-inch, Retina HD display with 1920 X 1080 resolution may not be bigger than your TV, but it’s most certainly better. Plus, it’s a great complement to the smartphone’s 8-megapixel camera, which features image stabilization, and the FaceTime HD Camera. The 6-oz. weight is a bit on the heavy side, but you’re not likely going to tear your hip flexor. The color selection has actually expanded to three fresh options: silver and gold, silver and white, and space gray and black.

Those who say that the iPhone 6s screen is just too big for their pocket would likely say the Nokia 215’s 2.4-inch display is too itty bitty. The 215 comes with soft, rubber keys and three color options: bright green, white and black. The 215 is well built to handle dings and drops, and comes with a polycarbonate shell, which is a good thing. There are phone cases that cost much more than the Nokia 215. Spending more on protection for your smartphone than your actual smart phone isn’t, well, smart. Finally, you’ll achieve slightly better quality than the average photo booth with the 0.3-megapixel camera and 320 x 240 pixel display.

Operating system and apps

Apple’s iOS 8 may be the standard bearer of mobile software. It’s not just the unique apps it offers users, from FaceTime to Siri and a superior texting platform, but it’s always evolving and improving – and quickly disseminating these software updates to users. Plus, the iPhone 6s doesn’t come with any built-in apps you don’t want; you get to build your library from scratch.

The Nokia 215 comes with a super easy-to-use, proprietary operating system and an Opera browser that muddles through the ‘Net at 2G. The phone comes with Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Bing Search and MSN Weather.

Signature smartphone features

  • Travel-friendly feature: The iPhone 6s is built for globetrotting with quad-band capabilities. The Nokia 215 offers a surprisingly long-lasting battery; you’ll get more than 29 days on standby.
  • Coolest feature: The iPhone 6s boasts a cutting-edge security that allows you to use your fingerprint as your password. Oh, and available Wi-Fi calling when you’re out of cellular range also packs a decent cool factor. The coolest feature of the Nokia is probably the price point: about $30. That’s about $700 less than the retail price of the iPhone 6s.
  • Best feature for seniors: While the iPhone 6s is hearing aid compatible, the Nokia 215 comes with a built-in torch that acts as a flashlight.

You could survive with the Nokia 215. Heck, you could get some work done, and keep in touch with family and friends. It’s no iPhone 6s, but not everyone needs a talking digital virtual assistant and back-up Wi-Fi calling capabilities. These phones may be worlds and price points apart, but they can both get the job done.

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