Smartphone Personality Quiz

You may have heard a fan of Apple or iOS products describe herself as an “Apple person.” For her, it’s about more than purchasing products; it’s a lifestyle.

Similarly, there are Android dudes and dudettes.

cell phoneIf a mobile phone is a lifestyle choice, then doesn’t it make sense to go beyond comparing features and facts when deciding if your life is a better fit for iOS or the Android operating system? We think it makes sense to explore your personality when choosing a smart phone, and choose one that’s ultimately an extension of you.

If you’re game, then answer the following five questions to see whether you’re a better match for iOS or Android, and keep track of your answers.

  1. Which best describes your routine?
    a. I stick to the usual places.
    b. I like to explore new spots.
  2. How do you prefer to communicate with family, friends and co-workers?
    a. Face to face – or the next best thing.
    b. I’d rather be heard and not seen.
  3. When you eat out, which describes your preference?
    a. I always order the special.
    b. I look for a buffet or a big, fat menu.
  4. When do you need the latest and greatest products?
    a. Yesterday
    b. Whenever
  5. Which viewing experience do you prefer?
    a. Living room home theater
    b. Movie theater big screen



For every question you selected option ‘A,’ you chose an iOS quality. We’ll explain below. Similarly, for each ‘B’ response selected, you matched yourself with Android. So to determine whether you’re a better match for Apple’s iOS or the Android operating, simply add them up and see which system you tip the scale toward.

Here is the breakdown of where you might fall:

  • 5 As / 0 Bs = Your closet is filled with 18 black mock turtlenecks. (You know, the late Steve Jobs garment of choice.)
  • 4 As / 1 Bs = You already own or are destined to own Apple everything. You even named your mutt iDog.
  • 3 As / 2 Bs = Maybe it’s form or maybe it’s function, but you’re a match for iOS products… for now.
  • 2 As / 3 Bs = You want to keep your options open; and Android lets you do just that.
  • 1 As / 4 Bs = You have two Samsung Galaxies – so you can take a selfie with one and pose with the other.
  • 0 As / 5 Bs = Your robotic “Drrroooooid” impression never gets old at parties. OK, ok, we can’t lie; it gets really, really old.


  1. Comparing both the iOS and Android flagship models – the iPhone 6 vs. the Galaxy S6 — the Droid gets 23 hours of talk time with a full battery charge compared to the iOS’s 14 hours. Plus, you can’t swap out batteries with an iPhone. So if you’re vagabond or constantly on the go, and you have an iPhone, carry an arsenal of chargers and plan ahead.
  2. The iOS platform has what’s considered to be one of the most popular smartphone (and Apple) apps in FaceTime. With Android, you’ll have to settle for phone calls, texts, email or a third-party app such as Skype or a Google Hangout.
  3. When it comes to getting the latest and greatest iOS phone, you have one option. But it’s a very good option. OK, maybe you have two if you consider the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to be different phones. You place your trust in iOS, or the chef for the purposes of our metaphor. Android’s operating system is available on a number of different manufacturers with different price points, features, sizes and more. It’s a digital smorgasbord that can be both appetizing but also paralyzing when it comes to actually making the decision of what to buy.
  4. You rarely hear Android users complain about not getting their software updates on time. It doesn’t matter which carrier an iPhone user has; updates are carried out in sync across the wireless universe. However, once phones running iOS hit 18 months, these software updates can be delayed or stop all together.
  5. Apple iPhone screens are fine. But Samsung, LG and Sony are raising the bar for Android phone screens by creating larger screens offering superior color and clarity.

So whether you already have an operating system of choice – be it iOS or Android – or if you’re looking to make a change, we hope this fun little quiz provided some clarity. And embrace this smart phone competition as a good thing; with iOS and Android both pushing each other, everyone wins.

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