AutoTempest: the One Stop Car Finder?

autotempest buying car online reviewEvery car buyer wants the easiest possible path to finding the right car for them. There’s no shortage of options these days and locating an online car finder is just one quick search away. Of course, most of these car finder sites search only their own inventory and inventory varies from site to site. There’s one site that’s doing it a little bit differently.

AutoTempest Pros and Cons

We’re not going to tell you that any website is perfect. Each website has its pros and cons. Here’s what we found when searching for cars on this new car finder website.

AutoTempest Pros:

  • Prevents you from having to search multiple individual websites. It’s a one-stop shop.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Is consumer friendly—we were notified when clicking something would take us off-site.
  • Most results are displayed in an easy to read manner and provide important information in the results listing. We didn’t have to click each result to see if it was the right car for us.

AutoTempest Cons:

  • Limited results. While it claims to be able to provide results from a number of popular car finder websites, there were some websites that was forced to send us to because they weren’t legally allowed to show results on their own website. This comes with being a start-up though and we expect this may change later on.
  • Craigslist search results page lacked the information that other search results pages offered, making it a bit of a guessing game. If we wanted something this hard to sift through, we’d just use Craigslist.
  • You can’t buy through It simply isn’t set up to be a direct sales website. And that’s fine—but we think this would be a great improvement. Referral sites are a dime a dozen and while they provide a unique service, the website stops just short of being precisely what every online car shopper wants.

AutoTempest Promises a Simpler Path to Buying Cars Online

Websites like,, and (read our review) are essentially car finders. You can “buy” through them, but not as directly as a purchase through websites like Carvana (read our Carvana review). These car finder sites locate cars for you but then refer you to a dealership to make the actual sale. AutoTempest is similar to other sites that locate cars online, but with one big difference: you put in your information once and search all of the major car search websites. It’s a metasearch for cars.

autotempest online car buying results

What does that mean? They conduct a single search but return results from all over the web. Specifically, they offer results from the websites most often used by consumers when searching for cars online. This includes Craigslist, Ebay Motors,, and others.

Why Should I Use AutoTempest?

Finding the exact car you’re looking for, at a dealership that is close to you, can be a difficult challenge sometimes. It’s even more challenging when trying to find a car under $10,000. Odds are you’re going to check most of the sites that AutoTempest checks. The difference when using is that you don’t have to type in all of that detailed search info for every single site you visit. You put it in once, then get results. The results are simply and efficiently organized, too. You just tab over to view results from each of these different websites and results pages provide information such as a picture of the car, the car’s mileage, the distance from you to the dealership, and the cost of the vehicle. It’s fairly simple and upfront. Once you find the car you like, you simply contact the dealer—usually via email or phone.

Who Gets the Most Benefit from

If you’re searching for a specific kind of car, this website is for you. For car buyers who know what they want and prefer searching for cars online, this website can save them a lot of trouble and a good bit of time when it comes to locating that vehicle.

For the average car shopper, a car finder site like this stops just short of being precisely what they need. Again, you can locate, but you can’t buy. There’s no price guarantee, either. It’s obvious that this website is still growing, so these things may change.

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