Top 8 Cars to Make Out In

August 15, 2018

Happy Couple near carMaking out in the car used to be easy. In the old days, the front seat was an upholstered bench and the back seat was as wide and cushy as a sofa. All you had to do was lean over, turn the radio low and say, “Hey, baby.”

It’s not so easy in today’s cars. They’re generally smaller, and cupholders and consoles stand between you and your sweetie. But these eight vehicles have room to groove and jive as well as other options — like extra-reclining seats, massage functions, and great sound systems — that naturally lend themselves as a romantic setting to hook up in.

1. Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental ain’t your grandma’s car. It’s got comfy seats and a big, elegant interior, which means you have room to maneuver without worrying about elbowing a sensitive control (or your special someone else.) “Our available Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion offer a uniquely comfortable experience. The seat back conforms to you — articulating forward to cradle you, helping take stress off your shoulders. Power thigh adjusters can extend and retract to provide individual leg comfort,” Lincoln says. Perfect position, conforming seats, and thigh adjusters? Yep, this is a car built for sweet lovin’. Definitely consider the extended warranty and added coverage on this bad boy.

2. Cadillac CT6

Reclining rear seats with 15 massage settings. Thirty-four Bose speakers crooning sexy songs. Seats “sculpted, contoured and wrapped in rich cut-and-sewn leather with heating and ventilation.” The Cadillac CT6 was made for the friskiest of frisky couples. The CT6 can also drive itself on the highway with the Super Cruise feature, but we strongly recommend parking before you make any moves.

3. Range Rover SVAutobiography

Rugged, but luxurious. Powerful, yet sensual. That’s the Range Rover SVAutobiography, a special (i.e. ridiculously expensive) version of the classic British SUV. The wide, deep back seats come with an optional hot-stone massage function. A champagne chiller is available, as well as a fixed or sliding panoramic roof. Let the champagne showers begin!

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4. Honda Ridgeline

Even the roomiest car has a few space limitations, so the best solution for a good time might be upgrading to a pickup truck. And not just any truck: the Honda Ridgeline boasts in-bed audio. “The system uses six small electronic units called “exciters” hidden in the walls of the pickup bed. The exciters make the pickup beds walls vibrate to produce sound, essentially turning the whole bed into a speaker,” the Detroit Free Press explains. It can play up to three hours of music while parked, before a battery warning comes on. That should be plenty of time to snuggle with your bae in the back.

5. Ford F-150 XLT

The only downside to gettin’ busy in the back of a Ridgeline is that if you’re tall, your feet will hang over the edge of the 63.6” bed. The F-150 XLT, however, comes with a bed more than 8 feet long, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and have a little fun. And there’s just something romantic about driving an all-American pickup truck out to a field, playing some Jason Aldean on the stereo and watching the stars.

6. Honda Fit

This little hatchback is the perfect wagon to shag in. No matter how many sporty flourishes Honda adds, the Fit still looks like what it is: a sensible, fuel-efficient car built to get you from point A to point Z. It’s also built for serious make-out sessions in the car, especially with its second-row Magic Seat. The Magic Seat can be configured in one of four different ways. Tall lets you store large items like bikes vertically in the back; Utility folds the back seat all the way down to store 52 cubic feet of stuff; Long folds down the right-hand front and rear seats so you can fit unwieldy loads. But the mode you want for romance is Refresh mode. When you remove the driver’s seat headrest and push the seat all the way back, you now have a recliner — for napping, Honda suggests. Or, you know, makin’ magic.

7. Ford Flex

From the outside, it’s boxy. On the inside, it’s sexy. That’s because the Flex — a 7-passenger SUV crossover — has an enormous panoramic sunroof and tons of room in the back. Fold down both rows of seats, spread out a blanket, and wait for the fireworks. Third-row power fold lets you fold seats with the touch of a button, which looks much cooler than fumbling with levers.

8. Mercedes Maybach S560

Most cars are designed for drivers. The Mercedes Maybach is built for the passenger. Because if you can afford to drop more than $170,000 on your car, you can probably afford a driver, too. Just sitting in its super-spacious backseat is enough to get almost anyone to lay back in your Maybach. “Passengers can stretch out and relax on hot-stone-style massaging leather recliners and enjoy the Burmester audio system while an atomizer fills the cabin with one of Maybach’s five signature fragrances,” Car and Driver says. Add a small refrigerator for your champagne, along with a pair of silver flutes. What more could you ask for? A second champagne shower?

Well, there you have it folks. 8 of the best cars for the perfect romantic interlude. Share below and let us know if you have a favorite! Don’t be shy!

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