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Compare.com makes finding the best deal on car insurance easy.

Our Purpose

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We know life isn’t easy. Sometimes, it can feel like the deck of life is stacked against you. But we believe you deserve a level playing field, and we are committed to working with you to recognize your struggles, lighten your burden, and empower you on your journey. We strive to help you navigate the world and make smart, informed decisions that will help you win a game that seems rigged against you.

At Compare.com, our mission is to provide solutions that help you take small steps to make big decisions. We’re here to empower you to get ahead today and build toward a brighter tomorrow by putting money back in your pocket.

When you see savings right in front of you, it’s liberating. Seeing is powerful. Seeing is believing. With Compare.com, Seeing is Saving.

Step 1

Put your information in once.

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See multiple, accurate rates from companies you can trust.

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Buy your policy in moments – no unwanted calls, no spam.

A Simple Solution

Compare.com makes it much easier and quicker to find the best car insurance for you. Before, if you wanted to find the best prices and coverage, you’d have to fill out multiple forms on several different insurance provider websites — and that could take you a while. We knew there was an easier way. Compare.com is the result.

The Importance of Comparison

You shop around when you buy new electronics for your home, or a new car, or even new living room furniture. Why wouldn’t you compare one of your biggest annual expenses – your car insurance?

Car Insurance prices change all the time, so no matter your driving record or your background, you could still save money by comparing. Compare.com exists for just that purpose: to help you save money by finding the right car insurance company for you and your needs.

Compare.com works directly with lots of national and local car insurance brands to bring you the best prices in car insurance.

We carefully review all of our car insurance partners so you can be sure that you’ll get great coverage at the best price. We understand that privacy and security are paramount when shopping for anything online – especially something as important as car insurance.

Guarding your security is always a top priority. We’re just as passionate about safeguarding your sensitive information as we are about creating a convenient experience for all our users.

Our Promise

Because Compare.com was founded on the idea that shopping for car insurance should be an experience that’s quick, easy, informative – and even enjoyable – we promise our customers that we’ll never stray from this core belief. We’ve worked hard to create a user-friendly site experience that makes shopping for an auto insurance policy as easy as a Sunday drive.

The Compare.com team also promises that we very carefully review all of the car insurance providers we feature on our site. While we work with the insurance companies, and not for them, we understand that at the end of the day, this makes little difference to our users. We value personal data security and recognize that if you have a negative interaction with one of our partners it reflects poorly on us. We will never sacrifice quality or credibility merely to increase our wide selection of partners.

Finally, as someone who is potentially handling your personal information as you shop and compare car insurance quotes, we can tell you that guarding your security is always a top priority. We’re just as passionate about safeguarding your sensitive information as we are about creating a convenient experience for all of our users.

Browse our site and try our quick and easy quote process. We think you’ll agree that we’ve made car insurance easier for you.

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