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Compare.com makes finding the best deal on car insurance easy.

Our purpose and our goal

From the very beginning we wanted to bring our users a simplified comparison shopping experience that brought all of the U.S. car insurance companies together “under one roof”, so to speak. We wondered, “how does anyone know if the quote they get on one insurance company’s website is better or worse than what other insurers are offering?”

There are over 400 car insurance companies in the U.S. Since most people are unaware of this fact, what are the odds that they are missing out on the opportunity to save some money on their car insurance premium?

We wanted to solve both of these problems while making the quote process simpler… and we think we’ve done it (try it out for yourself and see if you agree). A simpler process, greater access to free car insurance quotes, and real, side-by-side comparison. Compare.com makes shopping for car insurance easier than you ever thought possible.

Based in Richmond, VA, Compare.com is dedicated to making your life easier — starting with helping you pay less for auto insurance.

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Compare.com promises to make car insurance shopping and comparison easier than it has ever been before.

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