What do you need to know?

Compare.com, a car insurance comparison site, delivers multiple car insurance quotes from trusted auto insurance brands and allows drivers to find the best value according to their needs. The site was established in 2013 to simplify online auto insurance shopping for drivers by allowing them to receive real, unbiased quotes from fully licensed, U.S. auto insurance companies.

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How does it work?

Compare.com allows drivers to customize their auto insurance policy using a single online form – guiding you through the process the entire time – and immediately returns multiple accurate, personalized quotes from licensed auto insurance companies.

The quotes are a true “apples to apples” comparison because the insurance companies available through Compare.com consider the exact same driver and vehicle information in order to quote a price. You compare the provided quotes and then one click will allow you to purchase that policy directly from their chosen insurer.

How can I be sure I’m getting the best price on my car insurance?

One of the great things about using Compare.com is that you enter your driver and vehicle information just once. From there, auto insurance companies look at the same set of information in order to offer their best policy quote. Because the driver and vehicle assumptions are the same across all potential policies, drivers can be absolutely certain that they are reviewing comparable quotes with real prices, not estimates.

How does Compare.com make my life easier?

No doubt you’re used to shopping online to compare prices on things like airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars. Many of those comparison sites show you numerous choices and then allow you to book directly with a travel provider, that same ease of use is now being brought to the car insurance industry by Compare.com. You can quickly research and compare auto insurance quotes yourself any time of day and see multiple quotes side-by-side. You enter your information once, not multiple times on multiple sites. And it’s just as easy to make an immediate policy purchase directly from a trusted auto insurance provider.

Why should I trust Compare.com?

Although Compare.com is pretty new to the United States, comparison shopping for auto insurance is not a new business for us. Compare.com is a service provided by Compare.com Insurance Agency LLC, with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Our sister site, Confused.com, has been offering car insurance comparison in the United Kingdom for over fifteen years. We have experience helping consumers compare and purchase auto insurance policies quickly and easily online and we’ve now brought that experience to the U.S. market.

Additionally, Compare.com only offers quotes from trusted, licensed, reputable insurers. Our panel of car insurance companies consists strictly of insurance providers approved by each state’s Department of Insurance.

Does it cost me anything to use Compare.com?

Compare.com is completely free to use – consumers do not pay any fees or increased premiums because they found a car insurance policy through the site.

If you find a car insurance policy that’s right for you, we earn a referral fee from the insurance company at no additional cost to you. If you don’t save money, we don’t make money.

What kinds of car insurance can I purchase through Compare.com?

For the majority of drivers, Compare.com offers car insurance quotes that will meet your needs. The car insurance companies we work with can write policies that meet state minimum requirements all the way up to full coverage packages offering some of the most complete coverages available. Compare.com can offer quotes for singles, families, experienced drivers, new drivers… and everyone in between!

Which states does Compare.com currently serve?

Compare.com allows visitors to purchase their policies direct from licensed insurers in forty-eight states. Please check back often as we add insurance partners and new states often.

How does Compare.com protect my privacy?

By limiting the amount and type of information collected from you, Compare.com helps you keep your personal information private. The information collected by Compare.com is used to provide you with a fully customized, personal quote. This helps them confirm the information you’ve entered on Compare.com, as well as to confirm your identity. By utilizing multiple layers of security, Compare.com ensures that the information you provide to get a quote is protected and secure.

What information do I need to get a quote on Compare.com?

As part of the single form, one-time quote process you will be asked for the basic information the insurance providers on our site require to issue you a real quote for a car insurance policy. That includes some basic information about you, your vehicle, your driving record, and limited information about any other drivers you’d like to insure on your policy (such as your spouse or children).

How does Compare.com differ from competitors?

Compare.com shows drivers actual, real-time quotes that they can immediately purchase from an insurance carrier, not an estimated price that other comparison websites might provide. Acting as a tool for car insurance comparison and offering real, unbiased quotes is what distinguishes us from other car insurance sites.

Will getting a quote from Compare.com affect my credit rating?

No, shopping around for car insurance using Compare.com will not affect your credit rating. The companies offering you quotes will make what’s called a “soft hit” on your credit report to verify the information you have provided. Because these inquiries are not the same as applying for a line of credit such as a credit card, mortgage, or car loan, they do not affect your credit score.

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