The 7 Best Car Insurance Comparison Sites of 2024

Quote-comparison sites are the best way to shop for and save on a new car insurance policy, but choosing the right one is crucial., Insurify, and Jerry are great places to start.

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Shopping for car insurance can be a tedious process when it requires getting quotes from multiple insurance company websites. But you can make the process easier by using an insurance comparison website.

These sites allow you to compare personalized car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies so you can get the same amount of information in a fraction of the time. When you use one of these sites, you can enter just a few pieces of information about yourself and your driving history and get quotes from many of the industry’s top insurers. The quotes you’ll receive are personalized to your unique situation rather than just averages.

That said, not all insurance-comparison sites are created equally, and it’s important to choose those that offer legitimate quotes. We’ll cover which comparison sites are the best and what you should look for when comparing quotes in the sections below.

Key Takeaways:

  • and Insurify top our list as the best and most trustworthy car insurance comparison sites.
  • Lead-generation sites don’t typically provide personalized quotes — they can also be spammy and may sell your data to third parties.
  • Maximize your comparison site experience and savings by entering accurate information, reading the fine print, and being open to buying a policy with a smaller insurance company.

Why You Should Use a Comparison Site

The two key benefits of using a car insurance comparison site are that you’ll save time and save money.

First, these sites streamline the process of shopping for car insurance. Rather than having to visit multiple insurance company websites for quotes, you can get them all in one place quickly. Additionally, because you can see quotes from some of the top insurers all at once, you’re able to easily see which company is the most affordable.

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Types of Insurance Comparison Sites

While most comparison sites serve the same basic functions, they aren’t all created equally. Insurance comparison sites differ in several ways, including the number of insurers they work with and whether they show real quotes or just ads.

Sites that let you compare real quotes

The best insurance comparison sites have direct partnerships with many insurance companies. These sites can show you real quotes based on the information you provide. After seeing your quotes, you can usually sign up for a policy directly from the comparison site, or you’ll be redirected to sign up on the insurer’s website.

Even among these sites, there is still some difference in quality. For example, one comparison site might show quotes from a dozen insurers, while another might show you quotes from just a few.

Finally, these sites will differ based on the number of ads they show you and whether completing the quote form results in you getting spam emails, phone calls, and texts later on.

Lead-generation sites that show only ads

There’s a whole different category of car insurance comparison sites that are actually lead-generation sites. These sites don’t show real-time quotes like the sites we discussed above. Instead, they show ads and often sell the data you provide during the quote process. As a result, you can end up getting spam emails, phone calls, and text messages. You might even have to enter your information multiple times just to eventually see a quote.

Yes, these sites will sometimes show prices. However, they aren’t personalized quotes and aren’t likely to be accurate for your unique situation. Some popular lead-gen sites include EverQuote, QuoteWizard, and Otto. Popular personal finance websites like NerdWallet and ValuePenguin also offer lead-generation tools for customers to get auto insurance quotes.

Which Car Insurance Comparison Site Is Best?

At this point, you’re probably wondering which comparison site is the best option for getting and comparing quotes.

The table below shows how the most well-known insurance-comparison sites match up in terms of online reviews and the number of real-time quotes they provide.

Comparison Site Rank Average Customer Rating* Real-Time Quotes** Spam Risk #1 4.23/5 5 None
Insurify #2 4.43/5 4 None
Jerry #3 2.90/5 3 Low
The Zebra #4 4.23/5 3 None
Gabi #5 1.00/5 1 Low
QuoteWizard #6 3.85/5 0 High
EverQuote #7 2.60/5 0 High
*Customer review average takes into account each site’s average rating from review platforms like Shopper Approved, Trustpilot, and Clearsurance.

**We generated all quotes using the profile of a 34-year-old woman who lives in San Jose, CA, drives a 2018 Honda CR-V, and has had a speeding ticket in the past three years.


Our take: is head and shoulders above the competition. With more real-time quotes than any other comparison site and extremely positive customer reviews across several well-known review platforms, it’s the best choice for easy, quick quote comparison. quote results page showing five real-time quotes is an insurance comparison site that specializes in auto insurance. It was founded in 2013 by Andrew Rose with the goal of bringing insurance comparison to the United States (it’s been the most popular way to shop for insurance in Europe for years).

The company believes shopping for car insurance should be quick, easy, and informative. Since it was founded, the company has delivered more than 51 million quotes and helped more than 7 million customers sign up for insurance. is a user-friendly site that has real-time integrations with more than 75 top insurers, making it the most comprehensive comparison site in the business. It provides more accurate quotes than any other comparison site.

Better yet, isn’t a lead-generation site, so you don’t have to worry about seeing only ads or being spammed with emails, phone calls, and text messages after getting a quote.

How works allows you to get real-time quotes from a variety of insurance companies by completing a short form. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Enter your ZIP code.
  2. Share information about your vehicle, where you live, your driving record, your past insurance, and more.
  3. Opt in to receive emailed copies of your quotes, as well as occasional emails and text messages with updates (this step isn’t required).
  4. Land on a result page that shows real-time, accurate quotes from top insurance companies.
  5. Adjust the quotes you see by choosing from four coverage options: minimum coverage, basic coverage, plus coverage, or premium coverage.
  6. Once you select a quote, you can purchase and manage the policy through the insurer’s website.

Find the Best Quotes with

Real-time quotes received: 5

We completed the quote process on using the sample profile of a 30-year-old single female driver. Overall, the process was quick and straightforward — answering all the preliminary questions took five minutes or less.

Once we got to the results page, our driver was presented with eight insurers on the results page, all of which showed a real quote showing the monthly premium and what you must pay if you buy the policy that day. You can click “View deal” to complete the purchase on the insurer’s website for any of the listed options.

At the top of the results page, gives you coverage level options to choose from: minimum, basic, plus, and premium. If you click on each option, the quotes provided by each insurer change based on the level chosen.

2. Insurify

Our take: Insurify is another solid choice if you’re looking to compare car insurance quotes, especially if you’re also interested in home insurance. It served up one fewer quote than, but its multi-policy offerings and great customer reviews help close the gap.

Insurify quote results page showing four real-time quotes

Insurify was founded in 2013 by Snejina Zacharia and Tod Kiryazov. Zacharia was in an accident that spiked her insurance premiums, inspiring her to start Insurify after realizing how frustrating the insurance shopping process could be.

Like, Insurify is an insurance comparison website that provides real-time quotes. It primarily provides auto and home insurance quotes, and while it also offers life insurance, those quotes are served through a third party.

After a decade in business, Insurify advertises more than 70 partner insurers. It has also provided more than 70 million quotes to help drivers purchase more than $200 billion worth of insurance policies, according to its website.

How Insurify works

Getting quotes from Insurify is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your ZIP code.
  2. Answer questions about your vehicle, yourself, your current insurance policy, your driving history, and more.
  3. See your real-time, accurate insurance quotes from a variety of top insurance companies.
  4. Adjust the quotes you see by choosing between different levels of liability protection.
  5. Once you select a quote, you may either be redirected to the insurer’s website or instructed to get on the phone with an agent to complete your policy.

Real-time quotes received: 4

Insurify pros and cons


  • Partners with many top insurers
  • Offers home insurance in addition to auto
  • Has an easy-to-use mobile app


  • Quotes not as accurate as
  • Results include ads
  • Must provide an email address and phone number to see quotes

3. Jerry

Our take: Jerry is a relative newcomer on the insurance comparison scene, but its slick interface and easy-to-answer questionnaire make it a solid contender. That said, you have to download a mobile app to view all of your quotes, so it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Jerry quote results page showing three real-time quotes

Jerry was founded in 2017 with the mission of redefining and improving how people manage owning a car. Jerry is unique among the companies on our list because it doesn’t just help you shop for car insurance. Instead, it helps you manage all areas of car ownership with features such as:

  • Insurance comparison
  • Auto refinancing
  • Repair estimates
  • Shop locator
  • Driving safety features

Jerry partners with more than 50 insurers to help you find the best car insurance rate. Like the previous two companies on this list, it also provides real-time quotes. The company has generated more than 175 million quotes and has helped more than 3 million people save $40 million, according to Jerry’s website.

How Jerry works

Shopping for car insurance with Jerry requires just a few simple steps.

  1. Provide your phone number.
  2. Share information about your vehicle, yourself, your driving history, discounts that may apply to you, and more.
  3. You’ll see your lowest quote but will be prompted to download the Jerry app to see the rest of your quotes.
  4. Once you choose a policy, you’ll have to provide a bit more information to get your final quote, which can take up to 10 minutes.

Here’s where Jerry differs from other insurance comparison sites. It will automatically shop for quotes every six months. You can also set up alerts to be reminded to shop around when your credit score goes up, when Jerry offers a new insurance company, when your current insurer lowers its rates, and more.

Real-time quotes received: 3

Jerry pros and cons


  • Automatically shops for lower rates every six months
  • Offers other services to car owners, including refinancing and repair estimates
  • Ability to set up alerts to shop for new coverage


  • Must provide a phone number and get a verification code to see quotes
  • App required to see quotes
  • Requires additional information to get accurate quotes

4. The Zebra

Our take: The Zebra is perhaps the most well-known comparison site listed, but it serves far fewer quotes than the top three sites on this list. Still, its “no-spam” policy makes it a decent choice for drivers who take data privacy seriously.

The Zebra quote results page showing three real-time quotes

The Zebra is an insurance comparison site that works to provide quotes for auto, home, renters, life, pet, motorcycle, commercial, small business, and RV insurance. It partners with more than 100 insurance companies and advertises real-time personalized quotes within five minutes.

The Zebra was founded in 2012 with a mission to simplify the insurance shopping experience, empowering consumers to compare rates more regularly. The company has produced nearly 19 million quotes since 2012, according to its website.

How The Zebra works

Shopping for an insurance policy on The Zebra takes just a few minutes. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Enter your ZIP code.
  2. Answer questions about yourself, your vehicle, your driving history, your current insurance coverage, and more.
  3. Select your coverage package between minimum, better, and best.
  4. Within just a couple of minutes, you’ll see any quotes that are available.

Real-time quotes received: 3

The Zebra pros and cons


  • More than 100 partner insurance companies
  • Quotes for a wide variety of insurance types
  • Ability to speak to a licensed agent on the phone


  • May only return a few (if any) quotes
  • Must go back through the application to change coverage limits
  • May need to complete the quote on the insurer’s website

5. Gabi

Our take: Experian recently acquired Gabi for more than $200 million, and the Experian name carries a lot of weight in the personal finance industry. Still, Gabi provides fewer quotes than other true comparison sites, which means it slots in at No. 5 on our list.

Gabi quote results page showing one real-time quote

Gabi Personal Insurance Agency is an online insurance comparison site that offers quotes for auto, home, renters, umbrella, and landlord insurance. The company was founded in 2016 to help people shop for insurance. However, the company was acquired by Experian in 2021.

Gabi hasn’t been in business as long as many of its competitors, nor does it have as many partners — it only works with 40 insurance companies. But it still manages to save its customers an average of $961 per year by providing real-time quotes, according to its website.

How Gabi works

Getting car insurance quotes with Gabi takes just a few minutes. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Provide information about your vehicle, yourself, discounts you may qualify for, your driving history, your current insurance policy, and more.
  2. Decide whether to see quotes for only auto insurance or auto bundled with home insurance.
  3. Land on a page where Gabi shows you real-time quotes.
  4. Once you’ve chosen a quote, you’ll provide a few additional pieces of information before getting your final quote.
  5. If you’re okay with the quote, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up on the insurer’s website.

Real-time quotes received: 1

Gabi pros and cons


  • Get quotes for a variety of types of insurance
  • Uses your current policy to get a quote for the same coverage
  • Advertises average savings of $961 per year


  • Must provide an email address and phone number to get quotes
  • Only returns a few quotes
  • Quote price is often different from the final price

6. QuoteWizard

Our take: QuoteWizard may advertise itself as a comparison site, but it really functions as a lead-generation site. Unless you’re willing to sift through ads and deal with the possibility of spam, you should look elsewhere.

QuoteWizard home page

QuoteWizard is an insurance comparison website that has been in business for more than 15 years, making it the oldest site on our list. While it was initially created as an independent company, QuoteWizard is now owned by LendingTree.

QuoteWizard allows you to gather information for auto, home, renters, health, and life insurance. However, it doesn’t actually provide real-time quotes. Instead, it’s a lead-generation website that will provide your information to insurance companies.

How QuoteWizard works

Like the other websites on our list, QuoteWizard has a relatively simple process for completing the online form to get your quotes:

  1. Enter your ZIP code.
  2. Provide information about your vehicle, your insurance history, yourself, your driving history, and more.
  3. Provide your contact information.
  4. You’ll see a page with all of your results. Unfortunately, none of the results will show real quotes — just ads for companies that have bid for your potential business.
  5. If you choose to follow up on any of the offerings, you’ll be redirected to the insurer’s website. Sometimes, these results will include other comparison websites, which means you’ll likely need to enter your information all over again.

Real-time quotes received: 0

QuoteWizard pros and cons


  • Offers one of the quickest online forms
  • Ability to get a quote over the phone
  • Shares reviews about top car insurance companies


  • Only shows ads
  • Email address and phone number required to get results
  • Likely to result in unsolicited communications from insurance companies

7. EverQuote

Our take: Like QuoteWizard, EverQuote is yet another lead-gen site masked as a place to compare insurance quotes. If you’re looking for real-time car insurance quotes, consider the companies mentioned above.

EverQuote home page

EverQuote is one of the oldest insurance comparison sites on our list. It was founded in 2010 with the mission to help people protect their most important assets and to make shopping for insurance easier and more affordable.

The company works with more than 160 top insurance companies and 7,000 agents around the country. EverQuote claims to save customers an average of $536 per year on their coverage, for a total estimated savings to date of $2 billion, according to its website.

EverQuote is unique in that its focus isn’t just on providing you with real-time quotes and helping you sign up for a policy. Instead, EverQuote aims to connect you with local agents, meaning you could be contacted with quotes and policy information later on.

Many times, this means you’re shown ads rather than real quotes. Because of this, EverQuote is a lead-generation site, rather than a true insurance-comparison tool.

How EverQuote works

The process of getting quotes from EverQuote is similar to all the other sites we’ve discussed, but with some slight differences:

  1. Enter your ZIP code.
  2. Answer questions about your vehicle, your current insurance coverage, your driving habits, yourself, your driving history, and more.
  3. Choose whether you want to receive quotes via email or from licensed agents (this is optional and in addition to your online quotes).
  4. You’ll arrive at a page where you’ll see ads disguised as “quotes.” No prices will be shown.
  5. If you opted to receive quotes via email or from agents, you may get more quotes at a later time.

Real-time quotes received: 0

EverQuote pros and cons


  • Doesn’t require you to share contact information
  • Partners with more than 160 companies and 7,000 local agents
  • Offers multiple types of insurance


  • May not return any quotes
  • Advertised savings are lower than other companies
  • May be required to connect with an agent to get a quote or sign up for a policy

Our Top 5 Tips for Using Comparison Sites to Save Money

Insurance comparison sites can be an excellent way to save money on insurance if you use them correctly. Here are some additional tips to help you make the most of these sites.

1. Be honest when entering your information

The quotes you receive can only be as accurate as the information you provide. While it may be tempting to disregard past driving violations, your credit score, or other factors you think may raise your rates, doing so will only make your quotes less accurate. Insurance companies run your information through a universal insurance database before you purchase a policy, so they’ll find out about a previous claim or a bad credit score eventually.

2. Don’t rush through the quote process

Take your time when completing the online quote form. The more thoughtful you are and the more time you take to read each question carefully and answer completely, the more accurate your quotes will be.

3. Read the fine print

It’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into when you use an insurance comparison website. Read the fine print about the accuracy of the quotes, how the site makes money, whether your information will be sold to third parties, and more. That way, you’ll ensure you end up with accurate quotes and aren’t bombarded by phone calls, emails, and text messages from third parties.

4. Be wary of sites that offer quotes with no personal information

If a comparison site provides quotes without you having to enter personal information, it’s likely not a reliable one. Insurance quotes are entirely based on your unique situation, so a quote that doesn’t take that information into account won’t be accurate.

5. Don’t be afraid to go with a lesser-known insurance company

You may feel inclined to sign up with a major insurance company simply because of the name recognition. However, you may find that a smaller or lesser-known insurer offers a better rate, better coverage options, or something else you need. And if you’re unsure about a company or haven’t heard of them before, don’t be afraid to read reviews.

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Insurance Comparison Sites FAQ

Are you shopping for a new insurance policy? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about using insurance comparison websites.

Which is the best website for insurance comparison?

Our research found that, Insurify, and Jerry are the three best car insurance comparison sites in 2024. tops our list because it leads all sites in the number of real-time quotes and also boasts great customer reviews.

Which insurance comparison sites have no spam?, Insurify, and The Zebra each advertise a no-spam policy. Jerry’s website states that customer data will remain secure and that it won’t sell your sensitive information to third parties.

What’s the best app to compare car insurance?

Most of the companies we’ve discussed are websites rather than apps. However, both Insurify and Jerry have apps you can use to shop for insurance. Insurify’s app is an optional alternative to its website, while Jerry requires that you download the app as a part of the insurance shopping process.

How many car insurance quotes should you get?

You should get car insurance quotes from at least three insurance companies to get the best rate. Insurance companies look at different rating factors to determine rates, which means they can vary dramatically by insurer.

Data Methodology:

Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance quotes from more than 75 partner insurers in order to compile the rates and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information.

All the rates listed in this article have been collected from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide readers with insights into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


  1. Coverager, “Experian acquires Gabi for $320 million,” accessed May 16, 2024.
  2. Insurance Business, “Insurify completes acquisition,” accessed May 16, 2024.

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