Our Story

Why the world needs Compare.com.

A Simple Solution

Compare.com came about out of a desire to make finding the best price on car insurance a much easier, much quicker process. Before, if you wanted to find the best prices, you'd have to fill out multiple forms on several different insurance provider websites -- and that could take you a while. The veteran insurance pros at Compare.com knew there was a better way to get free car insurance quotes and compare prices, so they set out to make it a reality.

The Importance of Comparison

To us, car insurance comparison just made sense. You shop around when you buy new electronics for your home, or a new car, or even new living room furniture. It just makes sense to shop around for the best price on car insurance, since it's a purchase that generally costs a minimum of $800 a year. Probably more surprising is the difference in cost from one insurance brand to another. Regardless of your driving record, you could still be saving money by choosing the right insurance company. Compare.com exists for just that purpose: to help you save money by finding the right car insurance company for you and your needs.

Our team started reaching out to car insurance companies throughout the U.S. and the response was encouraging. Today, we work directly with multiple national and local car insurance brands to bring you the best prices in car insurance. We make your shopping experience even simpler with our unique side-by-side comparison.

Skeptical? Get a quote today and see how much you could be saving.

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