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Since 2013 we’ve been helping our customers keep more money in their pocket and out of the accounts of insurance companies

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How We Got Here

We first launched in 2013 as as part of U.K. auto insurer Admiral Group, an FTSE 100 Index company.  Our mission at the time was to help as many people as we could save on auto insurance.

Over the years we’ve had a name change (Hello and narrowed down the demographic that most benefits from our services (more about that later). 

What we never lost sight of is the fact that many people are paying too much for car insurance and don’t know a better way.

Saving on auto insurance doesn’t have to be hard, and whether you pay $5, $50, or $500 less for your premium, every dollar counts for your family. We’re proud to play a major part in helping make auto insurance more affordable and attainable.

“ was the answer I have been waiting for. I put in my information 1 time and received 23 different quotes with actual prices, not just the name of another company. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COMPARE.COM. It will change your auto insurance buying experience”

Iris (California Customer)

Meet The People Behind

We couldn’t have helped our customers save over $200 million on their auto insurance premiums without our amazing employees. From the leadership team who we lovingly refer to as the Motley Crew, to our engineers, marketing personnel, and tech team, we bring the work ethic and commitment to our mission with a sprinkle (or let’s be real – a huge splash) of personality, fun, and adventure.

Our History


Our site launched as by our former chairman and CEO, Andrew Rose


We partnered with Google’s insurance comparison site to support their auto insurance comparison efforts


Our company name changed from to


We moved to a larger office 3x the size of our previous location


Allie Feakins was promoted to CEO after 6 years with the company


We went fully remote due to COVID and now have employees in 4 states & 3 countries

“I will definitely recommend site to compare rates on vehicle insurance after searching for two days and a night on my own and comparing rates I found this site & within 5 minutes & after 13 separate quotes they quoted me a policy $20 less per month then any quote I was able to receive I will definitely recommend them in the future seems to be a great company so far.”

Deanna (Alabama customer)

Who We Serve

When we first launched we wanted to help everyone save on auto insurance, but over time we found that while everyone can use our services, there’s a specific demographic that benefits the most. We call them the ALICE population. ALICE was coined by United Way and it stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

Essentially, our core demographic includes households that don’t fall under the Federal Poverty Level, but are cash strapped and forced to pick and choose which necessity they’ll pay each month like daycare, prescriptions, or rent. 

Since 2020, we’ve partnered with the United Way as a National ALICE Advisory Council member and we were a title sponsor of the Virginia ALICE report in 2020.

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