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As a valued visitor and user of our site, your happiness with our service and trust in our ability to provide that service to you is very important to us. For that reason, we take our security seriously and we respect your right to privacy. Below you’ll find details about our policy regarding your privacy on our site. To explain it briefly, we don’t sell or release your personal information to anyone.  The information with which you provide us will only be given to insurance partners using that information to provide you with an accurate quote for car insurance coverage or to law enforcement agencies seeking that information legally. In short, when you enter your information into our site to receive quotes from trusted auto insurance providers, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We won’t bother you with pesky sales calls or fill your inbox with spam emails.

We would also like to make you aware that you may be contacted by one of our insurance partners. These partners could include the insurance company that you showed an interest in purchasing from, the one that provided you the lowest rate, or an insurance professional who has additional savings opportunities for you.  Please also be aware that this privacy policy only applies to Should you navigate to a site other than our own, you will be subject to that site’s privacy policy and our policy will cease to be in effect.

Please also be aware that by your continued use of, you consent to the terms stated in this privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us.

That’s the nutshell version.  Below you’ll find the nuts-and-bolts and some of that legalese we know you’re dying to read, as well as more detailed information on emails we send, our security, and things you might like to know about your personal information and our partners.

Information We Collect and How It’s Used

Personally identifiable information (PII) is collected and used as part of the quote process. Some of this information may be collected from persons other than the individual or individuals proposed for coverage.   We collect this information and relay it to our list of insurance providers in order to present you, the user, with accurate quotes for a car insurance product. This information is non-public, and is used solely for this purpose.  Please be aware, however, that this disclosure may occur without your specific authorization.  This data is stored in our secure database so that you can return at any time and get a new quote, minimizing the amount of information you’ll have to enter on your return visit. We may also reach out to you to remind you about your renewal or to inform you about additional saving opportunities.  This feature is optional and we’ll only hold your information if you ask us to (your consent is granted by providing your email address, which serves as your login for returning users).  A right of access and correction exists with respect to all personal information we collect.   A more detailed notice providing information about our insurance information practices, including your right to access and correct your information, will be provided to you upon request.

If you provided your email address, that information will be used to create a user account which will allow you, the user, to resume a quote in progress or to get additional quotes without refilling your basic information. Compare will also use this information, as well as your phone number if you provided it, to email or send via SMS your login information, as well as to contact you on rare occasions to provide you with information, reminders about quotes in progress, or potential renewal rates for which you may be entitled.  We promise to keep it to a bare minimum, but if you’d prefer not to receive emails, SMS or any other communications from Compare, we do provide you with the option of unsubscribing, or opting out, of our communications at any time through the settings tab on the user account page.  We’d like you to know that our communications are geared toward helping you, not filling your inbox with an avalanche of junk mail.

Compare will not release your email address to any third party unless legally required to do so. We hate spam and assume that you do as well, which is why we employ a Zero Spam policy. Please click here to unsubscribe.

Cookies and Data Tracking

Like most websites these days, Compare will install tracking cookies to your web browser for the purpose of understanding how you use our website as well as helping us recognize you as a new or returning user.. The data gained from these tracking cookies are non-personally identifiable and record information such as location, what browser you’re using, and how you came to our site (whether you clicked a link or typed in the address). We don’t record your name or any information that will tell us who you are.  Further, no other parties collect personally identifiable information about your online activities over time or across different websites as the result of your use of The information collected by these cookies is used for:

  • Tracking the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns
  • Improving our website, content, and services
  • Collecting information to develop new services for our users

Tracking cookies may be turned off from within the settings menu of your web browser. Turning off tracking cookies will prevent Compare from remembering your information, which may result in a less personalized experience and may require you to input information you may have already entered if you are a returning user, but will not otherwise affect your experience in using our site or our service.

Third Party Analytics

We have engaged Inspectlet to analyze the activities of visitors to this website, and Inspectlet’s authorized use of cookies and other tracking technologies enable it to have access to Personal Information of visitors to this website. Such access to and use of Personal Information by Inspectlet is governed by Inspectlet’s Privacy Policy.

Our Site, Your Information, and Our Partners

We partner with insurance providers throughout the U.S. While on our website, our privacy policy is in effect. While all of our partners respect your right to privacy, we ask that you consult their official privacy policies, which are made available on their websites, for details regarding the acquisition and use of tracking data and personal information on their respective websites.

Effective Date, Material Changes

This Privacy Statement is in effect as of June 3, 2015.  Material changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted on this website.
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