Tamoniki.com: Sister Company Opens its Doors In Turkey

October 05, 2018

“Insurance price comparison now expands borders to Turkey, after the successful launches in Spain, France, US, and Mexico. Tamoniki.com started its operations in İstanbul, offering real-time price comparison for auto insurance.

Tamoniki.com provides casco & third party liability traffic insurance to customers by allowing them to get car insurance in just two minutes from a variety of top insurance companies. Through the platform, the customer is able to get insurance prices, look through policies, compare the offers and find the policy according to needs in 3 quick steps.

Tamoniki.com is the first company in the insurance price comparison sector that acts as an aggregator in Turkey. Through the website, the customers will not have to speak to a third party or intermediaries; they will be connected directly with some of the most respected insurers in the country.

Tamoniki.com operates as a part of Admiral Group Plc. Admiral has more than fifteen brands across seven countries worldwide, running operations across the globe. With over 20 years of insurance expertise from Admiral, Tamoniki.com is set to fill in the void in the Turkish market.

Speed, trust, and transparency lie at the core of the company and Tamoniki.com will surely bring insurance price comparison to a more digitalized world. Anybody you know in Turkey? It is the perfect time to let them know about Tamoniki.com.”