Social Responsibility

At, we may be small, but our hearts are large. We work hard to provide you with free, comparable insurance quotes but we also work hard in our community. Every employee at gets 16 hours of time away from their desk each year to volunteer. People can use this time to either participate in a organized volunteering event, or with something that’s close to their heart in their personal time. Take a look at some of the stories below about how our employees have impacted their local community.

  • <a href="/about-us/social-responsibility/communities-in-schools">Communities in Schools: Ginter Park Elementary</a>

    Communities in Schools: Ginter Park Elementary

    Kai's Story

    We spoke to Kai about her experience volunteering with Communities in Schools and partnering with Richmond’s Ginter Park Elementary School.

  • <a href="/about-us/social-responsibility/habitat-humanity">Habitat for Humanity: The Big Build</a>

    Habitat for Humanity: The Big Build

    Jenn's Story

    Learn more about what it’s really like volunteering on a construction site from someone who has been really been there.

  • <a href="/about-us/social-responsibility/maymont">Maymont: Richmond's Public Park</a>

    Maymont: Richmond's Public Park

    The Big Clean Up

    A group of volunteers cleaned algae out of the Japanese Garden pond. Learn about what it really takes to keep the pond looking clear.

  • <a href="/about-us/social-responsibility/soldiers-angels">Soldiers' Angels: A Modern Penpal</a>

    Soldiers' Angels: A Modern Penpal

    Emily's Story

    Something as simple as receiving a letter from home can brighten up anyone’s day, especially those away from their families. We spoke to Emily about making a difference from the comfort of her living room.

  • <a href="/about-us/social-responsibility/american-red-cross">Red Cross: Bi-Annual Blood Drive</a>

    Red Cross: Bi-Annual Blood Drive

    Jeremy's Story

    Twice a year, we host a blood drive in our very own building. We spoke to Jeremy about what donating during work time is like.

  • <a href="/about-us/social-responsibility/richmond-animal-league">Richmond Animal League: Dog Days</a>

    Richmond Animal League: Dog Days

    Martin's Story

    Taking time off work to spend the day with some furry friends sounds like heaven, right? We spoke to Martin about what getting paid to hang out with puppies was like.

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