The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Las Vegas in 2023

Las Vegas drivers pay higher-than-average car insurance rates compared to other Nevadans. Luckily, Mercury and Allstate offer rates below the state average.

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Each year, Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors who come to enjoy the city’s famous casinos, entertainment, and nightlife. While tourists gamble at iconic venues like Caesars Palace, the city’s 640,000 full-time residents are going “all in” on something else: car insurance payments.

On average, Las Vegas residents pay $205 per month for car insurance, which is $70 higher than the state average. Luckily, Las Vegas residents can find some cheap insurance options if they shop around.

Read on to learn how you can find the right policy that fits your budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercury offers the city’s cheapest car insurance rates, at $117 per month.
  • Allstate’s full-coverage average of $208 per month is the cheapest in Las Vegas.
  • Las Vegas’ traffic density and high rate of nighttime driving increase average rates.

Las Vegas’ Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

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Las Vegas drivers pay an average of $205 per month on car insurance. But just because average rates exceed the state average doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options.

Below are the cheapest car insurance companies in Las Vegas and their average monthly car insurance premiums.

Company Monthly Premium
Mercury $117
Allstate $177
Sun Coast $209

Mercury offers the lowest rates, at $117 per month on average. Mercury’s rates are 34% lower than the next cheapest auto insurer, Allstate. While Mercury offers competitive rates, it won’t be the cheapest for everyone — plenty of factors affect your car insurance quotes.

Let’s explore how demographic factors like age, marital status, location, and more affect which car insurance company you should choose.

Get Las Vegas’ Best Rates in Minutes

How we chose the cheapest companies in Las Vegas

Our team analyzed thousands of rates from dozens of the top insurance companies in Las Vegas. Using that data, we listed the five cheapest options for Las Vegas drivers based on several key factors, such as age, coverage level, driving history, and more. All of the rates listed are based on someone who drives a 2016 Honda Accord and has the minimum limits for coverage in Las Vegas. The listed “full-coverage” rates include $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverages in addition to state-minimum liability coverage.

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Las Vegas in 2023

There’s no single best company for everyone. Certain companies might work for one driver’s specific needs and budget better than others.

Below, we’ll highlight the best auto insurance companies for different demographics of drivers.

Mercury: Best company for affordable coverage

Mercury is a trusted midsize insurer that offers liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist, and rental car insurance to drivers in 11 states. The company has earned an AM Best financial strength rating of A (Excellent) and an award for Best Digital Experience from J.D. Power.

At $117 per month, Mercury offers the lowest average rates in Las Vegas. Drivers looking for affordable insurance coverage can save even more when they use Mercury’s bundling discount, multi-car discount, auto pay discount, and more.


  • Lowest average rates in Las Vegas
  • Wide range of available discounts
  • Above-average J.D. Power ratings


  • Only available in 11 states
  • Receives more National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaints than average
  • Low customer rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Allstate: Best company for maximum coverage

America’s fourth-largest auto insurer by market share, Allstate serves drivers in all 50 states. The company offers all standard car insurance products, as well as optional coverages like rideshare insurance or classic car insurance.

Allstate offers the lowest average rate on full coverage, at $208 per month. This rate still exceeds the state average, but drivers can save more by enrolling in Drivewise, Allstate’s telematics program that rewards safe driving.


  • Lowest full-coverage rates in Las Vegas
  • AM Best financial strength rating of A+ (Superior)
  • Offers telematics-based Drivewise program


  • Liability-only rates higher than the state average
  • Below-average J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating
  • More NAIC complaints than average

Kemper: Best for drivers with spotty records

At-fault accidents or tickets on your record can raise your rates. Luckily, Las Vegas drivers with spotty records pay fairly affordable rates when they choose Kemper. Drivers with tickets pay $158 per month, on average, while people with accidents pay $280 per month.

Kemper is a good choice for a driver with a less-than-perfect driving history. The company offers a waiver for your first car accident or traffic violation. Plus, it offers a discount for drivers who enroll in an approved defensive driving course to improve their driving skills.


  • Reasonable rates for drivers with spotty records
  • Safe driving discounts available
  • Gap insurance available


  • More NAIC complaints than average
  • Low-rated mobile app
  • Trustpilot reviewers complain about claims process

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Liability Insurance: Mercury

The coverage levels you choose can affect your auto insurance rates. Liability coverage at the state-minimum limits is the cheapest policy available to drivers. Liability insurance only covers medical expenses but won’t cover repairs to your own vehicle after an accident.

The three companies in the table below offer the cheapest liability-only car insurance in Las Vegas.

Company Monthly Premium
Mercury $117
Allstate $151
Sun Coast $157

Mercury is the best deal when it comes to liability-only insurance in Las Vegas. Allstate is only $34 more, at $151 per month, with Sun Coast rounding out the list at $157 per month.

“Choosing your coverage level depends on your personal situation,” says Gennady Stolyarov, property and casualty insurance lead actuary at the Nevada Division of Insurance.

“For many older vehicles, which would only cost several thousand dollars to replace altogether, it would make much more sense to save up the funds to replace the vehicle in the event of a significant accident rather than potentially pay more in full-coverage premiums.”

Now, let’s consider your options if you do opt for a more robust full-coverage insurance policy.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Full-Coverage Insurance: Allstate

Full coverage is a more robust policy type that includes collision and comprehensive insurance, which covers damage to your own vehicle. On average, full coverage is more expensive than liability-only insurance.

“For newer vehicles with high repair and replacement costs, purchasing full coverage makes significantly more financial sense,” says Stolyarov. “Also, if you have a loan on your vehicle, your lender will often require collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.”

Here are the cheapest full-coverage policies in Las Vegas and their average monthly premiums.

Company Monthly Premium
Allstate $208
Sun Coast $348
Liberty Mutual $375

Allstate is by far the cheapest full-coverage option, at $140 less per month than the nearest competitor, Sun Coast. But Allstate’s full-coverage rate still exceeds the average car insurance rate in Las Vegas.

Compare Las Vegas Auto Insurance Rates by Age

Cars driving down Las Vegas strip

Age is one of the most important factors in determining car insurance rates. Young drivers generally pay the most, but rates go down as you age.

The table below highlights the most affordable car insurance option for each age group and the corresponding average rate.

Age Group Cheapest Company Average Rate
Teens Sun Coast $723
20s Mercury $145
30s Mercury $125
40s Mercury $120
50s Mercury $108
60+ Mercury $102

Teenagers struggle to find affordable rates in Las Vegas — with the cheapest option still more than three times the average rate in the city. From there, rates decrease among older age groups. In each case, Mercury is the most affordable car insurance option.

Let’s break down the cheapest insurers in Las Vegas for two age groups at the extremes of affordability: teens and seniors.

Cheapest car insurance for Las Vegas teens: Sun Coast

Teen drivers pay by far the most for car insurance in Las Vegas. Recent data from the CDC shows teens have a fatal crash rate three times higher than that of drivers 20 years old and up. Auto insurance companies manage these risks by charging teens higher monthly premiums.

Teens can save by staying on their parents’ policy, choosing a safe car, and qualifying for good student discounts.

Sun Coast is the cheapest car insurance company for teens in Las Vegas, with an average rate of $723 per month. Sun Coast offers 24/7 claims services as well as a multi-car discount — which makes it easy for parents to add their teen to their Sun Coast policy.

Cheapest car insurance for Las Vegas seniors: Mercury

Drivers over the age of 60 pay some of the cheapest rates in Las Vegas. Less commuting and fewer long road trips mean senior drivers spend less time on the roads — making them less of a risk for accidents.

Mercury is the cheapest auto insurance company for seniors in Las Vegas. Senior drivers who only hit the roads occasionally should consider enrolling in Mercury’s MercuryGO telematics program, which adjusts your premiums based on your driving behavior. Drivers with lower mileage may qualify for lower premiums.

Compare Las Vegas Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Car insurance companies look at your driving record when determining your rates. Drivers with traffic violations and at-fault accidents face higher rates because they’re considered more likely to file claims in the future.

Here are the cheapest car insurance companies in Las Vegas for drivers with a clean record, a speeding ticket, or an at-fault accident.

Driving Record Cheapest Company Average Rate
Clean record Mercury $116
Speeding ticket Kemper $158
At-fault accident Mercury $219

The cheapest monthly rate for drivers with clean records is $89 below the average rate in Las Vegas. Drivers with at-fault accidents seem to have a harder time finding affordable rates compared to drivers with only speeding tickets. The cheapest rate after an at-fault accident is $61 higher per month than the rate for drivers with a speeding ticket.

Let’s explore the cheapest car coverage options for drivers with no violations, a ticket, or an at-fault accident.

Cheapest car insurance for good drivers in Las Vegas: Mercury

A driver with a clean record gives car insurance companies peace of mind. Going years without accidents or traffic violations tells your insurer that you’re unlikely to file claims in the future — so they’re more willing to offer you low rates.

The cheapest car insurance company for “good drivers” (drivers with no accidents or tickets) in Las Vegas is Mercury. At just $116, Mercury drivers with clean records pay well below the citywide average for car insurance. Drivers can save more when they qualify for Mercury’s good driver discount or earn rewards through the MercuryGO telematics program.

Cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas after a ticket: Kemper

Receiving a ticket will raise your rates by an average of 37%, according to data. And, in Nevada, a speeding ticket will come with fines of up to $1,000.

But getting a speeding ticket doesn’t mean you’re destined for high auto rates. Customers who choose Kemper after a speeding ticket pay just $158 per month on average — which is below Las Vegas’ average car insurance rate. Kemper customers can save more by taking a defensive driving course, which will qualify you for a discount.

Cheapest car insurance in Las Vegas after an accident: Mercury

One at-fault accident can raise your rates by 44%, according to data. Of course, this rate hike can vary based on the severity of the crash and the amount of the resulting claim.

Mercury once again makes the cut as an affordable option in Las Vegas, with drivers paying $219 per month after one accident. Mercury customers looking to decrease their price further after an accident can install anti-theft features in their car, which will unlock a discount.

The Average Cost for Las Vegas Car Insurance

On average, Las Vegas drivers pay $205 per month for car insurance. But your rates might be more or less based on factors like your age, vehicle, driving record, and credit score.

Las Vegas’ rates are higher than the rest of Nevada — but by how much? And how does Las Vegas compare to other cities in the state?

Is car insurance more expensive in Las Vegas?

The table below shows how Las Vegas stacks up compared to other Nevada cities.

State Average Monthly Rate
Las Vegas $205
Henderson $188
Mesquite $71
Rest of Nevada $179
National average $135

Las Vegas’ average monthly rate is $26 higher than the Nevada state average and $70 higher than the national average.

“Rates are higher given that Las Vegas has substantially greater traffic density than any other parts of Nevada, as well as many out-of-state drivers who are not familiar with the roads, a 24/7 economy and lifestyle, and greater prevalence of nighttime driving,” says Stolyarov. Rates can also vary by ZIP code based on local property values and local repair costs.

Nevada Auto Insurance Requirements

Car driving on the Las Vegas highway

Like all states, Nevada requires drivers to have proof of insurance when they’re behind the wheel. Drivers who fail to show proof of insurance pay fines of up to $1,750 depending on the length of the coverage lapse and whether or not it’s a first offense.

Nevada drivers must buy liability insurance that meets the following minimum coverages:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $20,000 in property damage liability per accident

For more information on Nevada’s car insurance requirements, visit the Nevada DMV site.

Las Vegas Auto Insurance FAQs

The following are answers to common questions about car insurance in Las Vegas.

What is the cheapest auto insurance company in Las Vegas?

Mercury is the cheapest car insurance company in Las Vegas, with an average rate of $117 per month.

How much is car insurance per month in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Drivers pay an average of $205 per month for car insurance in Las Vegas, according to data.

What factors affect car insurance in Las Vegas?

Traffic density and a high rate of nighttime driving affect Las Vegas auto insurance rates.

“Unfortunately, automobile thefts and insurance fraud have been more common in the Las Vegas area than in the rest of Nevada, which contribute to the city’s higher rates,” says Gennady Stolyarov, property and casualty insurance lead actuary at Nevada Division of Insurance.

How much car insurance is required in Nevada?

Drivers must have $25,000 in body injury liability insurance per person, $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident, and $20,000 in property damage liability per accident.

What happens if you get caught driving without insurance in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas drivers caught without auto insurance must pay a fine of up to $1,250 (after a first offense), depending on the length of the lapse in coverage. Drivers also must have SR-22 insurance. Subsequent offenses lead to higher fines and a minimum 30-day license suspension.


Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance rates from more than 75 partner insurance providers in order to compile the quotes and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information. All the quotes listed in this article have been gathered from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide drivers with insight into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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