The Definitive Car Guide

Your car is one of the biggest, most expensive things you own (or rent.) It’s also sure to be one of the most complicated things you’ll own. We’re here to help you out – from knowing the right questions to ask when buying a car, how to maintain your car, and how to kit your car out with the best car technology.

Hopefully, we can make car ownership just a little bit easier for you.

Car Buying Guide

Buying a new or used car entails a series of decisions. Hatchback or sedan? 4 door or 2? SUV or minivan? In order to help folks navigate this process, we’ve put together a guide that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the car buying process.

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Car Comparison Guide

In order to make the car buying process easier, we’ve put together a comparison of all the different car factors that could influence your decision, from the cheapest cars to insure, to the best used car values on the market. Start comparing below:

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Car Owners Guide

Very little of car ownership comes easily, naturally or cheaply. We’re here to help. This guide runs through several different aspects of car ownership. From safety & maintenance to legal issues, even teaching you how to parallel like a pro – this guide will help you make sure the time you spend with your car is as enjoyable as it can be.

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Cars & Technology Guide

Car technology has transformed so much that you’d be forgiven for thinking that you lived in the future. Read our Car Technology Guide to stay ahead of the curve.

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Car Safety Guide

Car safety is about more than just the features on your new car. Driving skill, knowledge of how to handle tricky driving situations such as fog, snow, or heavy rain, and even knowing how to properly install a child seat all contribute to the safety of you and your passengers. Car safety is also a major factor insurance companies look at when determining your rates. For these reasons, we’ve written a number of car safety guides to help you stay informed and brush up on some not-so-common driving knowledge. The safer you are, the less you pay.

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