AAA Insurance Review: Is It a Good Choice for Car Insurance?

Known for its roadside assistance benefits, AAA also provides auto insurance to drivers in many states. These rates are higher than average, but AAA members receive substantial perks in return.

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AAA Insurance logo Rating ?


  • Unique perks for existing AAA members
  • Great roadside assistance packages
  • High A.M. Best financial strength rating


  • Must purchase AAA membership
  • Quote purchasing process not entirely online
  • Higher-than-average rates

Bottom Line

Drivers who need basic auto coverage and those looking for opportunities for reduced premiums or extra perks may find value in an auto insurance policy from AAA. However, not all drivers will benefit, due to AAA’s higher-than-average rates and limited insurance offerings.

AAA Auto Insurance: At a Glance

Founded 1902
Available in 14 states, plus Puerto Rico
Owned by Privately owned not-for-profit organization
National average premium $314 per month
Mobile app Google Play, iOS
Customer service 1 (877) 412-0443
Claims Varies by location
Primary competitors Amica, Auto-Owners, Erie, Kemper

The American Automobile Association — more commonly known as AAA — is a collection of auto clubs operating as a nonprofit organization, offering everything from roadside assistance to insurance for drivers across the country. AAA’s auto insurance can pair well with its roadside assistance program, giving drivers comprehensive solutions beyond the basic coverage limitations.

While teens and young drivers may not benefit from AAA’s generally high rates, middle-aged drivers who qualify for discounts and take advantage of bundling opportunities can save even more on their premiums.

Disadvantages include AAA’s limited customer service hours and customer complaints about roadside assistance, though these may be overlooked in favor of the club’s money-saving programs, like diminishing deductibles and claim-free discounts.

Is AAA a Good Choice for Car Insurance?

Category Score
Cost 5/5
Customer satisfaction 3/5
Ease of use 3.8/5
Availability 3.3/5
Industry reputation 4.3/5
Overall Score* 4.28/5
*Company ratings for each category are determined using our proprietary, objective rating formula. You can find more information on our unique scoring methodology at the bottom of this article.

AAA has a solid reputation in the industry for its road-related products, though some drivers may not think it’s the top choice for car insurance. Negative reviews about the roadside assistance program and high average rates across all driver profile categories may leave some drivers looking elsewhere.

However, those who value exclusive membership benefits, the ability to bundle multiple insurance products, and eligibility for a range of premium-reducing discounts may benefit from a AAA auto policy.

Where AAA auto insurance stands out

A company known for its roadside assistance, AAA has a standout feature called the Accident Assist program. This goes beyond the industry standard of streamlining claims service and immediately gets the policyholder a tow to the nearest approved repair station, as well as guaranteed repairs for the life of the vehicle.

Where AAA auto insurance falls short

Aside from its membership benefits and roadside assistance packages, AAA doesn’t offer many auto insurance products its competitors don’t already offer. With AAA’s higher-than-average rates, some drivers may not see the value in paying more just for better towing or roadside assistance coverage.

AAA Auto Insurance Customer Reviews

It’s tough to get a consistent assessment of AAA’s customer feedback. Because the company is separated into 32 motor clubs, many online platforms show reviews and testimonials for specific clubs rather than the company as a whole. Still, the overall trend is that many customers have problems with the roadside assistance program. Several cite being left stranded waiting for a tow truck, particularly on Facebook.

Comments on AAA Facebook post

Others — such as those reporting complaints to the Better Business Bureau — detail problems with billing through AAA.

Customer complaint of AAA on BBB

Still, there are many positive reviews about AAA — regarding both auto insurance and its other products. Although AAA’s Trustpilot profile has a mere 1.5/5 star rating, 10% of the nearly 2,000 reviews were rated 5 stars.

5-star review of AAA on Trustpilot

AAA Auto Insurance National Average Rates

The data below displays AAA’s average rates for both liability-only and full-coverage insurance policies.

Liability Only Full Coverage
$169 $459

Compared to more than 160 fellow insurance companies across the United States, AAA’s average rates of $314 per month come in significantly higher than the national average of $205. However, it’s worth noting that average rates aren’t a great indicator of what you’ll be offered. Your unique profile — which includes things like your age, driving record, vehicle, and other factors — will affect your specific rate, potentially pushing it higher or lower than the averages you see here.

Having a clean record, for instance, might help you get a lower rate than someone with a history of accidents, while other factors, like your low credit score, could cause you to receive a higher rate offer from an insurer. That’s why it’s important to always shop around and compare offers.

See for yourself in the following sections how age, credit score, and driving history significantly affect premiums.

AAA Auto Insurance Rates Compared to Top Competitors

Erie, Kemper, Auto-Owners, and Amica are just a few of AAA’s closest competitors, and all but Amica offer lower average rates for both liability and “full-coverage” policies.

The following table shows how AAA’s averages compare to competitors. Its liability-only policy costs are only a little higher than Kemper’s, but its full-coverage policies can cost more than double what Erie costs.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
AAA $169 $459
Amica $211 $508
Auto-Owners $99 $260
Erie $91 $215
Kemper $139 $331

In many cases, comparing liability-only and full-coverage policies isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. Liability coverage will vary based on your state’s minimum coverage laws, while a full-coverage policy may include a range of optional coverages, depending on the insurer. However, it’s helpful to compare rates side by side to get a sense of policy pricing trends.

For instance, Amica’s minimum coverage is similar in price to Erie’s full-coverage average. The difference in price between AAA’s average liability-only and full-coverage policies is higher than for some direct competitors (like Erie) but lower than for others (like Amica). This further showcases why it’s always a good idea to compare rates for different policies from multiple insurers.

See How Your Rates Compare in Minutes

What Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Does AAA Offer?

When shopping for a AAA car insurance quote online, I wasn’t given options for choosing which coverages I needed or seeing those available to drivers in my area. However, the quote I received over the phone included the following:

AAA had a minimum requirement of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily liability coverage, though I could opt to increase it if needed. I was also offered uninsured motorist coverage, which is useful to me because Florida (my home state) has a high rate of uninsured drivers.

The following optional coverages are also shown on AAA’s website:

  • Enhanced total loss replacement: This coverage replaces your car with a new model if it’s totaled in a crash.
  • Loan/lease gap insurance: This coverage pays for the remaining loan value you owe on your lease or loan if it exceeds the car’s actual cash value after a total loss.
  • Enhanced exterior repair option: Instead of using aftermarket parts for repairs, this coverage allows you to get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.
  • Transportation network company (TNC): Also known as rideshare coverage, this covers the insurance gap created when you’re on the way to pick up a confirmed customer but don’t yet have them in your car.

AAA car insurance discounts

Discounts are a great way to reduce the cost of your policy, especially if your unique driver profile is one that typically has higher rates. AAA advertises 18 discounts, including:

AAA Car Insurance Rates by Age Group

Insurers use your age as one of the many factors that determine your premium. Even though you may have a clean driving record, certain age groups are more likely to be involved in accidents than others. That’s why it’s normal to see rates take a bit of a U-shaped curve throughout the ages of 18 to 65.

Age Liability Only Full Coverage
Teens (18 years old) $391 $988
Young adults (25 years old) $143 $410
Adults (40 years old) $125 $355
Retirees (65 years old) $129 $348

Rates tend to decrease as you get older, with some exceptions. For instance, younger drivers often pay more while under 25 years old, even if they’ve been driving for several years, while seniors also pay more due to heightened accident risk factors like poor eyesight and delayed reaction times.

AAA rates for teens and young drivers: Higher than average

Teen drivers tend to pay more for AAA policies than all other age groups — 18-year-olds pay an average of $391 per month for basic liability insurance and $988 for full-coverage policies. On the other hand, 25-year-olds pay an average of $143 per month for liability and $410 for full coverage.

Rates drop between an average of 58% and 63% for AAA drivers between the ages of 18 and 25. Teens pay more because they have the highest fatal crash rate, but just seven additional years on the road tend to decrease those rates significantly.

AAA rates for seniors: Higher than average

You’ll notice that rates tend to stabilize around age 40 and may slightly increase as drivers enter their senior years. This increase may be due to older drivers’ diminished cognitive skills, frequently used medications, or physical limitations that may make them more likely to cause a collision.

For instance, AAA’s average rates for 40-year-old drivers are $125 per month for liability-only and $355 for full coverage. And 65-year-old drivers pay $129 per month for liability and $348 per month for full coverage, showing how AAA’s average rates increase between 2% and 3% once drivers approach retirement age.

AAA Car Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Your driving record plays a significant role in your policy premiums. Rates can increase when your clean record is marred by even a single accident or traffic violation. Below are average quotes for AAA policyholders with various driving records:

Driving History Liability Only Full Coverage
Clean record $106 $320
With a speeding ticket $159 $441
With an at-fault accident $184 $496
With a DUI $228 $579

An at-fault accident, a speeding ticket, and a DUI are all examples of risky driving behavior that either cause or increase the likelihood of an accident. That’s why a speeding ticket or DUI conviction without an accident can still raise your rates in a similar way to when you’re at fault for an accident.

AAA rates after an accident: Higher than average

At-fault accidents cost an insurer money, which is why rates can increase significantly after a single accident. AAA’s average rates may increase between 55% and 74%, with liability-only rates increasing from $106 to $184 per month and full-coverage rates increasing from $320 to $496.

Thankfully, AAA offers five different benefits for drivers with at-fault accidents, depending on their membership plan. Small-claims forgiveness won’t raise premiums if the claim is below a certain amount. Disappearing deductible, claim-free rewards, and claim forgiveness programs can also help lower rates over time.

AAA rates after a speeding ticket: Higher than average

When a AAA policyholder gets a speeding ticket, their rates may increase between 38% and 50%, with clean drivers seeing a rise from $106 to $159 per month on liability-only policies and from $320 to $441 on full-coverage policies. This increase is after just one speeding ticket, so multiple tickets may further increase your rates.

AAA policyholders with speeding tickets on their records should look into discounts with easy qualifications to save money. For instance, the paperless, advance purchase, and automatic payment deduction discounts have low eligibility restrictions.

AAA rates after a DUI: Higher than average

AAA’s average policy rates for drivers with DUIs are $228 per month for liability and $579 for full coverage. That means its rates increase by as much as 115% compared to drivers with clean records.

The company’s DUI rates are also significantly higher than the national averages of $165 and $399 per month for liability and full coverage, respectively.

Drivers with AAA policies may still save money even after a DUI through discount programs like completing an approved defensive driver course or reaching a certain educational/occupational milestone.

AAA Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

Most states allow insurance companies to use a credit-based insurance score when determining your premiums. These insurers judge how likely you are to file a claim or default on payments based on your credit score. Generally, drivers with higher credit scores receive cheaper premiums than drivers with lower scores.

This table displays AAA’s average monthly quotes for drives with excellent, good, fair, and poor credit scores:

Credit Score Liability Only Full Coverage
Excellent $95 $275
Good $129 $365
Fair $162 $446
Poor $304 $775

Although it’s easy to focus on the lowest rates offered to those with excellent credit scores, some drivers may find it more important to highlight the rate changes between poor and fair. There’s a substantial decrease in prices when your credit score increases from below to above 580, which is the FICO model’s minimum for a “fair” score.

If your score is close to reaching the next tier, it’s a good idea to review your credit history and improve your score as quickly as possible before applying for a policy from a new insurer. That way, you have the best chance of getting the lowest rate possible.

How to Purchase a Car Insurance Policy from AAA

Speaking from firsthand experience, purchasing a car insurance policy from AAA began as a smooth and simplified process, though it ended in what the insurer called a “bump in the road.” With all of your information in front of you, you could finish the process in less than 10 minutes online.

Unfortunately, as I finished the application and asked to receive my quote, an error message popped up. It said there was a problem and encouraged me to reach out to a representative by phone. And though I was given a quote reference number, the website was unable to retrieve my application when I submitted it through the “Retrieve A Saved Quote” function.

Getting a car insurance quote from AAA

Unlike other insurer websites, AAA doesn’t have a general all-inclusive “home” page, but rather, a basic gateway page that asks you to enter your ZIP code. Based on the ZIP code you enter, you’re redirected to the AAA Motor Club relevant to your state or region.

AAA insurance quote start page

Once on your localized homepage (in my case, AAA’s page for Florida members), the site’s layout is easy to navigate. The “Insurance” tab at the top of the screen has a drop-down list that includes a link to “Free Quote Now.”

AAA quote page asking for personal information

Navigating the application is straightforward. I was asked to fill out small sections one page at a time. The process didn’t feel tedious.

AAA quote page requesting vehicle information

I was first asked to enter my “driver” data. This only included myself, though I had options to add other drivers. After completing these pages, I added vehicle information. I didn’t provide my VIN and was surprised that I wasn’t asked for my car’s mileage or accident history.

AAA quote page requesting driving history information

The following page asking about previous accidents, claims, and tickets was also streamlined. I entered a single speeding ticket to see how my rates would compare to average AAA rates for single-ticket drivers.

AAA quote page for discounts

The discounts section left more to be desired. Although it prompted me with a few ways to save, it didn’t disclose how many discounts I qualified for (or how much they could save me). Most insurers have discounts that are limited on a state-by-state basis, and, since I was in AAA’s Florida quote portal, I felt that a list of discounts I might be eligible for would be helpful.

AAA quote page explaining AAADrive

A second discount page listed other ways to save, including enrolling in the AAADrive telematics app program. It also asked permission to check my credit score for rate purposes. I was surprised that it didn’t ask if I had any company/organization affiliations or for any prior insurer data that might help me qualify for additional discounts.

Error page during AAA quote process

Most importantly, at no point in the process did I use the “save and continue” function in the application. I planned on completing it without stopping and clicked “next” after each page. At the end, an issue arose and my application wasn’t saved, leaving me with the option to either call the provided number or reach out to my local office for a quote (which now became the default page I was redirected to instead of the general Florida page).

AAA Auto Insurance Customer Service: Good

To see if I could complete my online application and receive a quote, I called the provided number on a Thursday at 11:30 a.m. After using a phone tree, I waited less than a minute to speak to a AAA associate who informed me that Florida drivers can’t get AAA quotes online, which is why the error occurred.

They also specified that only drivers with existing 25/50 liability coverage — $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability — can qualify for a AAA quote. This makes it difficult for Florida drivers who only have the state-minimum coverage, which doesn’t require drivers to carry bodily injury liability. However, the representative I spoke to offered to provide me with a quote from another insurer if I couldn’t get a quote directly from AAA.

The associate was able to provide me with an approximate rate of $305 per month for a policy that included uninsured motorist coverage, 25/50 bodily liability limits, and comprehensive and collision coverages with $500 deductibles.

It was a stress-free experience, with the AAA associate trying to provide as much detail and assistance as possible, whether I was able to get a AAA policy or not. My customer experience was positive, though many AAA members report mixed experiences with customer service.

Most feedback seems influenced by the outcome of a situation, such as during the claims process or when receiving roadside assistance.

1-star review of AAA's customer service

5-star review of AAA customer service

Because AAA has multiple auto clubs, it’s difficult to gauge customer satisfaction trends across the company as a whole. But looking at the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, AAA has a higher-than-average customer satisfaction score in some markets and a lower-than-average score in others.

Filing a Claim with AAA

AAA members can file a claim online or over the phone, though the organization provides little information on the claims process or how to file, beyond asking policyholders to log into their account. An FAQ section is available that answers some questions — such as what happens if your vehicle is stolen — but it encourages drivers to speak to a representative about all claims.

Online customer reviews don’t shed light on whether the claims process is spectacular, horrible, or just average. Most reviews found on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter — as well as third-party review sites, like the BBB and Trustpilot — have AAA’s roadside assistance services as the topic of discussion.

There are a few comments about the claims process, including the specific reviews featured below. Some customers speak favorably about AAA, stating that they’ve never had an issue with claims for years. Others are unhappy with the claims process and don’t agree with the end result.

1.5-star review of AAA claims processing

Reddit thread on AAA claims

Twitter complaint about AAA claims processing

AAA Auto Insurance and Roadside Assistance

To purchase an auto insurance policy, you must first enroll in one of three paid AAA memberships — all of which include the organization’s signature roadside assistance benefits. All three have similar perks, such as battery jump-start services, while higher tiers expand upon them — such as by increasing the limits for services like towing or a locksmith.

Other insurers offer roadside assistance packages as optional coverages or add-ons, and, even though its members are required to pay for it, AAA’s benefits far exceed what most insurers provide.

AAA’s roadside assistance packages and auto insurance combinations have another potential perk: accident assistance. Drivers with comprehensive and collision coverage will receive instant claim initiation, towing to a AAA-approved repair shop, guaranteed repairs for the lifetime of the vehicle, and rental vehicle reservations. This delivers a robust service that assists a policyholder from the initial accident all the way to a completed repair.

What Other Types of Insurance Does AAA Offer?

AAA offers its policyholders other insurance products — all of which can be bundled together. Although it doesn’t offer an extensive range of products, like pet or small-business insurance, many drivers will find AAA’s other insurance policies — like the ones outlined below — useful.

  • Home: Homeowners insurance is offered through non-affiliated companies.
  • Condo: Condo insurance is offered through third-party companies and includes coverage for liability, interior walls, floors and ceiling coverings, cabinetry and countertops, appliances and water heaters, and personal property.
  • Renters: AAA’s renters insurance offers coverages for natural disasters and other unexpected occurrences. These include coverage for frozen plumbing, broken windows, and even vandalism.
  • Motorcycle: AAA can help riders identify the policy they need and tailor coverage to specific elements, such as specialty equipment and custom parts.
  • Life insurance: Life insurance products include term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, and annuities.

Other AAA products, services, and perks

Because AAA membership is required for coverage, policyholders will receive all of their chosen membership’s perks. The aforementioned roadside services are the hallmarks of AAA’s brand and include free towing service, emergency fuel delivery, spare-tire changes, battery jump starts, and vehicle lockout services.

Membership offers other benefits similar to the roadside services, such as roadside assistance for bicyclists and labor discounts at approved repair facilities. Other perks unrelated to vehicle care include discounts at select restaurants, shops, attractions, and hotels.

Bottom Line: Is AAA Car Insurance Right for You?

AAA might be the right insurer for you if you believe that the added value of AAA membership perks is worth paying higher premiums. The many membership benefits include extensive roadside assistance packages.

If you’re trying to get the maximum coverage for the lowest rate possible, you might compare AAA’s rates to other financially stable insurers with lower rates, many of which also offer optional roadside assistance coverage packages.

Find the Best Insurance Company for You in Minutes

AAA Auto Insurance FAQs

You may have questions about AAA as a company, regardless of which of its auto club markets serves your area. The following are the most commonly asked questions about AAA’s auto insurance products.

Does AAA have cheap car insurance?

Although AAA sometimes has cheaper car insurance rates than some insurers, its average rates across multiple categories are often higher than the industry average.

How does AAA auto insurance work with roadside assistance?

AAA is known for its roadside assistance services. Drivers must become AAA members to have access to its auto insurance products. A tiered membership offers three different packages for roadside assistance.

Does AAA offer auto and home insurance bundling?

Yes. AAA offers members access to auto insurance and homeowners insurance products. These two products can be bundled into a single policy with a single premium and deductible. AAA even offers a discount for bundling multiple policies.

Is AAA good at paying claims?

Yes. AAA has an A.M. Best financial strength rating of A (Excellent), which means it has an excellent ability to meet its ongoing financial obligations, such as paying out claims.

Can you purchase a policy from AAA 100% online?

No. Drivers in some locations can’t purchase a AAA policy entirely online. For example, Florida drivers must get quote information over the phone or in person.


Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance rates from more than 75 partner insurance providers in order to compile the quotes and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information. All of the quotes listed in this article have been gathered from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide drivers with insight into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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