What is a Paperless Discount?

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It seems every company under the sun is going paperless. Banks, doctor’s offices, hair salons – they’re all making the switch to electronic documents to reduce clutter and save a tree or two.

But did you know dozens of car insurance companies offer discounts for going paperless? Yep, you heard that right.

You might qualify for insurance premium discounts when you choose to have your insurance documents emailed to you and make your payments online.

Companies like American Family Insurance are open about their discounts for paperless billing, but you may have to call to inquire with other insurers.

Why Choose Paperless Billing?

It’s no secret the world has been moving toward using less paper. Many are now aware of the negative impact of excessive paper use on our planet and want to reduce their usage. Going paperless and setting up automated payments online allows you to help the environment and have one less payment to remember to make.

When you choose paperless billing, you get to enjoy benefits like these:

  1. Your insurance documents are available for you to view, print, and download any time: Looking through a stack of envelopes on the kitchen counter for your insurance documents is a thing of the past. Instead, you can access your documents whenever you need them and print multiple copies for safekeeping.
  2. Get emails when you receive a new document: Your insurer will email you whenever you have new policy terms, deductibles, or other pertinent policy information, so you don’t have to wait for them in the mail.
  3. Obtain proof of insurance at any time: While you may always want to have a paper copy of your proof of insurance, there may be times where you don’t have it on hand. Going paperless means as long as you have your cell phone with you, you can obtain and show proof of insurance. Just make sure your phone has enough juice to last the drive home, and you’re good to go.
  4. Pay bills and view statements all from one location: Paying and finding bills has never been easier with paperless billing. Instead of having to search through piles of paper in your home office, you can look through old statements online with ease. You can even check your account balances, due dates, and payment history for your records.
  5. Qualify for paperless billing discounts: The best part of signing up for paperless billing is the paperless discount that comes along with it. Enjoy saving the environment and saving money each month.
  6. You enjoy using your insurer’s app: Most insurance companies that encourage drivers to choose paperless billing have apps for easy access. So all the tools you need to manage your policy are in one place, making it easy to pay a bill, view a claim, or get an insurance card.

If you choose paperless billing, you can use Compare.com to search for car insurance companies that offer a discount for going paperless.

What Is AutoPay and How Do I Set It Up?

Are you someone who constantly forgets to pay their bills every month? If so, AutoPay is one way to make paying your bills an easy and stress-free process.

What is AutoPay?

When you sign up for AutoPay, payments are automatically taken out from your account to pay your monthly premium. With the click of a button, you no longer have to worry about manually scheduling payments to be made every month.

When signing up for AutoPay, you can choose to have payments deducted on any day of the month as long as it’s before your bill’s due date.

You can set up AutoPay in a few different ways. Contact your insurance agent and sign up over the phone, or you can set it up online. While each insurer platform varies, most include the AutoPay option under your account settings in the billing section.

Is Going Paperless Right for Me?

Everyone’s situation in life is different. For some, they are choosing to go paperless because it fits their lifestyle. You might receive other bank and credit card statements online, so it’s just one more to add to the digital pile. However, drivers who aren’t tech-savvy may have difficulty accessing their information or understanding how to set up AutoPay online.

Going paperless may be right for you if:

  • You want to view your insurance contracts online and download them to your device
  • You have an email account you check often
  • Receiving policy renewals and statements to your email is welcome
  • You feel comfortable navigating your insurer’s website

If you struggle to do any of the tasks above on your own, sticking to paper billing might be best for the time being. But, on the other hand, if you’re someone who thrives with technology and hates clutter, going paperless is right up your alley.

How Do I Start Getting my Paperless Discount?

Each insurance company has its own process for getting started with paperless billing. You can either call and ask your insurer or poke around your online account. In addition, most online platforms have an option you can choose under your monthly statements to switch to paperless.

After choosing this option, you’ll input basic information such as your email address and follow the prompts to complete the switch. Other insurance companies may require you to call in and make the switch to paperless billing over the phone. Keep in mind that some insurers automatically award you with a paperless discount after signing up for AutoPay.

To qualify for the paperless discount, you may only have a short window following the renewal of your policy. For example, American Family Insurance gives drivers ten days to switch to paperless billing and qualify for their “Go Paperless Discount.”

If you don’t get the discount during this period, you’ll have to wait until your policy is up for another renewal for the discount to apply.

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