Is Progressive the Best Choice for Car Insurance in 2024?

You’ve seen Flo offering major savings for drivers who switch to Progressive, but is it really the best option for you, your vehicle, and (most importantly) your budget?

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Progressive logo Rating ?


  • Great discount programs
  • Snapshot can save drivers as much as 30%
  • 24/7 customer service and claims availability


  • Higher rates than some competitors
  • Vague loyalty program requirements
  • Snapshot mobile app issues

Bottom Line

Progressive is one of several national insurers that offer 24/7 customer care, an easy-to-use mobile app, and competitive pricing — even to drivers considered high-risk. It offers a wide range of auto coverage options, but price hikes may eventually occur, regardless of driving record changes.

Progressive Insurance: At a Glance

Founded 1937
Available in 50 states, plus the District of Columbia
Ownership  Public, PGR (NYSE)
National average premium $181/month
Mobile app  iOS and Android
Customer service 1 (888) 671-4405
Claims 1 (800) 776-4737 (or website or mobile app)
Primary competitors Allstate, GEICO, Farmers, Nationwide, State Farm

Progressive is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio, and serves over 20 million customers. The company is known for its user-friendly website and mobile app and its wildly popular mascot, Flo, played by actress Stephanie Courtney. It was also the first insurer to offer a telematics program.

Progressive’s technological leadership is slipping. Features added to the mobile app in the last decade — claims management and Snapshot, especially — have issues. Still, customers can self-manage most processes in the app (and if not in the app, then on the website).

I did uncover issues with customer care. When I read reviews, I found many policyholders had issues getting in touch with claims service agents and assigned adjusters. I also noted several reviewers discussing premium increases that didn’t correlate with any change or event.

When it comes to using Progressive for your car insurance, here’s our advice:

  • Read your policy documents carefully to ensure you understand the coverages and limitations of your policy.
  • If you use the Snapshot program, opt for the plug-in device.
  • Review quotes from competitors (and even the Progressive website) any time you receive a rate hike.

Is Progressive a Good Choice for Car Insurance?

Category Score
Cost 5/5
Customer satisfaction 3.3/5
Ease of use 4.8/5
Availability 5/5
Industry reputation 4.7/5
Overall Score* 4.73/5
*Company ratings for each category are determined using our proprietary, objective rating formula. You can find more information on our unique scoring methodology at the bottom of this article.

For the right person, Progressive is a great choice for car insurance. The company has a long-standing reputation for being reliable and affordable. It was a technological leader and was the first car insurance company to introduce a telematics discount with its usage-based insurance program, Snapshot.

However, the company has had issues with customer satisfaction and claims resolution compared to other companies of a similar size.

Some reviews mention jumping between different insurers to keep rates low.

Progressive is best for drivers who…

Progressive is a great company for drivers wanting to bundle their home and auto. People who need to insure a car, an RV, and a home will find valuable discounts here. And they’ll get highly customizable coverage options. People who prefer a DIY approach to managing their policies will have most of the tools they need, most of the time.

Some drivers with a DUI charge on their driving record may also find competitive rates here. Plus, they may be able to save using the Snapshot program.

Progressive Customer Reviews

While Progressive earns accolades from independent companies like Forbes Advisor and NerdWallet, it seems to be less successful with customer review sites like Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, and the BBB. Social media sites like Reddit also show more of a mixed bag when it comes to the company.

Overall, on sites where customers independently review service, scores are low.

  • BBB: 1.07 out of 5 stars
  • ConsumerAffairs: 1.2 out of 5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 1.2 out of 5 stars
  • Yelp: 1 out of 5 stars
  • Sitejabber: 1.5 stars out of 5

Consumer Reports also gives the company a low overall satisfaction score of 45 out of 100 points. And after reading many reviews, I think I see why the company receives consistently low scores: it clearly has trouble communicating its products, services, and costs to customers.

These back-to-back recent reviews on Trustpilot highlight two pricing issues. In the first, a new customer received a price change after switching to Progressive (an experience I read about on more than one occasion).

Progressive TrustPilot reviews

And the very next review details being overcharged for months — and not getting a refund (though they did get a credit on future bills).

And a few former customers have had issues owing more money than expected after canceling their policies, as illustrated in this review.

Screenshot of 1-star Progressive review

I also found a few reviews that detailed issues with the roadside service feature, like this recent review on ConsumerAffairs.

1-star Progressive review on ConsumerAffairs

But it’s definitely not all bad. A more recent reviewer noticed the review trends — and the company’s low score in general on the site (just 1.2 stars out of 5 from 489 reviews). This reviewer also had a recent claim with the company and had generally positive things to say about their experience with Progressive.

5-star Progressive review on TrustPilot

And this Reddit user explains that they had no issues getting affordable coverage, even after claims.

Positive Progressive review on Reddit

Here, a customer explains that they had an easy time getting all three of their insurance claims covered — though they’re notably paying a higher rate, as they explain at the end.

5-star Progressive review on TrustPilot

I started wondering if there was a trend here: are longtime Progressive customers paying more in general or only after claims?

Pricing over time

Several reviews note that rates tend to increase after a few renewals, which has led one reviewer to offer this advice:

Advice for Progressive customers from Reddit

But not everyone has caught on. This policyholder checked their rate with Progressive after continuously purchasing through the company for several years. Long story short, they were quoted half the rate they were currently paying, which did not go over well.

1-star review of Progressive on TrustPilot

This wouldn’t be the first time a customer has accused an insurance company of offering low rates for the first few policy terms, only to receive notable price increases after that, despite no discernable differences in their policy.

Even so, this one stood out to us.

Progressive customer complaints

When looking at official complaints filed by customers — not just negative reviews, as outlined above — I see that Progressive consistently answers questions and attempts to resolve issues.

Here’s one recent complaint on BBB’s website where a customer voiced their frustrations over a lack of resolution to an alleged error on Progressive’s part.

Progressive customer complaint on BBB

And while most customers aren’t entirely satisfied with the results after their complaint, the company makes an effort to answer and resolve complaints, like this one below.

BBB customer complaint about Progressive insurance

And though this issue was resolved, the customer stated they have no plans to return to Progressive.

Progressive NAIC complaint rating: Higher than average

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) rates insurance companies based on a complaint index, which means they compare a company’s complaint history with the history of similar companies within the market.

Progressive writes car insurance policies under at least 29 entities, and each comes with its own NAIC number. Most of the company’s entities — including Progressive Direct, where I generated my quote — have a higher-than-average number of customer complaints. Progressive West has more than twice as many complaints as the average.

How Much Is Progressive Car Insurance?

The average Progressive customer spends approximately $181 a month on their policy. But so many factors can influence that cost, including the driver’s age, driving history, credit score, extent of coverage, and age.

Progressive’s national average rates

While the average Progressive policyholder pays around $180 each month for car insurance, rates can vary dramatically depending on the level of coverage you choose.

Liability Only Full Coverage
$111/month $250/month

Drivers with Progressive typically pay an average of $111 per month for liability-only insurance, but if they want comprehensive and collision coverages to protect their own vehicle in an accident, those rates increase to about $250 per month.

Progressive rates for teens and young drivers

Drivers under 25 typically pay the highest rates for car insurance. Insurers charge higher premiums to offset higher chances of at-fault claims due to lack of driving experience. Young drivers are more prone to critical driving errors and higher rates of distracted driving.

Age Liability Only Full Coverage
18-year-old drivers $272 $630
25-year-old drivers $86 $199

Young drivers can offset higher premiums with the good student discount, teen driver discount (for being continuously insured), and Snapshot, the telematics program. Though I recommend using the plug-in device option, which I’ll go into detail about later.

Progressive rates for adult drivers

Rates start to decrease in general when drivers reach the age of 25, though a clean driving record is important.

Age Liability Only Full Coverage
25-year-old drivers $86 $199
40-year-old drivers $83 $182

As you can see, drivers in their 40s typically see the best rates of any age group (though Progressive offers slightly cheaper full coverage for retirement-age drivers as seen below).

Progressive rates for seniors

One reason drivers older than 55 sometimes face higher insurance rates is due to their slower reaction time, which could potentially increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Age Liability Only Full Coverage
65-year-old drivers $85 $179

Senior policyholders may be able to lower these rates by taking a defensive driver course tailored for seniors. This course may help lower the risk of accidents and may also lower your rate, though the company doesn’t officially offer a defensive driving discount.

Progressive rates after an accident

Even when you’re not at fault, your rates usually go up after an accident. Our research shows that rates increase on average by 42% for liability-only policies and 43% for full-coverage policies.

Driving History Liability Only Full Coverage
Clean Record $93 $207
With At-Fault Accident $132 $297

Keep in mind that the length of time that accidents and other driving incidents affect your rates varies by state.

Progressive rates after a speeding ticket

While a speeding ticket may not seem like a big deal, it can affect your rates, especially if getting a ticket makes you ineligible for discounts, such as the good driver discount.

Driving History Liability Only Full Coverage
Clean Record $93 $207
With Ticket $111 $251

We named Progressive as one of the best companies for car insurance after a speeding ticket.

Progressive rates after a DUI

Our research shows that rates nearly double after a DUI on average. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to find lower costs. Progressive offers many discounts to drivers with DUIs, including the Snapshot program, which is one of the reasons the company made our list for best car insurance after a DUI.

Driving History Liability Only Full Coverage
Clean Record $93 $207
With DUI $110 $246

DUIs tend to have longer lookback periods (the length of time an insurer can “look back” into your driving history) than more minor incidents. The length depends on state laws, but most fall between five and 10 years.

Progressive rates for drivers with bad credit

In most states, your credit score can be factored into your risk determination and the rate car insurance companies offer. California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii prohibit the use of credit scores for pricing policies, while a handful of other states restrict the practice in other ways.

Credit Score Liability Only Full Coverage
Excellent $84 $190
Good $96 $219
Fair $110 $253
Poor $155 $340

I also want to note that while some research shows a possible correlation between financial risk-taking and higher rates of claims, criticism of the practice is growing.

Progressive rates by state

Where you live affects the cost of car insurance. Market conditions vary widely between states due to differences in weather, road conditions, claims incidents, and state laws governing how fault affects claim payouts.

State Liability Only Full Coverage
Alabama $95 $280
Alaska $124 $216
Arizona $109 $229
Arkansas $75 $249
Colorado $94 $265
Connecticut $145 $222
Delaware $151 $282
Georgia $140 $288
Hawaii $87 $192
Illinois $100 $210
Indiana $72 $196
Iowa $43 $153
Kansas $72 $218
Kentucky $175 $319
Louisiana $218 $692
Maryland $191 $291
Massachusetts $122 $262
Michigan $167 $268
Mississippi $81 $231
Missouri $85 $185
Montana $66 $153
Nebraska $81 $251
Nevada $109 $248
New Hampshire $77 $164
New Jersey $143 $269
New Mexico $86 $221
New York $410 $576
North Carolina $98 $229
North Dakota $64 $181
Ohio $61 $179
Oklahoma $79 $252
Oregon $156 $295
Pennsylvania $98 $264
Rhode Island $152 $321
South Carolina $87 $186
South Dakota $62 $253
Tennessee $69 $210
Utah $102 $214
Vermont $70 $201
Virginia $99 $181
Washington $75 $202
Washington, D.C. $143 $263
West Virginia $121 $263
Wisconsin $57 $153

States like Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio have some of the best rates with Progressive, while New York, Louisiana, and Maryland end up paying the most.

Progressive’s rates compared to top competitors

As far as national averages go, the cost of a policy at Progressive is about average compared to other insurers of the same size.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Progressive $111 $250
Allstate $109 $290
GEICO $101 $270
Nationwide $112 $229
State Farm $99 $217
Travelers $109 $225

Progressive Car Insurance Discounts

We rated Progressive’s discounts as “Good” because the company offers 13 discount programs and makes it easy for the average customer to get them. Beyond the telematics program Snapshot, which I’ll get to a little later, popular discounts include:

  • Good student discount: High school and college students earning a B average or better save an average of 10%, according to the company.
  • Homeowners discount: If you own a home, you could earn an average of 10% savings — no homeowners policy necessary.
  • Quoting and buying online earns most drivers an easy average savings of 7% and 9%, respectively.
  • Paying in full doesn’t have an advertised average discount, but I was offered a savings of about 9% at each coverage tier.

Some discount programs you might expect to see at a large insurer are missing here. Progressive doesn’t advertise a defensive driver discount, though you can still inquire about one directly with the company.

How to Purchase a Progressive Car Insurance Policy

The process of buying a new auto policy from Progressive seemed very easy to me. It didn’t take long to fill out the form, and the quotes were easy to understand, compare, and customize. When I continued through the buying process, I didn’t encounter any obstacles, such as a required phone call or faxing paperwork.

Calling in to purchase a policy was also easy. I was able to get in contact with an agent in under two minutes, though be aware that the system will filter your call and send you to someone licensed in the state of your phone number’s area code.

Finally, saving and returning to my quote were very easy. Looking it up via my personal information was simple, but using the quote number was faster. I recommend taking a screenshot of your quote for reference if you don’t plan to buy right away.

How easy is it to get a Progressive quote?

Getting the quote was simple on the Progressive website and took me less than 10 minutes. I began on the company’s homepage and navigated to Auto.

Screenshot of Progressive's home page

On the next page, I entered my ZIP code for Springfield, IL. I also noticed that I could easily add a home, condo, or renters policy here if I wanted to. I do carry renters insurance, but I decided to only get an auto quote today.

Starting the quoting process required minimal personal information

Next, I needed to add some personal information, including my date of birth and address. But it didn’t require my driver’s license number, phone, or email.

I noticed that my quote number was already generated — as seen in the bottom right corner of the page. I could also request a call, appearing to make buying even more convenient for anyone who doesn’t like buying online.

I wanted to buy online, though, so I proceeded by clicking “Okay, start my quote.” This brought me to the page where I filled in details about my car.

Progressive's questions about my vehicle

Next, I filled in additional information about myself, my driving record, and residency details (whether owned or rented). I had a speeding ticket a few years ago, so I entered that to get a more accurate quote.

Getting my quotes was fast and easy

All that was left was for me to submit my information, and it only took a few seconds for my quotes to load. It generated three quotes for me, in tiers named “basic,” “choice,” and “recommended.”

Screenshot of Progressive auto insurance quotes

These quotes were notably robust, as they broke down each option into an itemized list of coverage options. I could easily see what was different between each option by clicking between the tabs.

I really liked that the list even broke down the cost associated with each option. And as you can see from the screenshot, each coverage option had an “Edit” button.

Coverage options for Progressive auto insurance

Policy options were easy to customize (plus price transparency)

I decided to play with the coverage options a bit and clicked “edit” next to the collision deductible. In the basic tier, the deductible is set to the highest limit — $2,000. In the edit screen, I could see all seven options for my deductible and the associated cost increases.

It also offered me a quote for removing collision coverage, which I can’t do because my car is financed and I currently have a car loan. But if I owned it outright, this would be an option to reduce the price even further.

Policy discounts were easy to review

I also found a list of the discounts I qualified for — and they were factored into my price. This is important because if it turns out that I’m not eligible for them, I may end up paying a higher rate.

For example, I indicated I wanted to participate in the Snapshot program, so I received an automatic discount. If I don’t follow through with the program, I won’t benefit from the discount.

But there was more to explore here, so I pressed on.

Bonus options: Name Your Price tool & deductible savings

I noticed these options at the bottom of the quote page:

Name your price tools and deductible savings bank

So I decided to check out the Name Your Price tool. I purposely entered a number lower than what was initially quoted.

Progressive's name your price tool

Now, I wasn’t offered a lower price. But the paid-in-full discount remained in the header area. The discount offered to me was about 9%, though it differed slightly between tiers.

I backed out and took a look at the deductible savings account. It collects a little extra money each month from policyholders and places those funds in a savings account to be used in the event of a comprehensive or collision claim.

I noticed that the program claims to “collect” $50 per six-month policy “in a Deductible Savings Bank,” while I’m quoted an additional $11 spread over six months to receive the benefit.

But that money doesn’t go into an account with my name on it, as the description seems to imply. Instead, participants receive a $50 reduction on the deductible every six months they pay into the program and remain claims-free.

So, if I choose a $500 deductible and complete six months of this program without making a claim, my deductible reduces automatically to $450. This continues until either I make a claim or my deductible reaches $0.

It’s not really a savings account — as there’s no cash value here. If you never use it, you never get back the additional amount paid in premiums. It’s more similar to a vanishing deductible.

These details aren’t made clear until you click the “Learn More” link on the offer page. And the program isn’t available in Alaska, California, Georgia, Hawaii, New York, or North Carolina.

Can you purchase a Progressive policy 100% online?

Yes, you can buy your policy entirely online. When I hit “Finish and Buy,” I was brought to a page to fill in any missing information and digitally sign paperwork. My final steps included entering some personal contact information I hadn’t yet provided, my driver’s license number, and vehicle information, including the VIN.

But final steps vary depending on the requirements in your state, so you may be asked for more or less information. In every state but California and New York, you’ll also earn a discount for buying and signing 100% online.

If you’re not ready to buy after getting your quote, you can instead save your quote using your email. You’ll get an email (and follow-up reminders) with your quote information, which you can use to revisit your quote.

What types of coverage does Progressive offer?

Progressive estimates the types of coverage you’ll need and the coverage limits based on the information you provide during the quoting process.

I was offered enough coverage to comply with state minimums and lender requirements. My quote included the following coverage types and, when applicable, noted the corresponding deductible.

But it also offered custom optional coverages, which included

  • Medical payments (a.k.a. MedPay), which covers medical costs associated with any injuries I sustain in an accident, no matter who’s at fault
  • Uninsured property protection, which covers my property when it’s damaged by an uninsured or underinsured driver
  • Rental car reimbursement, which covers all or part of your rental car costs when your car is out of use due to a covered incident
  • Roadside assistance, which covers a set number of roadside emergencies each year, including jump starts, flat tires, and short-distance towing
  • Limited loan/lease payoff — Progressive’s version of gap coverage — which pays some or all costs for loan and lease payments after your vehicle is totaled

What Other Types of Insurance Does Progressive Offer?

Progressive offers a ton of insurance products. In addition to car insurance, Progressive writes policies for

  • Homeowners
  • Condo
  • Renters
  • Mobile homes
  • Flood
  • ATVs
  • Boat
  • Motorcycle
  • RV/trailer

Business owners, and others, can find commercial auto, professionals liability, and general owner’s policies. The company also offers personal insurance products, including

  • Dental
  • Health
  • Identity theft
  • Life
  • Pet
  • Travel
  • Umbrella
  • Wedding and event

Finally, in addition to insurance, the company also offers car loan refinancing, online checking, and personal loans through its partners, Varo and Upstart.

Does Progressive offer auto and home insurance bundling?

Yes. Progressive offers bundling discounts for customers who combine their auto and home insurance policies, which saves customers $793 on average, according to the company. Elsewhere on the same page, the company states that customers save an average of 4%.

Other Progressive Products, Services, and Perks

Progressive offers an extensive list of online tools for self-managing your policy and claims. The company also offers affordable roadside assistance as an optional add-on.

New policyholders are automatically enrolled in the accident forgiveness program (in participating states) as part of the Loyalty Rewards program. There are two free programs. Small Accident Forgiveness promises to keep rates the same after small claims (under $500).

And Large Accident Forgiveness is automatically awarded to customers who have been with the company for five accident-free, violation-free years. This program promises to keep rates the same even if damages exceed $500, so long as the driver is eligible.

Policyholders can also pay for accident forgiveness, which allows the forgiveness of one accident per policy period.

Progressive Snapshot program

Progressive was the first car insurance company to offer a telematics discount when it introduced the Snapshot program in 2008. In its current offering, you can download a mobile application or install a plug-in device directly in your car.

With either method, the program gives personalized feedback to help you improve your technique and reduce your risk of accidents. When you score well, you earn discounts.

But poor driving habits can increase your rates. And how you participate in the program seems to affect outcomes.

Let’s look at some reviews.

Snapshot program customer reviews

As a previous customer of Progressive for several years and an early Snapshot user (2010–2013), I have nothing but positive reviews of the program. I installed the tracking device for three years and received a discount of more than 20%. My driving was so consistent, I eventually earned a permanent discount.

Not bad, but that was nearly a decade ago! Now, most Snapshot users sign up using the mobile app. And this method has some important drawbacks.

Many of the negative reviews on the App Store and Google Play cite issues with the telematics program.

Another common complaint is that the Snapshot app drains phone battery even while not in use. Some users even claim the app automatically shuts off when battery life falls below 20%.

I also want to note that you can test Snapshot out before you buy your policy. If you’re interested in the Snapshot discount but wary of some of the reviews, you can request the Snapshot Road Test. The road test only works via a mobile app, so if you want to try the plug-in device, you’ll still need to sign up for a policy.

Loyalty rewards?

Search around as I did, and you’ll find several websites discussing the Loyalty Rewards program at Progressive. But search around the company website, and very little information is publicly available. In fact, I only found one mention of the program on the accident forgiveness page.

I asked the Flo Chatbot “What is the loyalty rewards program?” and “Does Progressive have a loyalty rewards program?” The Chatbot couldn’t answer and invited me to call customer service.

A bunch of legal paperwork will likely detail the ins and outs of the Loyalty Rewards program, should it exist.

Progressive Customer Service

Before we dig into things, I want to reiterate that the auto insurance industry at large struggles with customer satisfaction. Even so, Progressive customer reviews on independent sites are low, and J.D. Power has rated the company lower than the industry average for a few years.

I gave Progressive a few phone calls over the course of the week. Whenever I called for a new policy — Tuesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning — I got in touch with an agent in less than two minutes.

But things were different when I called about existing policies. First, the phone tree AI bot will insist you give personal information. So I said I didn’t have the information. After a few attempts to get my personal information, it transferred me to customer service, where I waited six minutes for someone. This was at 8:45 a.m. EST on a Friday.

Customer service reviews

The truth is that it’s not all bad. Some customers have great things to say about working with the customer service team. Consider this recent experience from a customer working through a tough time.

5-star Progressive customer service review

And several reviewers call out excellent customer service representatives by name for being extra helpful. It’s just that, as with many insurers, service is hit or miss.

And it seems that the misses are most frequent when the problems get a little more technical, as with this customer who found an error on her driving record.

2-star Progressive customer service review

Progressive Claims Process

On its website, the company states that the “claims process [is] as easy as possible” while keeping customers updated. But the company appears to be struggling to keep that promise in recent years.

Earlier, I highlighted two reviews where the policyholders had no issue making claims with the company. But that doesn’t appear to reflect the overall review trends online.

To be fair, claims processes are generally stressful, and few insurers seem to get the process right. But I did notice a trend emerging from recent negative reviews — time.

Many claimants detail waiting weeks for their claim to be verified, sometimes in excess of other coverages, such as rental car reimbursement. Let’s look at a few reviews from ConsumerAffairs.

1-star Progressive claims review on ConsumerAffairs

1-star Progressive claims review on ConsumerAffairs

But, again, it’s not all bad, though I did notice that the best claims reviews were from previous years. It’s possible Progressive is struggling to hire enough claims adjusters and claims customer service professionals.

Two 5-star reviews of Progressive claims on ConsumerAffairs

Progressive Mobile App

Progressive was one of the first car insurance companies to offer a mobile app to its customers and the first to provide an Android app. The insurer built its reputation on being a technological leader for the first decade and a half of this century. But progress has slowed.

Don’t get me wrong: the basic features perform well. And the apps provide a ton of features other companies don’t even come close to accomplishing. But it sometimes falls prey to overpromising and under-delivering.

This isn’t the case on every feature, but a few notable ones. Let’s take a look at the reviews.

Apple App Store

With more than 120,000 ratings, the Progressive app earns an impressive 4.8 stars out of 5.

Progressive App in the Apple App Store

I noticed a pattern reading reviews with the App Store (and Google Play as well) — so long as customers are using the app for the most basic tasks, there isn’t much to write home about. When it comes to basic functionality, the app seems to perform well, as described here.

5-star Progressive app review on Apple app store

And while this reviewer finds room for improvement, they still give five stars.

5-star Progressive app review on Apple app store

But as soon as things start to get technical, the app starts breaking down. We already looked at several scathing reviews of the Snapshot feature. Long story short, reviewers complain that it records driving behavior inaccurately and drains phone battery.

The mobile claims feature had similar problems. This reviewer had an issue with the claims process when she sent photos of the damage through the app and it was flagged for “prior damage.”

1-star Progressive app review on Apple app store

Whether the car had prior damage, as the company claimed, is beside the point. The customer was left in the dark — and stranded — when it came to their claim.

Google Play App

Again, Progressive earns a stellar rating overall — 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Progressive app on Google Play

As with the iOS app, the Android version works well when it comes to basic needs, like accessing your insurance information on demand. This reviewer — along with several others — found the app intuitive and simple.

5-star review of Progressive app on Google Play store

This user disagrees, pointing out that basic functions, like a change of address, are done in a web browser on your phone instead of within the app. So ease of use, once again, proves itself highly subject to the task.

This reviewer also notes issues with the Snapshot feature.

1-star review of Progressive app on Google Play store

Our verdict: Don’t rely solely on the app to manage your policy.

App claims processing can glitch

Let’s start by saying many people have cited that claims processing went smoothly. But as I pointed out earlier, the app leaves things to be desired when processing claims. This reviewer points out a frustrating issue with taking pictures of damage with the app.

2-star review of Progressive app on Google Play store

Policyholders can also use the website to make a claim and upload photos there, so don’t forget to take backup photos.

Bottom Line: Is Progressive Car Insurance Right for You?

When it comes to car insurance, the customer is always key. Your needs, profile, and preferences should lead the way in determining if Progressive is a good fit.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Where Progressive stands out

Working with Progressive has a few unique and notable advantages. Prospective customers will find plenty of options for customizing their policies, including pet injury coverage. And it’s easy to customize a policy yourself, as the website has transparent pricing for each coverage option.

Progressive also offers perks like roadside assistance, automatic accident forgiveness, many discount opportunities, and (theoretically) a Loyalty Rewards program. And, despite issues with its functionality on the mobile app, the Snapshot program remains popular.

Where Progressive falls short

Despite emerging as a technological leader during the early part of the century, Progressive isn’t at the front of the pack anymore. Notably, the telematics app often fails to track driving accurately. And, in general, policyholders report low satisfaction with customer care, claims, and pricing.

Complaints appear to be on the rise, customer satisfaction remains low compared to similar competitors, and the most recent claims reviews indicate a problem getting enough claims adjusters. Though the insurance adjuster shortage may not entirely be its fault, the company doesn’t appear to be handling it well.

Popular Progressive Alternatives

As a large insurer, Progressive has a lot of competitors, and it’s worth comparing policies from all the best insurers in your area. We’ve already compiled the research for you on several of Progressive’s top alternatives.

Remember to always compare policies and rates based on your specific needs, location, and driving history.

Progressive Auto Insurance FAQs

Still want to learn more about Progressive auto insurance? Below are some of the most commonly asked questions from drivers considering making the switch to Progressive.

Is Progressive a reliable insurance company?

Progressive certainly has the qualities of a reliable company, including a good financial rating, a long-standing reputation, and reviews from surveys done by MarketWatch. The Better Business Bureau also gives the company an A+ rating.

But you don’t have to look far to find reviews from customers who were dropped from coverage or received rate increases unexpectedly.

Is Progressive actually good?

J.D. Power ranks Progressive somewhat below industry averages for customer satisfaction in every region the organization tracks for its annual Auto Insurance Study. Still, many drivers find what they need with this company, including plenty of coverage options, discounts, and an easy-to-use mobile app.

Is Progressive good at paying claims?

Progressive falls short of the industry average when it comes to auto claims satisfaction in the annual Auto Claims Satisfaction Study from J.D. Power. After reviewing dozens of online reviews across several websites, I found that satisfaction levels are highly variable. Several policyholders gush about the ease of managing their claims, but many talk about long waits for a visit from the insurance adjuster to verify the damage.

Is Progressive hard to deal with?

Again, this will depend on who you ask. Several reviews say they have an easy time managing their policy and claims. And the high number of positive ratings indicates that people enjoy working with the app, so long as it’s for basic policy management (e.g., policy documents, insurance cards, and making payments).

But many reviews talk about trouble getting answers to questions about rate increases and processing claims. Recent reviews have a frequency of complaints in regards to getting claims processed in a timely manner, which may not be entirely the company’s fault, but rather the result of an adjuster shortage.

Does Progressive really have the cheapest car insurance?

No, Progressive doesn’t always offer the lowest average rates. But the company does offer the lowest rate to some drivers. The best way to know if Progressive is your cheapest option is to compare rates with quotes from other insurance companies.

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