Kemper Auto Insurance Company

Why choose Kemper Insurance?

  • Responsive claims service with claims representatives ready to help you 24/7
  • Save the planet – Go Paperless! Set up an account to view your policy information electronically
  • Helpful reminders – you can sign up to receive payment reminders by text or email

Did you know...?

  • Trusted, affordable auto insurance for their customers
  • Reputable company – AM Best Rating is A- (excellent)
  • Kemper employs 6,000 associates dedicated to providing exceptional service
  • Customer Service: 800-456-1919
  • Claims: 888-252-2799
  • Roadside Assistance: 877-506-4222
  • Kemper Insurance, 12926 Gran Bay Parkway West, Jacksonville, FL 32258
  • [email protected]

All About Kemper Auto Insurance

Since 1990, Kemper Auto Insurance has been “improving the world of insurance” by offering auto insurance policies primarily to high-risk drivers, including teens and motorists with major driving infractions. First established as Unitrin, Inc., the Chicago-based insurer has grown over four decades to a company with great financial strength, totaling $15 billion in assets, $5.2 billion in annual revenue, and a spot on the coveted S&P 400.

With over 10,000 employees and 34,000 agents and brokers, Kemper is one of the leading insurance companies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Kemper Company also provides coverage in other areas, including:

  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance and workman’s compensation plans
  • Valuables insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Business insurance

Who Should Consider Getting Kemper Auto Insurance?

Kemper auto insurance: stressed woman looking at cars that crashed into each other

Kemper Auto Insurance works with drivers who have been struggling to find auto insurance coverage because other insurers deem them high risk. Some of the customers that frequently work with Kemper may have:

  • Numerous accidents
  • One or more DUIs, or in need of an SR22 quote
  • Poor credit
  • Lapses in coverage
  • Numerous claims on insurance in a short period of time

When other insurance providers deny coverage, Kemper is a saving grace for drivers seeking a car insurance policy that otherwise wouldn’t be extended. 

Kemper Insurance Reviews

Kemper auto insurance: woman doing the thumbs up while driving a car

While the Kemper Corporation has plenty of assets on its books, that doesn’t always equate to superior customer service. While the company swears by its customer relations, some of its insurance reviews reveal a different take on the customer side of the equation.

Let’s take a look at their ratings:

Insurance Review Platform Rating
AM Best A-
BBB A+ accreditation; 1.04/5
Clearsurance 2.9/5
J.D. Power 784/1,000

Kemper receives mixed reviews that stem from a variety of reasons. The independent rating organization AM Best gave Kemper an A-, which indicates that the company is financially sound and stable, reducing the chances that it will be unable to pay claims. 

Kemper also got an A+ rating from the BBB and has been accredited with the bureau since February 2021. However, customer reviews tell a very different story based on a 1.03 out of 5-star rating. Moreover, Kemper Auto Insurance has had 641 complaints closed with the BBB in the last three years, and 372 complaints closed in the last 12 months.

Most of these customer reviews from the BBB cite the following reasons for such low ratings:

  • Poor communication
  • Canceling policies without due notice
  • Lying to customers and potential customers
  • Giving current customers the runaround
  • Costly clerical errors that delay payment
  • Heavy delays in the claims process

Clearsurance gives Kemper a slightly above-average rating. While some of the insurance reviews are similar to complaints filed with the BBB, other derogatory marks mention:

  • Huge increases in premiums over a short timespan
  • Increases in rates without notice
  • Failure to pay claims as promised in terms of timing or payment amount
  • Failure to respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner

What do Kemper Customers Say?

“I would definitely recommend Kemper Insurance to a friend. The service is great, the coverage is great, and the prices are really competitive.” – Alexis

“They are always there when I need a question answered and are quick to respond. Great service overall. Highly recommend.” – Tommy

“Very affordable and very reliable. I will probably never use another insurance company – why downgrade?” – Trinnity

Kemper Car Insurance Coverage Options

Kemper auto insurance: man talking on the phone while looking at the damage on his car

Like most car insurance companies, Kemper offers a wide variety of car insurance coverage options for most drivers, including non-standard or high-risk policies. However, the company divides its insurance into two products: Kemper Auto and Kemper Personal Insurance Auto Coverage. The latter is the more comprehensive of the two, but both offer a mix of affordability with the coverage that drivers need.

Kemper Auto is the more basic of the two auto insurance types, providing coverage options found with many other types of insurers.

  • Liability Coverage: Covers bodily injury liability and property damage liability
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Pays for vehicle damage related to theft, vandalism, environmental damage, or other covered losses
  • Collision Coverage: Pays for damage to your vehicle, even if you’re at fault in the accident
  • Roadside Assistance: Coverage for roadside emergencies like towing, flat tires, and battery jump starts

The company also offers Personal Insurance Auto Coverage, which allows policyholders to customize their coverage how they see fit. This includes three different types of coverages, including:

  • Kemper Prime Auto Enhanced: This coverage combines several popular auto insurance coverages in one, including:
    • Waiving your first accident or minor violation
    • Diminishing deductible credit for being a safe driver
    • Waiving your deductible when your vehicle is damaged while parked
    • Personal property protection
    • Trip interruption expenses
    • Key fob replacement
  • Kemper Total: This coverage is designed for new vehicles. If your vehicle is damaged, Kemper will pay the full amount to repair it or buy you a new one.
  • Auto Loan/Lease: This coverage is also known as gap insurance. If your car is stolen or totaled, Kemper will pay the difference between your vehicle’s cash value and how much you owe on your car loan.

What Policy Discounts Does Kemper Offer?

Kemper auto insurance: person holding bills

Kemper offers multiple ways to save money on your car insurance. Some of the car insurance discounts the company provides are:

  • Good student discount: You could save money on car insurance if you are a studious high school or college student. To qualify, you must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and apply for reinstatement each year.
  • Defensive driving course discount: You can reduce your insurance premium and improve your driving record by enrolling in a qualifying safe driver course.
  • Multi-car discount: Do you own more than one vehicle? If you do and insure them under the same multi-vehicle insurance policy, you can save money on your insurance rates.
  • Homeowner discount: Owning a home with the same physical address as your car insurance policy can reduce your insurance premium
  • Military discount: Kemper helps active-duty military and National Guard members reduce the costs of their insurance bills with this discount.
  • Paid-in-full discount: Paying your entire balance in advance instead of breaking it into monthly payments will make you eligible to save on your insurance.
  • Advance quote discount: This discount is applied to your policy rate when you receive a quote from Kemper and purchase the policy before the “effective” start date.
  • Proof of prior insurance discount: If you’ve had insurance in the past, you can save with Kemper’s proof of prior insurance discount.
  • Anti-theft discount: You can save if your vehicle has a device that disables your car if it’s reported stolen.
  • Accident forgiveness: If you’re in an accident for the first time under a Kemper policy, your rates won’t increase.

As you can see, Kemper provides many ways to ease the strain on your car insurance budget. Requesting a complete list of options could help you get the most out of your insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Reach out to a local Kemper Insurance independent agent to get a full rundown of discounts. 

Pros and Cons of Kemper Auto Insurance

Woman driving a car

Before you decide to purchase a policy from Kemper or any other car insurance company, for that matter, always weigh the pros and cons. To make this easier, here’s a list of both for Kemper.

Pros of Kemper Car Insurance

  • Car insurance provided to high-risk drivers: Whether you’re a teen, under 25, have a DUI, or have a reckless driving charge, Kemper will extend coverage to you in most scenarios.
  • Car insurance for salvage titles: If you’re a novice mechanic or you just like to rebuild cars, Kemper can provide you with car insurance, even on a salvage title.
  • SR-22 coverage: If you need a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, also referred to as an SR-22, after a DUI, you can get one with ease.
  • Easy to find a repair shop: If your car is damaged, Kemper can provide you with a list of repair shops in your area to ease the burden of shopping for one.
  • Plenty of discounts: Whether you’re a great student or a defensive driver, you can save plenty of money on auto insurance discounts.

Cons of Kemper Car Insurance

  • Unreliable and poorly designed mobile app: Reviews of the app state that it crashes frequently, is hard to use and read, and the chat application is purely for show.
  • Often must work with agents: Unlike other companies, things like claims, disputes, and other issues all go through agents instead of using a handy mobile app or online filing.
  • More expensive for low-risk drivers: If you have a clean driving record, you may find that Kemper’s rates are far more expensive than some of its competitors.
  • Low customer satisfaction rating: Kemper has poor reviews across the board for customer service, so that’s something to consider before you buy.

How to Get a Quote

Man smiling at the camera while sitting inside his car

Finding the best car insurance option to fit your needs starts with a quote. Thankfully, Kemper offers three quick and easy options to find the right coverage:

  • Online: You can visit and submit your information for an individualized quote.
  • Call: If you prefer to speak by phone with a representative, call 1-800-463-4648.
  • Chat: Representatives are available 24/7 via their website to offer auto insurance quotes via online chat.

To expedite the process, have: 

  • All of your contact information, including name, date of birth, and driver’s license number
  • Year, make, model, year, and vehicle identification number of each car you wish to add to your policy
  • Copy of your current or most recent auto insurance policy

Having this information on hand will help when it’s time to get an accurate quote for your insurance.

FAQs About Kemper Auto Insurance


While the above information may have alleviated your concerns, you may still have some other questions regarding Kemper Auto Insurance. Read this FAQ to find out more.

How do I report a claim?

If you need to report a claim to Kemper Insurance, contact them via phone at 1-800-353-6737. You can also report your claim online via the Report a Claim page, although this is often characterized as slow.

What kind of insurance is Kemper?

Kemper Insurance provides myriad options if you need coverage for your vehicle, home, rental, condo, business, health, or life.

Is Kemper a “high-risk” auto insurance company?

Kemper has a reputation for providing high-risk drivers with auto insurance coverage in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

Is Kemper Insurance a good insurance company?

It depends on who you ask. The BBB gives it an A+ rating, but Clearsurance and BBB customer reviews provide less than glowing comments about the company as a whole.

How can I get the best quote?

There’s a better way to see if you’re getting the best rate for your car insurance. At, we offer an auto insurance comparison tool that will compare the rates from more than 70 of the top insurance companies. It only takes a few minutes to get a list of the best options for you based on your need.

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