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Updated January 7, 2022

Drivers in Colorado pay some of the highest insurance rates in the nation. There are several factors that cause these expensive premiums, including the disproportionate number of drivers involved in accidents each year. But rest assured, we’ve listed some affordable car insurance options you should consider as well as additional information you want to know about insuring your car in Colorado.

If you just want the quick version, you can easily start getting quotes for cheap car insurance through our quoting tool. We make it easy for Colorado drivers to compare quotes side by side and get a great deal in no time.

Colorado Car Insurance Requirements

Some states just want you to have the bare minimum in auto insurance, but Colorado’s different. It requires drivers to carry a little extra coverage. If you’re a Colorado driver, you’ll need:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $50,000 per accident. Bodily injury liability pays for injuries suffered by other people involved in an accident in which you’re legally responsible 
  • $15,000 in property damage liability, which pays for damage to other people’s property involved in an accident in which you’re legally responsible
  • $5,000 in medical payments coverage (MedPay). MedPay coverage is designed to pay for your medical bills (and your passengers’, too) if you’re hurt in an accident, no matter who’s at fault

Colorado Car Insurance Penalties

Driving without car insurance in Colorado is against the law and could land you in jail. That’s because jumping behind the wheel of an uninsured vehicle is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Regardless of your situation, driving without car insurance is never worth the potential risk. In most cases, there are affordable car insurance options for you, no matter how dire your situation may seem. You can always compare auto insurance rates online to find the most affordable option available. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Teen Drivers in Colorado

Due to their limited driving experience, teen drivers in Colorado may find it a little tough to find affordable car insurance. Because they are deemed risky drivers, it’s probably more cost-effective to add a teenage driver to the existing auto insurance policy of a parent or guardian instead of having them secure their own policy. Either way, take a look at these four insurance companies offering reasonably affordable insurance rates for teen drivers in Colorado.

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Dairyland $172
Safe Auto $232
Esurance $233
Liberty Mutual $399

As you can see,  rates vary quite a bit. Starting with the cheapest option, Dairyland’s liability only policy will run you around $172 per month. Followed by Safe Auto and Esurance at $232/mo and $233/mo, respectively. Coming in fourth is Liberty Mutual, which will set you back about $399 every month, almost double the cheapest option on this list. 

This is just a starting point on your road to discovering the best car insurance for teen drivers in Colorado. Do your homework and invest a little time and energy into shopping around to find the best auto insurance coverage for your budget and coverage needs. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Colorado

Fortunately, young drivers who’ve accumulated a few years of driving may find it significantly cheaper to purchase a car insurance policy in Colorado. Unlike with teen drivers, auto insurers now have the ability to assess your risk based on your driving record. The list below includes six of the cheapest companies to obtain car insurance for young drivers in Colorado.

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $116
Dairyland $154
Esurance $170
Shelter Mutual $204
Safe Auto $204
Liberty Mutual $274

Topping the list as the cheapest car insurance company for young drivers is Sun Coast with policies starting at $116 monthly. Rounding out the remaining five from cheapest to most expensive are Dairyland ($154/mo), Esurance ($170/mo), Shelter Mutual ($204/mo), Safe Auto ($204/mo), and Liberty Mutual ($274/mo.)

Cheapest Car Insurance for Retired Drivers in Colorado

Retired couple driving with the best cheap car insurance in Colorado (1)

Because most retired drivers have an extensive driving history, they often expect their rates to drop as they get older, but this isn’t always the case. Some insurance companies actually increase rates for drivers 65 and up because they fear older drivers will engage in unsafe driving practices due to the toll age takes on your body. But, thankfully, there are auto insurance companies that charge affordable rates no matter your age. 

If you are a senior living in Colorado, check out two of the cheapest car insurance policies we found.

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $67
Dairyland $79

For liability-only car insurance, Safeco offered the most affordable monthly rates at $67. Dairyland came in at a relatively close second with monthly rates at $79.

Don’t forget, there are other options to further reduce your car insurance premiums. In addition to more common car insurance discounts, shop around for special discounts available for mature drivers. Organizations like AARP offer senior driving training courses to help retired drivers brush up on their driving skills and keep up-to-date on the latest car technology.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Married Drivers in Colorado

There are many advantages to being married, including securing cheaper car insurance. Because married drivers are considered less likely to participate in unsafe driving activities and more likely to purchase multi-vehicle policies, auto insurers offer them discounted car insurance premiums.

Below you’ll find the three least expensive car insurance policies for married drivers in Colorado. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $82
Safe Auto $84
Esurance $115

As you can see, Safeco once again offers the cheapest car insurance for married drivers in Colorado with a monthly premium of just $82. For a few dollars more, you can get a policy with Safe Auto for $84 and Esurance will cost you $115 monthly.

But keep in mind, there are times when joining insurance policies with your spouse may not be the best idea. Because car insurance companies typically base your rate on all the licensed drivers in your home, if your spouse has a less than stellar driving record or poor credit score, your car insurance rates may increase.

However, Infractions such as DUIs, speeding, and reckless driving are the most harmful and may cause your insurance rates to increase significantly or you may even be denied coverage. Before you start your search for joint car insurance with your spouse, be sure to discuss their past and current driving record to avoid any surprises.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Single Drivers in Colorado

Not being married doesn’t mean you have to overpay for auto insurance. Thankfully there are car insurance companies that offer affordable rates that fit your budget. Here are 10 of the cheapest car insurance companies for single drivers in Colorado. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $76
Safeco $79
Dairyland $86
Foremost $86
Shelter Mutual $99
SafeAuto $117
Travelers $131
Liberty Mutual $134
Nationwide $140
Esurance $152

Sun Coast kicks off the list with the most affordable rate at $76/mo, followed by Safeco at $79/mo. Insurance premiums stay under $100/mo with Dairyland ($86/mo), Foremost ($86/mo) and Shelter Mutual ($99/mo). 

Safe Auto offers rates slightly over $100/mo averaging $117/mo. Rates increase more with Travelers at $131/mo and Liberty Mutual at $134/mo before hitting $140/mo with Nationwide and finally Esurance at $152/mo. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Men vs. Women in Colorado

married couple driving with the cheapest car insurance in Colorado (1)

Women in Colorado pay less than men on average. The average monthly premium for women is slightly less at $100/mo compared to male drivers at $111/mo. Many factors impact these averages including the fact that men are more likely to demonstrate risky driving behaviors leading to more insurance claims. However, you’ll find the older men and women get, the less age impacts their auto insurance rates. 

5 Cheapest Companies for Men in Colorado

Here are the more affordable auto insurance companies for men who want cheap insurance in Colorado. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $76
Safeco $78
Dairyland $96
Shelter Mutual $105
Safe Auto $116

Sun Coast starts off the list with monthly liability premiums averaging just $76/mo. Safeco offers monthly rates slightly higher at $78/mo. You then see a larger rate jump with Dairyland to $96/mo, followed by Shelter Mutual ($105/mo) and Safe Auto ($116/mo). 

5 Cheapest Companies for Women in Colorado

Women seeking affordable auto insurance in Colorado can turn to these 5 companies to find the best rates for liability only insurance. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $76
Dairyland $78
Safeco $81
Shelter Mutual $93
Safe Auto $100

Sun Coast once again offers the most affordable rate averaging $76/mo. This is the same average rate for men. Next on the list is Dairyland that charges just a few dollars more at $78/mo. Next Safeco offers insurance averaging $81/mo followed by Shelter Mutual ($93/mo) and Safe Auto ($100/mo). 

Ultimately, no matter your gender, you want to be sure to compare auto insurance rates of other companies on the market to be sure you’re getting the best rate available. You can get started by typing in your zip code below and in just 5 minutes you’ll have a personalized list of the most affordable rates for you. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Colorado Drivers with Spotty Records

Having a spotty driving record (a history of tickets and accidents) is likely to increase your auto insurance premiums…the question is, by how much? 

This depends entirely on your record and which auto insurance company you select. Some companies are more lenient than others and won’t increase your rate when you get your first accident or ticket at all. While others are the exact opposite. 

The insurance companies listed below and known for offering cheap auto insurance rates even if your record is spotty. 

5 Cheapest Companies for Drivers With 1 Ticket

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $87
Dairyland $99
Shelter Mutual $108
Safe Auto $120
Esurance $157

Sun Coast offers the most affordable monthly premiums for drivers with one ticket starting at $87/mo. You then see a jump in rates to $99/mo with Dairyland. Shelter Mutual averages $108/mo followed by Safe Auto at $120/mo. The final company on our list is Esurance which averages $157/mo, almost double Sun Coast’s rate of $87/mo. 

4 Cheapest Companies for Drivers With Multiple Tickets

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $98
Dairyland $126
Esurance $149
Safe Auto $151

When you have multiple tickets on your record, the most affordable auto insurance rate starts higher at $98/mo compared to $87 when you only have one ticket. The most expensive company on our list is Safe Auto at $151/mo, which is actually the same rate as the most expensive company for drivers with one ticket. 

5 Cheapest Companies for Drivers With Multiple Tickets

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Sun Coast $100
Dairyland $114
Safe Auto $128
Shelter Mutual $137
Esurance $154

Having an accident on your record will increase your premiums more than if you have a ticket. The cheapest rate is once again Sun Coast averaging $100/mo. Dairyland comes in next at $114/mo. Then you have Safe Auto at $128/mo and Shelter Mutual at $137/mo. Esurance rounds out the list with an average monthly premium of $154/mo. 

3 Cheapest Companies for Drivers With Multiple Tickets

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Esurance $147
Dairyland $152
SafeAuto $153

When you have multiple accidents on your record you’re bound to pay much more to account for the extra risk insurance companies are taking by insuring you. Esurance tops the list with an average monthly premium of $147/mo. Next is Dairyland at $152/mo and SafeAuto charging just $1 more at $153/mo. 

Cheapest Colorado State Minimum Coverage

State minimum coverage is typically the cheapest auto insurance option available because you’re just meeting the state minimum to drive legally. While this is the cheapest option, rates can vary dramatically as you see below. Here are 10 of the most affordable insurance companies offering state minimum coverage for Colorado drivers. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Safeco $54
Shelter Mutual $62
Sun Coast $65
Dairyland $74
Safe Auto $87
Liberty Mutual $98
Esurance $108
The General $123

Safeco comes in number 1 offering the most affordable auto insurance at $54/mo. Next up are Shelter Mutual and Sun Coast with similar average monthly premiums of $62/mo and $65/mo respectively. Dairyland charges $74/mo, followed by Safe Auto ($87/mo), Liberty Mutual ($98/mo) and Esurance ($108/mo). Premiums at The General are the highest on this list at $123/mo, more than double the most affordable option, Safeco. 

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Colorado

While you might pay the least with state minimum coverage, in most cases you’re not securing enough protection if you’re involved in an accident. That’s why many drivers opt for full coverage car insurance. Full coverage insurance is more expensive though, which is why you certainly want to be sure you’re getting insurance that fits your budget. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Shelter Mutual $136
Safe Auto $151
Sun Coast $154
Esurance $170

Shelter Mutual offers the most affordable premiums for full coverage insurance averaging $136/mo. Next on the list are Safe Auto and Sun Coast charging $151/mo and $154/mo respectively. Finally, Esurance offers full coverage insurance at $170/mo. 

The Best Rated Car Insurance Companies in Colorado

There are tons of auto insurance companies servicing drivers in Colorado, but only a few are deemed the best in the state. Here are 5 of the best rated car insurance companies in Colorado according to the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey.

American Family 

State Farm 




Colorado Car Insurance Discounts

Picture of land and mountains in colorado where you can get cheap car insurance

Looking for auto insurance companies that offer affordable rates is the best way to find cheap auto insurance, but it isn’t the only way to save. As a Colorado driver, there are tons of insurance companies that offer discounts that can save you 5-40% on your auto insurance. Be sure to check with your current auto insurance company or the company you’re considering to see how you can save even more on your premiums. 

Here are some common car insurance discount options. 

  • Multi-Car Discounts: If you insure multiple vehicles on your policy you can save up to 25% on your premium.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: If you need insurance for your home or apartment, you might as well bundle it with your auto insurance policy to secure a multi-policy discount that can save you up to 25% on your premiums compared to how much you’d pay insuring them separately. 
  • Pay in Full Discount: Insurance companies reward you for paying your premium in full by offering a pay in full discount. Not only do you save on your insurance rate, but you can also avoid forgetting to make your payment each month.
  • Vehicle Safety Discount: When your vehicle has the latest safety features, you might qualify for a vehicle safety discount. Insurance companies are looking for features such as anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control to offer this.  
  • Good Driving Discount: You can save up to 40% on your insurance premium when you demonstrate good driving habits and secure a good driving discount. You’ll likely need to add a telematics tracking system to your vehicle or install an app on your mobile device, but the savings can be worth it if you can meet the standards.
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount: A defensive driving course can save you 10% or more on your auto insurance. You’ll need to complete a state approved course in order to enjoy this discount. 
  • Usage-Based Discount: If you drive fewer miles than most, you might be able to save on auto insurance with a usage-based discount. 

Recent Colorado Car Insurance Rate Trends

Auto insurance rates in Colorado have seen both upward and downward trend over the last 5 years. 

2017 $110
2018 $111
2019 $116
2020 $110
2021 $101

In 2017 rates averaged $110/mo. Rates then slightly increased to $111/mo in 2018 and $116/mo in 2019. After 2019 we saw rates decline to $110/mo in 2020 and even further to an average of $101/mo in 2021. 

Based on trends over the last 5 years, rates could increase or decrease in 2022, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Compare Car Insurance Rates by Colorado Cities

The area you live in is one of the main factors that determine how much or how little you pay for car insurance. If your area has a high auto theft rate, you may pay more. If there is very little traffic on your way to work, you could end up paying less. To help you see how rates vary from city to city, check out our rate comparison table below.

City Average Monthly Car Insurance Premium
Arvada $73
Aurora $87
Boulder $54
Brighton $67
Broomfield $70
Castle Rock $73
Clifton $57
Colorado Springs $79
Commerce City $81
Denver $73
Englewood $72
Fort Collins $60
Fountain $78
Golden $63
Grand Junction $59
Greeley $66
Lafayette $58
Littleton $80
Longmont $62
Loveland $63
Parker $75
Pueblo $72
Thornton $98
Westminster $81
Wheat Ridge $64

Click on the name of each city in the table above to find detailed breakdowns on all the factors that go into calculating your monthly premium. Here, you’ll find all the information you need on things like driving record, age, gender, vehicle make and model, and more will affect how much you pay for car insurance in each locality.

And if you want to jump right in and see how much you’ll pay, simply enter your ZIP code below and find your best rate in minutes!

Colorado Vehicle Registration Fees and Other Costs

woman paying fees to get the best cheap car insurance in colorado (2)

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, you need to budget for more than just the vehicle’s sticker price. You’ll also be on the hook for basic DMV fees like title, license plate, and registration no matter where or how you purchase your new car, truck or SUV. You must also buy a new car insurance policy for your vehicle. 

Some buyers will also find themselves responsible for additional fees such as sales tax, documentation fees, personal property tax, emissions and inspection fees, hybrid and electric vehicle fees, lien recording fees and a slew of other costs.

Check out’s comprehensive vehicle costs breakdown to make sure you account for all the added fees you might be on the hook for when buying a car in Colorado.

Colorado Auto Insurance FAQs

What car insurance is required in Colorado?

In order to drive legally in Colorado you must have

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 in property damage liability
  • $5,000 in medical payment coverage (MedPay)

How much is car insurance in Colorado?

The average cost of car insurance in Colorado is $105/mo

What happens if you drive without car insurance in Colorado?

If you’re caught driving without insurance in Colorado, you could be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Does Colorado require full coverage insurance?

No, Colorado doesn’t require you to have full coverage insurance. As long as you meet the state minimum coverage requirements you can drive legally in the state. 


All data referenced in this article comes from a combination of proprietary data — which is aggregated from millions of real customer quotes through — and additional data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant.