Dairyland Insurance Review: Is It the Right Choice for You?

Dairyland is a good option for teens and drivers who need SR-22s. The company has a solid number of positive customer reviews online, but its rates aren’t as affordable as some of its competitors.

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Compare.com Rating ?


  • Rarely turns away high-risk drivers
  • Quote and buy a policy 100% online
  • Gap insurance available for leaseholders


  • Higher-than-average rates for most drivers
  • Double the number of expected customer complaints
  • No accident forgiveness or diminishing deductibles

Bottom Line

You can easily self-manage your Dairyland policy and access a wide range of coverage options, including special equipment coverage. But discount opportunities are slim, and the company remains unrated by organizations like J.D. Power.

Dairyland stands out for its focus on providing insurance options for high-risk drivers, who often struggle to find coverage elsewhere. The company offers fairly customizable car insurance policies, flexible payment plans, and a well-reviewed mobile app. Dairyland also provides 24/7 claims service and online accounts where you can self-manage your policy.

But despite relatively good ratings in the online review space, several customers complain about a lack of communication from the claims department and frequent billing issues or mistakes. The company also isn’t known for saving policyholders money — most drivers pay higher-than-average premiums, and it offers fewer discounts than other major car insurance companies.

Read on to learn more about what Dairyland has to offer.

Is Dairyland a Good Choice for Auto Insurance?

Below is a summary of Dairyland’s performance across five key metrics, each rated on a scale of one to five. Dairyland does well in terms of cost, availability, and industry reputation, but the company lags in customer satisfaction and ease of use.

Category Score
Cost 3.7/5
Customer satisfaction 2/5
Ease of use 3.25/5
Availability 3.7/5
Industry reputation 3.7/5
Overall Score* 3.36/5
*Company ratings for each category are determined using our proprietary, objective rating formula. You can find more information on our unique scoring methodology at the bottom of this article.

Where Dairyland stands out

Dairyland is a great option for people struggling to find insurance. The company’s mobile app and website are well-designed, and it has an A+ (Superior) financial rating from AM Best, indicating financial stability and a strong ability to pay claims.

Where Dairyland falls short

Dairyland has some important limitations. You won’t find a telematics discount or usage-based insurance with this company. In fact, you won’t find many discounts commonly found at other insurance companies, such as auto-pay, paperless, and good student discounts.

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Dairyland Insurance Reviews: What Real Customers Are Saying

Overall, Dairyland earns solid positive reviews online. Positive reviews discuss how easy it is to get coverage online and over the phone. Customers also often talk about finding coverage with Dairyland when they couldn’t find coverage elsewhere, as shown in the following two reviews.

Multiple positive reviews of Dairyland Insurance

But there are also negative reviews, especially about a confusing claims process (which we cover in depth near the end of this article). Billing issues are another major theme, with several reviews explaining that a mistake resulted in sudden cancellation and additional fees to reinstate the policy.

That was the case for the below customer despite them having a reference number showing proof of payment.

Dairyland Insurance 1-star review

What You Can Expect to Pay for Dairyland Car Insurance

While Dairyland charges an average of $157 per month, averages change depending on your coverage level. Liability-only policies cover bodily injury, property damage, and any other coverages included in state-minimum car insurance. Full-coverage policies include liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage to protect yourself and your vehicle.

The table below shows Dairyland’s average monthly rates for liability and full-coverage policies.

Liability Only Full Coverage
$86 $227

Dairyland’s liability rates are lower than the national average of $92 per month, but its full coverage is more expensive than the national average — $176 per month. That said, national averages aren’t the best indicator of what you’ll pay since many factors influence your personal rates.

Later, we’ll cover how these factors affect pricing — including driving record, age, and location.

Dairyland vs. the Competition

Car insurance costs are relative, so it’s important to consider how Dairyland compares to its closest competitors. Here’s how Dairyland stacks up against a few.

Company Compare.com Rating Average Monthly Rate
Dairyland 3.36/5 $157
Direct Auto 3.76/5 $145
National General 4.30/5 $134
Progressive 4.73/5 $119
The General 3.35/5 $185

Dairyland has higher rates than all its closest competitors except for The General, which caters particularly to drivers traditionally considered high-risk. Its Compare.com Rating also lags behind all but The General for other key metrics — availability, ease of access, and customer satisfaction.

Remember that the above premiums are still broad averages and can vary dramatically based on other influential factors, which we cover in the following sections.

Breaking Down Dairyland’s Average Car Insurance Costs

Several factors affect your car insurance premiums — your driving record and credit history are two of the most influential. A spotty driving record makes you riskier to insure, and insurers associate drivers with poor credit with a higher rate of claims.

The table below shows how Dairyland’s rates change based on driving record and credit history and how the company’s rates compare to the national average.

Driver Type Dairyland Average Monthly Rate National Average Monthly Rate % Difference
Clean driving record, good credit $167 $138 +21%
Clean driving record, poor credit $188 $162 +16%
Recent speeding ticket, good credit $193 $171 +13%
Recent at-fault accident, good credit $202 $181 +12%
Recent DUI, good credit $243 $203 +20%

Dairyland follows national trends, with drivers with clean records and good credit paying the lowest rate and drivers with a DUI paying the most. Notably, drivers of all backgrounds — especially those with a speeding ticket, at-fault accident, and DUI — pay higher-than-average rates with Dairyland.

In addition to driving record and credit history, age and location are the next most significant factors that affect your car insurance rate.

Dairyland’s Average Rates by Age

Your age is a huge factor in determining your car insurance rates. Teens and young drivers tend to pay higher rates than older drivers because they’re more likely to be in an at-fault accident, according to AAA Foundation research.

On the other hand, senior drivers are less likely to cause an accident, earning them the lowest average rates from insurance companies.

Here’s a breakdown of Dairyland’s average rates by age group.

Age Group Dairyland Average Monthly Rate National Average % Difference
Teens $229 $232 -1%
20s $174 $156 +12%
30s $150 $124 +21%
40s $140 $117 +20%
50s $129 $104 +24%
60s $126 $99 +27%
70s $136 $103 +32%

Dairyland’s rates follow the national average, with teen drivers and young adults paying the highest premiums and costs decreasing until drivers hit their 70s. Though teen drivers pay about average for policies with Dairyland, all other age groups pay higher rates on average. Drivers in their 70s stand to pay the highest rate compared to the national average.

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Dairyland’s Average Rates by State

Where you live also affects your auto insurance costs because state laws, claim rates, crime rates, and even climate influence the chances of you filing a claim.

For example, Maine’s rates are low due to its low population density, low rate of uninsured motorists, and relatively low claim costs. Rates are higher in Florida because of its denser population, higher rate of uninsured drivers, and higher claim costs.

Let’s take a look at Dairyland’s average rates for each state in its coverage area.

State Dairyland Average Monthly Rate
Alabama $187
Arkansas $171
California $194
Colorado $176
Delaware $254
Florida $302
Idaho $96
Illinois $131
Indiana $119
Iowa $103
Kansas $122
Maine $143
Mississippi $139
Missouri $150
Nebraska $151
Nevada $283
New Mexico $123
North Carolina $188
Ohio $150
Oregon $209
Pennsylvania $183
South Carolina $238
South Dakota $128
Tennessee $136
Texas $185
Utah $155
Vermont $132
Virginia $172
Washington $194
West Virginia $168
Wisconsin $137
Wyoming $98

Dairyland Car Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance discounts are one of the most effective and easiest ways to reduce your car insurance premiums. Dairyland offers seven discounts, including:

  • Advanced quote: Earn this discount when you get a Dairyland quote before your policy expires.
  • Anti-theft: Get this discount when you install an anti-theft device in your vehicle.
  • Defensive driver course: Get a reduced premium for completing an approved defensive driving course.
  • Homeowners: This discount lowers your auto insurance rate if you own a home.
  • Multi-car: Earn this discount when you insure multiple vehicles under the same policy.
  • Payment frequency: You can earn this discount by paying your premium annually or semi-annually instead of monthly.
  • Transfer: Get this discount when you switch from your current insurer to Dairyland.

Discount options, rules, and values vary from state to state. Speak with your agent about discount savings potential.

Dairyland’s Available Auto Insurance Coverages

Dairyland offers the following coverage options:

How to Purchase a Car Insurance Policy from Dairyland

You can get a quote and buy a Dairyland policy entirely online using a simple form. I started my quote by entering my ZIP code into the auto insurance home page.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 1

Next, I entered my personal information, including birthdate and gender.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 2

I entered my vehicle information on the next page, including whether I own or finance my car.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 3

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 4

Next, I answered questions that could help me qualify for discounts, including questions about my marital status and insurance history.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 5

Finally, I answered questions about my driving record.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 6

The site then generated my quote, which said the basic policy would cost me $314.74 per month — about double the quotes I received elsewhere.Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 7

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 8

Customizing the quote was mostly easy — I just clicked “edit” next to the coverage option. The customization options included transparent pricing, which was very helpful.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 9

I could also find more information about each coverage option by clicking the information icon.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 10

But I ran into an issue when I tried to add uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury (UMBI) coverage — there was no option to edit limits.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 11

I clicked on the Plus option, and an “edit” button appeared in the UMBI box. But when I clicked it, it directed me to make edits under the “Custom” tab, which I couldn’t find.

Dairyland Insurance purchasing policy step 12

I switched to the Ultimate package tab, which allowed me to edit the UMBI. Then, the site changed my package to “Custom.”

Besides this hiccup, the process was easy to navigate, but the customization page could be more user-friendly.

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What to Expect When Filing a Claim with Dairyland

You can file a Dairyland claim with your online account or by phone. The company has mixed reviews on its claims process. The reviewer below got conflicting information, and even though Dairyland paid the claim, they still had unanswered questions.

Dairyland Insurance 1-star review

Several customers discussed long wait times and mysteriously missing coverages. The reviewer below discovered their coverage was incorrect at the time of the claim.

Dairyland Insurance 1-star review

A handful of reviews mentioned the company claimed to have issued a reimbursement check, but the customer never received it, as in the case below.

Dairyland Insurance 2-star review

But these experiences weren’t universal. The below customer’s claim process was quick and seamless.

Dairyland Insurance 5-star review

More About Dairyland Insurance

Founded 1953
Available in 31 states
Owned by Sentry Insurance
National average premium $157 per month
Mobile app Android, iOS
Customer service 1 (800) 334-0090
Claims 1 (800) 334-0090
Primary competitors Bristol West, Farmers, GEICO, State Farm

Dairyland’s other insurance products

Dairyland offers the following additional insurance products.

  • Motorcycle: Protects motorcycle owners against damage, theft, and liability.
  • Off-road: Covers damage, theft, and liability for vehicles used in off-road activities, such as ATVs and dirt bikes.
  • RV: Protects against collision, comprehensive damages, liability, and personal belongings for RVs, motor homes, and travel trailers.
  • Mexico auto: Provides liability coverage and optional physical damage protection for vehicles driven in Mexico.
  • Renters: Protects tenants’ personal belongings and liability.

Dairyland Auto Insurance FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Dairyland to help you better understand what to expect.

Does Dairyland have cheap car insurance?

In general, Dairyland doesn’t offer cheap car insurance. Dairyland’s average rate of $157 per month is higher than the national average, according to Compare.com data. It isn’t considered cheap, especially for drivers without high-risk profiles.

Is Dairyland a legit insurance company?

Yes. Dairyland is a legitimate insurance company with a long history and solid financial rating — an A+ rating from AM Best. It offers various auto insurance coverage options, particularly for high-risk drivers.

Why is Dairyland Insurance so expensive?

Dairyland’s rates are more expensive because it specializes in non-standard insurance policies. These policies tend to come with higher premiums to cover the increased risk of insuring high-risk drivers.

Who owns Dairyland Insurance?

Sentry Insurance is Dairyland’s parent company. Founded in 1904, it’s a well-established and reputable insurance company that offers a wide range of products.

Data Methodology:

Data scientists at Compare.com analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance quotes from more than 75 partner insurers in order to compile the rates and statistics seen in this article. Compare.com’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information.

All the rates listed in this article have been collected from a combination of real Compare.com quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. Compare.com uses these observations to provide readers with insights into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.

Rating Methodology:

Compare.com’s mission is to help our readers make more informed decisions about their personal finances. Our editorial staff has crafted a proprietary, objective rating formula — the Compare.com Rating — to make it easier for our readers to analyze and compare many of the industry’s most well-known insurers. The score you see referenced in this article is based on several factors, including:

  • Cost: How the insurer’s average rates compare to its direct competitors and the industry as a whole. This includes available savings opportunities, such as discounts and other factors.
  • Customer satisfaction: How satisfied existing customers are with the service they receive. This includes the insurer’s scores among various third-party studies, such as the J.D. Power U.S. Insurance Shopping and Claims Satisfaction studies, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index, among others.
  • Ease of use: How easy it is for policyholders to utilize their policies. This includes mobile app availability, customer service availability, payment flexibility, and other related factors.
  • Availability: The overall scope of the company’s insurance offerings. This includes available coverage types, national footprint, and other related factors.
  • Industry reputation: A measure of the insurer’s overall standing within the industry. This includes its AM Best financial strength rating, BBB accreditation, and other related factors.


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