The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Ohio in 2024

Ohio may be among the top 10 cheapest states for car insurance, but you’re still likely paying too much. Find out how to get cheaper rates with our latest guide.

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Although Ohio has minimum insurance requirements, drivers can get a bond or self-insure instead. This option might work for some, but Ohio is in the top 10 cheapest states in the country for auto insurance, making it possible to find affordable coverage.

The average cost of car insurance in Ohio is $85 per month, or $1,020 per year, according to data. Knowing which insurance companies offer the best rates in the Buckeye State can make shopping for coverage easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hasting Mutual, GEICO, Erie, and Grange Insurance offer some of Ohio’s cheapest car insurance rates.
  • Drivers in Ohio’s most-populated cities — Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati — pay the most for auto insurance.
  • High-risk drivers in Ohio must file an SR-22 certificate with the state for three to five years, depending on the violation.

Ohio’s Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Even though Ohio has relatively cheap car insurance rates compared to the rest of the country, you still have ways to save on your insurance policy. Let’s take a look at the top five cheapest companies for car insurance in Ohio.

Company Monthly Premium
Hastings Mutual $37
Erie $47
Grange Insurance $47
Auto-Owners $51

According to our analysis, Hastings Mutual is the cheapest auto insurance company in Ohio, with an average monthly premium of $37. However, this insurer might only be the cheapest option for some drivers, since a variety of factors determine insurance rates. We compared the top factors below to help you find the most affordable car insurance companies for your driving profile.

How we chose the cheapest companies in Ohio

Our team analyzed thousands of rates from dozens of the top insurance companies in Ohio. Using that data, we listed the five cheapest options for Ohio drivers based on several key factors, such as age, coverage level, driving history, and more. All of the rates listed are based on someone who drives a 2016 Honda Accord and has the minimum limits for coverage in Ohio. The listed “full-coverage” rates include $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverages in addition to state-minimum liability coverage.

The Average Cost of Ohio Car Insurance

"Ohio Welcomes You" road sign

Drivers in Ohio pay an average rate of $85 per month for car insurance, making the Buckeye State the 10th-cheapest state in the country. Let’s take a look at how the average car insurance rates in Ohio compare to its neighbors.

State Average Rate State Rank
Ohio $85 10th-cheapest
Indiana $87 11th
Kentucky $157 39th
Michigan $195 46th
Pennsylvania $142 36th
Rest of U.S. $186

The average cost of car insurance in Ohio is more affordable than in neighboring states Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania.

Ohio has a low risk of natural disasters, which can contribute to Ohio’s lower-than-average car insurance rates.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for State-Minimum Insurance: Grange Insurance and Erie

Your coverage level affects how much you pay for auto insurance. Liability-only insurance meets your state’s minimum-coverage requirements, and it’s usually the cheapest coverage option. But it doesn’t cover you or your passengers if you’re in an accident; it only covers damage or injuries you cause to others.

The five companies in the below table offer the best average rates for Ohio’s state-minimum coverage.

Company Monthly Premium
Grange Insurance $24
Erie $24
Hastings Mutual $25
Auto-Owners $29

Grange Insurance and Erie tie for the most affordable average rate of $24 monthly for state minimum car insurance. These small insurance companies offer personalized customer service and, at times, lower rates for drivers. Hastings Mutual is just $1 more than Erie and Grange, while GEICO averages $26 monthly.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Full-Coverage Insurance: Hastings Mutual

Full-coverage car insurance includes state minimum liability, plus other coverages like collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist. This coverage is more expensive but offers more financial protection if you get into an accident.

Let’s take a look at which companies offer the cheapest full-coverage car insurance rates in Ohio.

Company Monthly Premium
Hastings Mutual $48
Erie $70
Grange Insurance $70
Auto-Owners $72

Hastings Mutual is Ohio’s cheapest car insurance company for full coverage, with an average cost of $48 per month. You can expand your insurance protection with Hasting Mutual’s pet injury, key replacement, and child restraint system coverages. Other affordable full-coverage options include GEICO, Erie, and Grange Insurance.

Compare Ohio Auto Insurance Rates by Age

teen driver

One of the most crucial rating factors insurance companies use to determine car insurance premiums is your age. Drivers with less experience are at a higher risk of causing accidents and getting traffic violations. The higher your risk, the more you’ll pay for auto insurance. We compared rates in Ohio for different age groups to show how age affects car insurance premiums.

Cheapest car insurance for Ohio teens: Erie

The most expensive age group to insure by far is teens. Drivers younger than 20 are most likely to be involved in a fatal crash, with speed being one of the highest contributing factors, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. Premiums typically drop when drivers reach the age of 25.

The table below shows average rates for 18-year-old drivers in Ohio, sorted by cheapest liability-only rates.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Erie $61 $177
Hastings Mutual $75 $141
Grange Insurance $77 $189
GEICO $85 $163
Central Insurance $87 $169

The cheapest car insurance company for young drivers, according to data, is Erie Insurance. Its average cost for liability-only coverage is $61, though its full-coverage rate is much higher, at $177. Hastings Mutual has the lowest full-coverage rates for young drivers, at $141 monthly. GEICO and Central Insurance are other affordable options for full coverage.

Cheapest car insurance for Ohio seniors: Erie

Drivers reaching retirement age usually pay the lowest car insurance rates. Premiums can also go down for this age group if they drive fewer miles than they did while working. The table below shows the cheapest car insurance companies for 65-year-old drivers, sorted by cheapest liability-only rates.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Erie $23 $66
GEICO $23 $60
Hastings Mutual $26 $49
Buckeye Insurance Group $27 $68
Auto-Owners $29 $69

Erie Insurance and GEICO tie for the lowest liability-only rates for seniors, averaging $23 monthly. Hastings Mutual offers the best car insurance rates for full coverage, at $49 monthly. Its liability-only rates are also affordable, at $26 per month. GEICO and Erie are also reasonable alternatives for senior drivers looking for a full-coverage policy.

Compare Ohio Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

woman researching auto insurance

Your driving record is possibly the most important factor that affects your auto insurance rates in Ohio. Insurance companies use your driving and claim history information to assess your risk of filing a claim. The riskier you are, the more an insurance company will charge to make up for the added risk.

We compared car insurance quotes to find the five cheapest car insurance companies for different driving profiles.

Cheapest car insurance for good drivers in Ohio: Grange Insurance and Erie

A good driver has a clean driving record with no accidents or tickets, commanding the best car insurance rates. The data in the table below is based on Ohioans with clean driving records, sorted by cheapest liability-only rates.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Grange Insurance $24 $70
Erie $24 $70
Hastings Mutual $25 $48
GEICO $26 $67
Auto-Owners $29 $72

Grange and Erie Insurance tie for the lowest liability-only rates, at $24 monthly. Both insurers offer accident forgiveness, which good drivers can include to protect against rate increases after their first at-fault accident. Hastings Mutual has the cheapest full-coverage premiums, averaging $48 per month. Its liability-only rates are also affordable.

Cheapest car insurance in Ohio after a ticket: Erie

Getting a ticket increases your car insurance premium by a national average of 23%, according to data. The table below shows Ohio’s cheapest auto insurance companies for drivers with one speeding ticket.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Erie $27 $75
GEICO $30 $78
Buckeye Insurance Group $31 $77
Hastings Mutual $33 $60
Grange Insurance $36 $99

Consider Erie if you have a ticket and are looking for state-minimum coverage. Its average rate for liability-only coverage is $27 per month, with GEICO being another affordable option, at $30 monthly. Hastings Mutual is the cheapest insurer for full coverage, averaging $60 monthly. Erie is the next affordable choice, at $15 more per month.

Cheapest car insurance in Ohio after an accident: Erie

Causing an accident is another reason you could see a rate increase. National average driver rates are 43% higher after an at-fault accident, according to data. The data table below is sorted by liability-only rates, showcasing the cheapest Ohio insurance companies for drivers with one at-fault accident.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Erie $35 $93
Buckeye Insurance Group $36 $94
Hastings Mutual $39 $70
Grange Insurance $40 $110
Auto-Owners $45 $106

Erie is the cheapest option for liability-only coverage, costing an average of $35 monthly. Buckeye Insurance Group is just $1 more. Hastings Mutual is the most affordable choice for full coverage after an accident, with average premiums of $70 monthly. Erie and Buckeye Insurance Group are the next reasonable alternative, though their rates are $23 and $24 higher than Hastings Mutual.

Cheapest car insurance in Ohio after a DUI: Grange Insurance

A DUI is the most severe driving traffic violation. Driver rates increase by a national average of 92% after a DUI, creating a greater need for cheap car insurance. Besides fines and jail time, Ohio drivers can face a one- to three-year license suspension and require an SR-22 insurance form if they have a DUI on their record. A DUI conviction can also cause an insurance company to drop you if it deems you too risky to insure.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Grange Insurance $32 $104
Erie $43 $111
Progressive $46 $120
American Family $59 $104
Westfield $61 $146

Grange Insurance is the cheapest for liability-only and full-coverage car insurance for drivers with a DUI, costing $32 and $104 monthly. American Family ties with Grange for the cheapest full-coverage premium. Erie and Progressive are also affordable options for state minimum and full coverage.

The Cheapest Cities for Car Insurance in Ohio

Ohio back road

Factors like population size, traffic statistics, vehicle repair costs, and weather patterns affect car insurance premiums, which is why rates vary by ZIP code, even within the same state.

City Monthly Premium
Akron $62
Bedford $56
Canton $60
Chillicothe $44
Cincinnati $67
Cleveland $62
Columbus $68
Cuyahoga Falls $59
Dayton $58
Dublin $51
Elyria $64
Euclid $62
Fairborn $56
Findlay $49
Hamilton $63
Hilliard $57
Kent $58
Lakewood $54
Lancaster $50
Lima $57
Lorain $51
Loveland $54
Mansfield $51
Maple Heights $62
Massillon $62
Middletown $58
Newark $52
Pataskala $50
Perrysburg $50
Piqua $46
Reynoldsburg $65
Springfield $53
Strongsville $53
Toledo $67
Warren $55
Westerville $56
Willoughby $64
Wooster $48
Youngstown $63
Zanesville $50

The cities with the cheapest Ohio car insurance rates are Chillicothe ($44), Piqua ($46), and Wooster ($48). These cities have lower population densities than other Ohio cities, which can contribute to more affordable rates.

Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are the largest cities by population. Not surprisingly, these three cities have the highest average premiums in Ohio, ranging from $62 per month in Cleveland to $68 per month in Columbus).

5 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Ohio

Getting cheap car insurance in Ohio is possible, especially if you follow these five tips:

  • Bundle policies. “The commercials are correct,” says Dominic Frey, insurance professional at Hitchings Insurance Agency. “In most cases, you get the best savings when you bundle your home/renters and auto policies with the same carrier.”
  • Improve your credit. If you don’t have a good or better credit score, you pay an average of $150 or more per month for auto insurance, according to data.
  • Maintain a clean driving record. “Avoiding tickets and accidents goes a long way in getting and keeping a low rate,” says Frey.
  • Take advantage of discounts. “Companies typically offer healthy discounts for paying your policy in full, driving low miles, and driving safely with a telematics program,” says Frey.
  • Shop frequently and compare quotes. Shopping when your policy renews and comparing car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies can help ensure you’re getting the best rates.

Ohio Auto Insurance Requirements

Ohio requires drivers to have 25/50/25 state-minimum auto insurance. This means you must carry liability insurance coverage of at least:

You can also prove financial responsibility instead of carrying minimum coverage. This can be done in the form of an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) bond certificate or certificate of self-insurance of $30,000, or you can purchase a surety bond of $30,000 from an authorized insurance or surety company.

Remember, if you have state-minimum coverage or are self-insuring, you’re still financially responsible for accidents you cause. If you cause higher medical bills, lost wages, or property damage than what your coverage provides, you could face wage or asset garnishment.

Penalties for driving without auto insurance in Ohio

Ohio drivers can face several penalties if caught driving without auto insurance. Your license can be suspended for non-compliance, requiring you to pay a reinstatement fee and provide an SR-22. The SR-22 requirement increases from three to five years for the second year after a year’s license suspension. Subsequent offenses carry the same penalty as the second offense.

With these penalties in mind, ensuring you have proof of insurance available for traffic stops and accidents is a good idea.

SR-22 auto insurance in Ohio

An SR-22 isn’t actually insurance; it’s a form your insurance company provides to the state of Ohio that proves you carry the state-minimum auto insurance requirements. While it’s not a type of insurance, you could pay higher rates when you need an SR-22. You might have limited options for SR-22 insurance, as not all insurance companies offer this option.

Frey offers these tips for drivers needing an SR-22 in Ohio:

  • “Find an independent insurance agency offering SR-22 coverage to shop rates so you can get the most competitive price.”
  • “Shop with standard car insurance companies after your SR-22 insurance requirement expires for the best rate.”

Ohio Auto Insurance FAQs

If you’re shopping for affordable car insurance in Ohio, this additional information may help as you research your coverage options.

Who is the cheapest auto insurance company in Ohio?

The cheapest auto insurance company in Ohio will vary based on your driving profile and coverage needs. data shows that Hastings Mutual, GEICO, Erie, Grange Insurance, and Auto-Owners have affordable rates for Ohio drivers in several categories.

How much is car insurance in Ohio?

Ohio car insurance costs depend on a variety of factors, such as age, credit score, driving history, and coverage choices. The average car insurance cost is $85 per month. Grange and Erie Insurance offer the cheapest liability-only rates, at $24 monthly, while Hastings Mutual’s $48 monthly rate is the cheapest for full coverage.

Which city has the cheapest car insurance in Ohio?

Chillicothe, Piqua, and Wooster are the cities with the cheapest car insurance in Ohio, according to data. Insurance premiums can vary by city and ZIP code, so comparing quotes from several companies can help you find the lowest rate.

How much car insurance is required in Ohio?

Ohio requires drivers to carry 25/50/25 liability insurance coverage. This is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury liability and $25,000 for property damage liability. Drivers can purchase a $30,000 bond instead of buying car insurance but will still be liable for accidents they cause.

What happens if you get caught driving without insurance in Ohio?

Your license will be suspended if you get caught driving without insurance in Ohio. You’ll have to pay a reinstatement fee and provide an SR-22 for three years to reinstate your license. The SR-22 will be required for five years for each subsequent offense, plus a reinstatement fee and longer suspension.


Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance rates from more than 75 partner insurance providers in order to compile the quotes and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information. All of the quotes listed in this article have been gathered from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide drivers with insight into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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