The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Maine in 2024

Maine has a low rate of uninsured drivers and car accidents, so its auto insurance rates remain low. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get an even better deal.

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Maine drivers enjoy cheaper car insurance than most of the country, with average rates of just $67 per month. And that’s despite the state’s higher-than-average minimum-coverage requirements. But some Maine drivers are paying even less — especially people who get their policies through Concord Group Insurance.

But that’s not the only way to save (or the only cheap car insurance company). This article covers everything you need to know to get cheaper car insurance in Maine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some Maine drivers pay less than half the state average for car insurance.
  • Regional insurers such as Patriot, Countryway, and MMG offer cheap rates.
  • Of the large national companies, State Farm, GEICO, and Allstate are your best bet.

Maine’s Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Although the average rate for car insurance in Maine is only $67 per month, there are many ways to get cheaper (sometimes much cheaper) coverage. You can start by getting quotes from the cheapest companies in Maine, as shown in the table below.

Company Monthly Premium
Concord Group Insurance $47
State Farm $50
MMG Insurance $53
Patriot Insurance Company $54

Concord Group Insurance offers the lowest car insurance premiums in Maine, with State Farm, GEICO, MMG, and Patriot Insurance not far behind. But these broad averages aren’t very helpful for understanding the rate you’ll actually pay — and they may not be the cheapest option for everyone.

Below, we’ll drill down into costs based on a few different driver profiles, including age and driving record.

How we chose the cheapest companies in Maine

Our team analyzed thousands of rates from dozens of the top insurance companies in Maine. Using that data, we listed the five cheapest options for Maine drivers based on several key factors, such as age, coverage level, driving history, and more.

All of the rates listed are based on someone who drives a 2016 Honda Accord and has the minimum limits for coverage in Maine. The listed “full-coverage” rates include $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverages in addition to state-minimum liability coverage.

The Average Cost of Maine Car Insurance

Welcome to Maine sign

Compared to neighboring states — and the rest of New England — Maine drivers enjoy extremely affordable rates for car insurance.

State Average Rates State Rank
Maine $67 2nd-cheapest
New Hampshire $78 5th
Rest of U.S. $129

At an average of $67 per month, the state boasts some of the most affordable car insurance in the country — second only to Vermont, according to data.

Maine residents are generally widely dispersed, reducing congestion, traffic jams, and collisions. Additionally, Maine has a low number of uninsured drivers on the road — just 4.9%, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

All these factors lead to lower premiums overall.

Get Cheaper Maine Car Insurance in Minutes

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for State-Minimum Insurance: Patriot Insurance Company

State-minimum coverage in Maine must include the following coverage limits:

  • Bodily injury liability protection: $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability protection: $25,000
  • Medical Payments coverage (MedPay): $2,000 per person
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection coverage: $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident

Keep in mind that this is the least amount of car insurance you need to drive legally in the state, but it may not be enough insurance coverage to ensure you’re fully protected while driving.

Below are the cheapest companies for state-minimum car insurance in Maine.

Company Monthly Premium
Patriot Insurance Company $27
Allstate $30
MMG Insurance $30
State Farm $32

Patriot Insurance — a regional insurer founded in Maine and servicing the Northeast — is well known for offering cheap rates, especially for minimum coverage. The average driver spends less than $400 per year on a liability policy from Patriot Insurance, but you can also save with GEICO, Allstate, MMG, and State Farm.

Also, note that insurers not on this list may offer rock-bottom prices to every driver, so don’t be afraid to shop around.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates for Full-Coverage Insurance: Concord Group Insurance

Full-coverage policies typically include liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage (and sometimes additional coverage options). Extra safeguards like these come into play when your vehicle is damaged in an at-fault accident or non-collision event, such as a tree branch falling on your car during a storm.

Full-coverage policies carry a higher price tag than state-minimum insurance. But numerous insurers can provide you with competitive rates.

Here are the cheapest options for full-coverage car insurance in Maine.

Company Monthly Premium
Concord Group Insurance $62
State Farm $68
MMG Insurance $76
Patriot Insurance Company $80

Full-coverage car insurance is where regional insurer Concord Group really shines, with average rates totaling less than $750 annually. But it’s not your only option — State Farm, GEICO, MMG, and Patriot are also highly likely to offer you low rates alongside excellent coverage options and additional benefits.

Compare Maine Auto Insurance Rates by Age

Woman on a laptop searching for car insurance companies

Age plays a substantial role in determining your car insurance premiums. Young drivers usually pay more because of their limited experience and higher accident rates. Premiums gradually decrease as you age, ultimately leveling off during your mid-to-late 30s.

Favorable rates remain consistent well into your 60s and beyond. But premiums usually begin to increase sometime in your 70s, as older drivers tend to have slower reaction times, contributing to an elevated risk of car accidents.

“A middle-aged driver with liability only and a safe vehicle is going to pay a lot less in auto insurance than an inexperienced driver with multiple violations, a high-value vehicle, and full-coverage insurance,” says Nick Schrader, licensed insurance agent and owner of Second Western Insurance. “This is because auto insurance is based on a variety of rating features, such as age, vehicle, driving experience, and coverage limits.”

In the next sections, we’ll examine how age affects auto insurance rates in Maine.

Cheapest car insurance for Maine teens: Allstate

All else being equal, teenagers and young drivers pay the highest car insurance premiums. But between the ages of 16 and 20, rates decrease rapidly. The decline continues but at a slightly more gradual pacein your 20s, and when you reach age 25, your premiums are  slightly higher compared to drivers in older age brackets.

Here are the auto insurance companies that offer the most affordable policies for 18-year-old drivers in Maine, sorted according to liability rates.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Allstate $78 $276
Concord Group Insurance $84 $147
Patriot Insurance Company $91 $257
Countryway Insurance $92 $203
State Farm $96 $201

For young drivers in Maine, Allstate is the cheapest option for liability policies, with average rates at $78 per month. Concord Group is a better option for full-coverage policies, at more than $50 less per month than the next cheapest option. But also be sure to compare quotes from other cheap insurerss, including Patriot, Countryway, and State Farm.

Cheapest car insurance for Maine seniors: Patriot Insurance Company

As you enter your retirement years, you generally experience the most affordable premiums — a trend especially noticeable among seniors who drive less. You can also get extra savings through a defensive driver discount or a telematics program that monitors your driving tendencies and provides incentives for safe driving practices.

Below are five auto insurers with the best ratess for 65-year-old drivers in Maine.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Patriot Insurance Company $26 $76
GEICO $28 $70
Allstate $28 $104
MMG Insurance $29 $74
State Farm $31 $66

At $26 per month, Patriot Insurance offers the lowest average liability-only option for seniors. However, GEICO offers the lowest full-coverage policies, at $70 per month — and it’s the only insurer on the list offering senior-specific discounts (the rest offer discounts seniors can access, though not senior-specific). Allstate, MMG, and State Farm are also worth getting a quote.

Compare Maine Auto Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Your driving history significantly affects your insurance premiums. In general, drivers with clean records receive the best rates. Drivers with minor traffic infractions see relatively moderate rate increases — though these increases add up over the three to five years the infractions remain on your record. More serious incidents (at-fault accidents, DUIs, and illegal racing) usually involve higher rate hikes.

Let’s explore how rates differ based on driving records for Maine drivers.

Cheapest car insurance for good drivers in Maine: Patriot Insurance Company

In Maine, you’re generally classified as a “good driver” if you haven’t received any traffic citations or caused a car accident over the last three to five years. However, the exact policies differ among insurers.

Insurance companies see these drivers as low risk, making them eligible for the most budget-friendly rates (in addition to a good driver discount).

Below are the cheapest auto insurance companies in Maine for drivers with a spotless record.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Patriot Insurance Company $27 $80
GEICO $30 $75
MMG Insurance $30 $76
Allstate $30 $110
State Farm $32 $68

Once again, Patriot Insurance offers the cheapest liability option, at $27 per month, and GEICO offers the lowest monthly rate for full-coverage policies, at $75. Allstate, MMG, and State Farm aren’t far behind (especially for liability coverage). All the insurers on this list — and several more that didn’t make the cut — offer safe driving discounts that can save good drivers even more.

Cheapest car insurance in Maine after a ticket: GEICO

Speeding tickets lead to a 37% average upcharge in premiums, according to data. People caught driving at higher speeds tend to see higher increases. And since insurers typically upcharge for three to five years after a ticket, those increases add up over time.

Below are the most competitive rates for Maine drivers with one speeding ticket.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
GEICO $30 $75
Patriot Insurance Company $33 $96
Vermont Mutual $34 $96
MMG Insurance $34 $93
State Farm $35 $74

GEICO offers the cheapest liability policies on average for drivers with a single speeding ticket at $30 per month. State Farm edges out GEICO for cheap full-coverage policies, offering an average rate of $74 per month. Regional insurers Patriot, Vermont Mutual, and MMG are also worth a look for Maine drivers with a ticket.

Cheapest car insurance in Maine after an accident: Patriot Insurance Company

Based on our research, an at-fault accident substantially elevates car insurance premiums. The average driver sees their rates increase by 44% after just one accident, according to data.

Maine follows what’s known as the “modified comparative negligence” rule. This means that both parties involved in an accident are assigned a percentage of responsibility and are accountable for damages up to that percentage.

Most insurers increase rates only if you’re determined to be 50% or more at fault, although there can be exceptions.

Below are the most affordable insurance companies in Maine for drivers who have been in a single at-fault accident.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Patriot Insurance Company $33 $96
Concord Group Insurance $37 $79
State Farm $38 $80
MMG Insurance $39 $95
Allstate $43 $151

You’ll most likely to find a cheap liability rate with Patriot Insurance ($33 per month) and affordable full coverage with Concord Group ($79 per month). State Farm and MMG also offer cheap liability and full-coverage options.

Cheapest car insurance in Maine after an OUI: State Farm

You can expect liability and full-coverage policy rates to nearly double after an OUI conviction in Maine.

You can also expect some or all of the following penalties for a first-time offense:

  • License suspension: 150 days (You may reduce this to 30 days by installing an ignition interlock device)
  • Fines: $500
  • Surcharge: $35 to $125
  • Jail time: Minimum 48 hours for intoxication over 0.15 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or if other tickets are issued, such as speeding 30 mph or more over the speed limit

You should also know that penalties are slightly harsher for refusing to take a sobriety test after being pulled over for a suspected OUI: $600 fine, 96 hours in jail, and a 275-day license suspension. Subsequent offenses within a 10-year-period have harsher penalties.

Here are the cheapest rates for Maine drivers with a recent OUI conviction.

Company Liability Only Full Coverage
State Farm $35 $74
Countryway Insurance $44 $117
Progressive $46 $108
MMG Insurance $50 $129
GEICO $51 $132

State Farm offers the least expensive liability and full-coverage plans to Maine drivers with a single OUI incident. Additionally, the company offers various insurance discounts to drivers, irrespective of past convictions.

Countryway, Progressive, MMG, and GEICO are also worth considering because each of  these companies charge around $50 per month or less for liability coverage.

5 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Maine

Brown building on a street in Portland, ME

You can lower your auto premiums in many ways, whether you’re paying high rates or already paying less than average.

Here are some tips you can use to get cheaper car insurance in Maine:

  1. Maintain a good driving history: A clean driving record comes with lower rates and additional discount opportunities.
  2. Adjust your policy: Eliminate unnecessary coverage options and raise deductibles.
  3. Leverage payment terms: Sign up for auto pay and paperless billing, and pay your policy in full, if possible. You can save up to 15% by doing all three with some insurers.
  4. Drive less: You can earn a low-mileage discount, get a discount through a telematics program, or use a pay-per-mile policy if you drive less than 7,500 miles annually.
  5. Compare rates from competitors: Rates change continuously, so check yours the next time your policy renews.

Remember, you’re not limited to just one strategy. Combine these (and others) to get the lowest rate possible.

Discover Maine’s Cheapest Rates in Minutes

Maine Auto Insurance Requirements

The Maine Bureau of Insurance requires drivers to purchase the following coverage options and minimum limits.

Though additional insurance may not be required, you may need higher limits or additional coverages, such as collision and comprehensive (especially if you have a car loan or lease). Often, you can increase your coverage limits for only a small addition to your premium.

Penalties for driving without auto insurance in Maine

If you’re caught driving without an active car insurance policy in Maine, you’ll deal with quite a few headaches. Here are the minimum penalties according to state law:

  • Fine: $100 to $500
  • License suspension: Until you provide proof of insurance
  • Vehicle registration suspension: Until you provide proof of insurance
  • SR-22: Provide proof of financial responsibility

SR-22 auto insurance in Maine

An SR-22 provides proof of insurance to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The state may require one if you have a serious traffic violation (DUI, reckless driving, or driving without insurance). Your insurer files the SR-22 form directly to the BMV.

Drivers with SR-22s pay higher rates as well. Here are some ways to lower yours:

  • Stay continuously insured
  • Gather discounts
  • Maintain good credit

You should also compare rates regularly, at least every six months.

Maine Auto Insurance FAQs

We’ve compiled the answers to the most commonly asked questions by Maine drivers like you.

What is the cheapest auto insurance company in Maine?

Concord Group Insurance offers the lowest rates on average in Maine, according to data. The average premium costs just $47 per month ($600 annually).

How much is car insurance in Maine?

The average car insurance policy in Maine costs $67 per month, or $804 annually. That makes Maine the second-cheapest state for car insurance.

Why is car insurance so cheap in Maine compared to other states?

Despite higher insurance requirements, Maine drivers have affordable rates due to the state’s low population density (which makes car accidents less likely). Maine also boasts a low rate of uninsured drivers, at 4.9% as of 2019.

How much car insurance is required in Maine?

You need to have bodily injury liability ($50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident), property damage liability ($25,000 per accident), medical payments coverage ($2,000 per person, per accident), and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection ($50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident) to drive legally in Maine.


Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance rates from more than 75 partner insurance providers in order to compile the quotes and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information. All of the quotes listed in this article have been gathered from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide drivers with insight into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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