Are You More a Hokies Fan or Cavaliers Fan?

October 19, 2016

Whether you’re an alumni of either school, a current student, or a prospective student, there is no better way to ease your mind than to prove you made the right choice to yourself. Or, if you have no affiliation to either school, our quiz provides the opportunity to find your collegiate surrogate in Virginia.

Compare Virginia Tech and UVA Cavaliers

While both school personalities are distinct (which we’ll get to shortly), they do have quite a few similarities. Here are a few ways both university can relate.

  • Both schools are big on football
  • UVA and Tech both are on train lines that run directly to New York City
  • All first-year students are mandated to live in dorms
  • If you’re a hiker, both schools feature many gorgeous hiking trails in close proximity

What’s Virginia Tech like?hokies quiz

If you take a look on The Princeton Review, you’ll notice that Virginia Tech wins a lot, for categories such as:

  • Happiest Students
  • Best Campus Food
  • Best Quality of Life
  • Town-Gown Relations are Great
  • Their Students Love these colleges.

Not only is Virginia Tech a decorated choice, but it’s also affordable, with in-state tuition coming in at $12,485. Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, which is a small, friendly town of only 45,000 people. With a student body of 28,000, Virginia Tech is pretty much the city.

What’s UVA like?cavaliers quiz

Not to be outdone, University of Virginia is ranked as the #5 best value public university and is known as a “public ivy” or the “ivy of the South,” for its superior education at affordable prices. The University of Virginia has pages of notable alum, ranging from Katie Couric to Georgia O’Keefe. Plus, the school has the most Rhodes scholars of any public education.

If their academic accolades don’t impress you, their pop-culture relevance might. Dave Matthews Band has deep roots to Charlottesville and often returns to play in the area. If you’ve ever watched “Evan Almighty,” you might also recognize Charlottesville from the film.

While we just sorted you into colleges, at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either stellar school.

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