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For decades, car insurance companies have followed the same model. As a result, you pay high premiums for standard coverage that might not be exactly what you want. And if you have to file a claim or contact an agent be prepared to wait on hold and get shuffled around before finally reaching a solution. 

But five car insurance companies are changing things up. Companies like Root Insurance aren’t only embracing technology, but they’re making it a central element of their business. 

The result is modern-day car insurance that truly meets your needs as a driver. These companies are able to offer creative and enticing discounts, like lower rates for good driving and pay-per-mile savings. Plus, with apps that can do everything from summon roadside assistance to help you get a nearly instant quote, these car insurance companies save you valuable time, too. 

Some of these companies have limited availability by state. If you want to see the cheapest car insurance options in your area, you can easily compare personalized car insurance quotes on

Root Insurance

Root Insurance in 10 words: Use their app to get a discount for good driving.

Root Insurance offers simple, fair pricing that’s based on your driving habits, so safe drivers will save money. Rather than using factors like your age, location, and credit score to calculate a quote, Root focuses on what really matters: How safe you are on the road. 

This approach is a major departure from how car insurance companies traditionally price policies, and it’s refreshing to see that you’re rewarded for safe driving that reduces your chances of being in an accident. Root Insurance has even committed to removing credit scores from its pricing structure by 2025.

How to Get a Quote With Root Insurance

To get your quote, you’ll download the Root Insurance app to your iPhone or Android. The app will monitor your driving habits for a few weeks, and then once it  has gathered enough data, you’ll receive a personalized policy quote. 

As you drive with the app, you can practice several behaviors to help keep your policy’s price down: 

  • Stay focused on driving instead of changing the radio station or reading texts
  • Give yourself plenty of room between other vehicles so you can brake smoothly and easily, rather than braking suddenly and frequently
  • Slow down before you turn, so your turns are gentle
  • Avoid driving during riskier times, like late at night

Benefits of Using Root Insurance

According to Root Insurance, safe drivers can save up to $900 per year. However, getting a policy isn’t a sure thing if your driving skills aren’t up to par; Root openly states that because the insurance model doesn’t work for everyone, the company might not offer you a quote after your test drive. 

Root Insurance offers several other appealing perks: 

  • Enjoy roadside assistance included in every policy
  • Get free Lyft credits on certain holidays
  • Earn cash when you refer friends

Your Root Insurance policy is entirely app-based, meaning you’ll be able to access your quote, as well as your ID cards and claims through the app. 

In addition to car insurance, Root Insurance also offers renters and homeowners insurance, and you can bundle policies to save even more. Root Insurance is currently available in 35 states, but the website reports the service will be available in additional states soon.

You should try Root Insurance if: You’re a careful, attentive driver and want to save money on your car insurance.

Family driving while insured by Root Insurance and Other New Companies that are Changing the Industry

Other Companies Like Root Insurance

Root Insurance is amazing, but they’re not the only ones taking steps in the right direction with auto insurance. Here are 4 other companies to look into that are using technology to disrupt the car insurance industry and offer innovative approaches, like pay-per-mile pricing and 60-second app-based quotes. These insurance companies also offer plenty of money-saving opportunities.

Say Insurance

Say Insurance in 10 words: All-online convenience and multiple ways to save money.

Say Insurance is an all-online car insurance company that launched in 2016. With the goal of making the car insurance experience “as painless as possible,” Say Insurance notes that getting a quote takes an average of just five minutes.

Say Insurance gives you several ways to save money on your car insurance: 

  • Purchase a policy at least seven days before you need it to start
  • Go paperless to save both trees and money
  • Pay for your entire term of insurance in one lump sum instead of using monthly billing
  • Complete an approved defensive driving course
  • Have an anti-theft device on your car for savings on your Comprehensive Coverage
  • Keep your insurance current before switching to Say Insurance for a continuous coverage discount

According to Say Insurance, all of these discounts can add up to big savings; customers reportedly save up to $1,126 per annual term on their policies. 

If you’re ever in an accident, most car insurance providers will increase your rates as a result. Say Insurance takes a different approach. If your accident costs less than $1,000, your premium costs won’t increase.

Say Insurance is currently only available in Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, and Indiana. 

You should try Say Insurance if: you live in one of the six states where the company currently offers coverage.

Clearcover Insurance

Clearcover Insurance in 10 words: Say hello to claim payments processed within just a week.

Clearcover Insurance boasts they have the “fastest claims in car insurance,” thanks to its app-based design. The Clearcover Insurance app is available for iOS and Android, and it makes interacting with the company simple.

Thanks to the app, Clearcover is able to deliver impressively fast claim payments. To start, you’ll answer some questions and take photos of any damage to start your claims process. Then, the app’s machine learning model validates your coverage and pays your claim, usually within a week. You can also track your claim’s process through the app, so you stay updated. 

You can use the app in other ways, too. It features a Roadside Assistance button that you can tap to get help. Also pay your bill and access your insurance card through the app for your convenience. 

Clearcover Insurance is currently available in 20 states, and it will soon be available in Nevada and North Carolina. 

You should try Clearcover Insurance if: you want the peace of mind knowing that you’ll get your payment soon after you file a claim. 

Go Insurance

Go Insurance in 10 words: Get app-based insurance with a 60-second quote process.

Designed “for what people want,” Go Insurance solves many of the inconveniences and frustrations that are so common with other car insurance companies. This insurance company was designed as an app from the start, and the resulting app is versatile and helpful.

With Go Insurance’s app, which is available for iOS, you can scan your driver’s license and get a quote in 60 seconds. 

The app functions as an auto-club app, combining multiple helpful features. You can use it to map your routes and even call for roadside assistance. You can also use it to chat with real Go Insurance agents, eliminating the need to sit on hold and be repeatedly transferred before you find the right one. 

If you’re in an accident, you can report a claim right through the app. Go Insurance promises to quickly connect you with an adjuster, make it easy to understand the claims process, and efficiently take care of your claim. 

You should try Go Insurance if: You want to be able to use your iPhone to easily address all of your car insurance needs.

Metromile Insurance

Metromile Insurance in 10 words: The less you drive, the more money you can save. 

While traditional car insurance requires you pay a flat fee no matter how much – or how little – you drive your car, Metromile Insurance takes a different approach. Metromile Insurance offers a pay-per-mile insurance option, so you can save money if you don’t drive far or often. 

With the pay-per-mile arrangement, you’ll pay a monthly rate plus a few cents per mile you drive each month. Metromile Insurance reports that customers can save up to $947 per year with this payment model. 

To determine your best possible rate, you can download the Metromile app, available for iOS and Android. After you drive for 17 days, the app will count the miles you’ve driven and calculate the best, most accurate rate. You’ll be able to get a sense of what you could save by switching to Metromile. 

The app also gives you important information for a better driving experience to: 

  • Track your trips
  • Monitor your car’s health
  • Use street sweeping alerts to avoid tickets
  • Find your lost or stolen car

You can also file a claim online or right through the app. 

Metromile Insurance is currently available in Washington, California, Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

You should try Metromile Insurance if: You usually put limited miles on your car and want to save money on your car insurance. 

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