How to Get Car Insurance Instantly

Looking to get same-day car insurance? Here's how.

Do you need to have car insurance right away? There are many reasons that you might need to have fast car insurance. Are you worried about a lapse in coverage? You want to make sure that you get the coverage you need, and you need it quickly. Perhaps you just bought a new car and need insurance before you can drive it off the car lot.

Regardless of the reason, you will find that it is possible to get fast, cheap car insurance on the same day that you apply. Many companies can provide car insurance the same day that you need it. Often, these are the larger companies such as Progressive, GEICO, and Farmers. They have the means to allow for fast online purchases and same-day car insurance coverage.

Some smaller companies can offer this, as well. However, many of the smaller car insurance carriers will require that you head to their office or call one of their agents on the phone to set things up. While this may still be possible to get same-day insurance, it is not as convenient as opting for an online service for a policy instead. 

Still, you may be able to find some smaller, affordable companies that can provide these policies. Check out the options on

What happens if you don’t get insurance? You don’t want to live this dangerously, as many issues can arise. For example, it is illegal to drive without insurance, and you could face serious fines if you are pulled over by the police. Also, if you were in an accident, whether it is your fault or not, there could be massive financial consequences. 

In the case of those who are buying a new car, you won’t be able to leave the car lot if you do not have coverage. Not having insurance is simply not an option.

Understanding “One-Day” Car Insurance

Something that’s important to note is that same-day car insurance and one-day car insurance are not the same things. “One-day” car insurance is essentially temporary car insurance for those who need it for short-term coverage of a few months. You might have a license, but you might not drive often, and you might want to have your own coverage if you have to borrow someone’s car, for example. Having your own coverage can help to ensure that you aren’t liable for damages or other issues that their insurance doesn’t cover.

Maybe you have a car that you often keep in storage and that hasn’t been insured. If you aren’t going to be putting it on the road permanently and are only using it for a road trip or vacation, you might want to consider short-term insurance. 

However, credible insurance companies will not offer coverage for less than 6 months, so beware of people offering “one-day” or “one-month” auto insurance coverage.

Same-day insurance, on the other hand, is generally for those who want to have a typical car insurance policy that will cover their vehicle going forward. It’s essentially a regular policy, you are just getting it on the same day that you start the coverage.

How Long Does it Take to Buy a New Policy Online?

When you head online to buy your policy, it will typically only take minutes to get started and to have your policy in hand and ready to go. The insurance company will need to know when you need to have your policy start. You can often opt to choose the same day. It’s as simple as that. It is fast enough and easy enough that some people buy their insurance while they are in the car dealership.

One of the things to be aware of when you are in the dealership is that they might have insurance companies that they work with regularly and that they say you can use. While this might be a nice gesture, it doesn’t mean they are always the best choice when you are looking for insurance. They may not have the best rates, for example. You should compare car insurance and consider different coverage options on your own before you make a decision. Find the option that works for your needs and your budget. Get started by entering your ZIP code below.

Once you have your policy set up and paid for, you can access the proof of insurance to print and keep in your vehicle. Many companies also have apps that you can keep on your phone that will show your proof of insurance.

What do I Need to Get a Quote and Buy Car Insurance Online?

After you find a company that you like and that offers same-day insurance, you will need to provide information about yourself when filling out the application. The insurance company needs this information to provide you with auto insurance quotes and to calculate your rates.

You will need to provide your full name, occupation, driver’s license number, and Social Security Number. You need to do this for all of the drivers that will be on the policy. 

You also have to provide your average commuting distance, your legal address and mailing address, and details about the vehicle. This includes the make, model, and Vehicle Identification Number. If you have a current auto insurance policy, you will need to provide details about that policy as well.

They will also want the date that you bought the car and the current mileage on the vehicle. You also need to have a credit card or debit card number, so you can pay for the insurance.

What Can Prevent Me from Getting Car Insurance Immediately?

For most people, there will not be any problem getting insurance on the same day. However, there could be some issues that prevent you from getting insurance. 

One of the common issues is that you haven’t provided a key part of the information that’s needed to get your rates. If you have recently moved, for example, and they can’t verify your address, they might not be able to sell a policy to you right away. 

Those who have a problematic driving history could find that it’s more difficult to get same-day insurance coverage, as well.

How Can I Make Sure I’m Getting the Best Deal?

You want to have same-day insurance, but you also want to have cheap car insurance, so you aren’t breaking the bank just to get coverage. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure that you are getting a good deal.

Understand How Much Coverage You Need

First, always know how much coverage you need. The requirements for minimum coverage can vary from one state to the next, so know what you need where you live. 

Additionally, if you are buying a new vehicle and will be paying off a loan on that vehicle, the lender may require that you have a certain minimum on the coverage. This minimum might be higher than what the state requires. You will need to follow the requirements of the lender since they are the ones providing money for the vehicle.

It’s also important to think about other factors like your deductible, what types of coverage you want (comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, liability coverage, etc.), and other factors that can have a huge impact on your auto insurance rates.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies

Once you know the type of coverage you will need, you then have to compare the quotes for coverage from many different insurance companies. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first company that you find because you are in a rush. You want a good deal, and that means putting in a bit of research.

Fortunately, you can do this relatively easily when you use The site makes it easy for you to compare different companies for coverage, and to find those that can provide you with just what you need. You can get instant car insurance quotes and be signed up for your new policy in just a few minutes. Just enter your ZIP below.

What Car Insurance Companies Offer Same-Day Insurance?

Today, the Internet has made it much easier for companies to provide customers with same-day insurance coverage. However, not all companies will offer this type of coverage. Below are some of the most popular companies that provide same day car insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that this is just a partial list of companies providing same-day coverage. Check out the other options on to see whether they can provide coverage the same day you buy the policy.

Same-Day Insurance FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding same-day insurance, as well as their answers. These can provide you with a good understanding of this type of insurance.

Can you buy car insurance for one day?

You can’t buy car insurance for one day through reputable insurance companies. However, what you can do is find companies that offer short-term policies. These include options like non-owner policies, rental insurance, and more. You can also explore the wide array of car insurance discounts that can make a full 6- or 12-month policy an easier financial burden.

Do all car insurance companies offer same-day insurance?

While most of the larger companies today will offer same-day insurance, this is not the case with all companies. You will want to look at the various options that are available with insurance companies to see whether they can provide the same-day coverage you need. Using a comparison site like can help to make the process faster and easier for you.

Does same-day insurance cost more?

You will find that having same-day insurance doesn’t necessarily cost more than buying a policy ahead of time. The cost for your car insurance rates should be the same since you are buying online. They can provide you with coverage as soon as they have verified the information and you buy the policy, which should take only minutes. There is no reason for it to cost more. If a company tells you that they will be charging more for same-day coverage, you may be better off choosing a different insurance company.

How long does it take for car insurance to go into effect?

Typically, the insurance will go into effect right away. Once you pay your first insurance premium and you print out your proof of insurance, you are covered. Even if you don’t print the proof of insurance, you are technically still covered. Of course, different companies might have different policies on this, so you will want to check before you make a purchase.

Do you have to have insurance before driving a new car home?

If you are buying a new car and will be taking it home, you need to have insurance in order to drive it off the lot. If you are paying for the vehicle with a loan, the lender will generally require that you have insurance as well. They will have their own minimum requirements for the level of insurance you need to have. Even if you buy the car outright, you need to have insurance coverage. Failure to have insurance is against the law and can lead to fines and a host of legal troubles.

Should you buy a car first or insurance?

While you could buy a car first, remember that you need insurance before you can drive it off the lot. Therefore, you might want to start shopping for insurance before you buy the car. You can look for companies that provide coverage that you will need. Once you buy the car and have the VIN, you can buy the policy and get the coverage you need right away, so you can take the vehicle home the same day you purchase it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s possible to get quality car insurance for a great price on the same day that you need it. Just take the time to look at all of the available options. Some great car insurance companies will make it easy to get coverage, so you can drive safely and legally. The rates will vary based on a range of factors, of course. This includes the amount of experience you have behind the wheel, whether you have had at-fault accidents, and the company in question. Take the time needed to check reviews and compare your options for insurance coverage and find the best solution for you.

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