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You need car insurance quickly, but how soon can you get protection for your vehicle? The good news is if you need insurance fast, you can secure a new auto insurance policy as soon as today. That’s right, same day auto insurance exists to serve drivers who need protection for their vehicle as quickly as possible. 

Learn more about the convenience of same-day car insurance and how to get a new policy quickly.

What is Same-Day Car Insurance?

When you get a car insurance quote and activate your car insurance on the same day, that’s considered same-day car insurance. It doesn’t vary from other auto insurance except for the fact that you’re able to get it quickly. Not all car insurance companies allow you to secure coverage so fast. 

Information Needed to Get a Same-Day Car Insurance Quote

After you find a company that you like and that offers same-day insurance, you will need to provide information about yourself when filling out the application.

The insurance company needs this information to provide auto insurance quotes and calculate rates.

Personal Details

  • Full name
  • Occupation
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Be prepared to provide this information for all drivers on your policy. 

Vehicle Information

You must also provide your average commuting distance, legal and mailing addresses, and vehicle details. This includes the 

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Date of purchase
  • Current mileage on your car 

Current Insurance Policy Info

If you have a current auto insurance policy, you will need to provide details about that policy as well, including:

  • How long you’ve had it
  • Coverage limits
  • Policy expiration date

Driving History

The insurance company will also be interested in your driving history. It’s essential to be truthful when sharing this information because they will eventually confirm the accuracy of what you share. 

  • Tickets on your driving history
  • Accidents on your driving history

You also need a credit card/debit card number or bank account information to make your first premium payment or pay for the policy in full. 

Why You Might Not Be Able to Get Car Insurance Immediately

Most people will not have any problem getting insurance on the same day. However, there could be some issues that prevent you from getting insurance. 

One of the common issues is that you haven’t provided a crucial part of the information needed to get your rates. If you have recently moved, for example, and they can’t verify your address, they might not be able to sell a policy to you right away. 

Those with a complex driving history could also find it more challenging to get same-day insurance coverage.

Can You Get Car Insurance the Same Day?

Do you need to have car insurance right away? There are many reasons you might need to get car insurance fast. Are you worried about a lapse in coverage? Do you want to ensure that you get the coverage you need and need it quickly? Perhaps you just bought a new car and need insurance before you can drive it off the car lot.

Regardless, you’ll find that getting fast, cheap car insurance is possible the same day you apply. Many companies can provide car insurance on the same day you need it. Often, these are the larger companies such as Progressive, GEICO, and Farmers. They have the means to allow for fast online purchases and same-day car insurance coverage. But, you might also be able to find smaller insurance companies that offer this quick and convenient service. 

How Long Does it Take to Buy a New Auto Insurance New Policy Online?

woman working on the computer to buy a new auto insurance policy online

When you go online to buy your car insurance policy, it’ll typically take a few minutes to have your policy in hand and ready to go. The insurance company will need to know your policy start date, and you can often choose same-day coverage. It’s as simple as that. 

Are One-Day and Same-Day Car Insurance the Same?

If one-day car insurance sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Reputable auto insurance companies don’t offer one-day auto insurance to drivers. If an insurance agent or company offers you a car insurance policy that lasts only one day, run in the other direction. It’s likely a scam where their agents will collect your personal information and resell it. 

This is not the same as same-day car insurance, which is the process of securing insurance from a legitimate company within 1 day. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Same-Day Car Insurance

It may be convenient to buy instant car insurance, but it’s not always the best choice for every driver. There are many benefits to purchasing your car insurance policy ahead of time.

You want to compare quotes If you’re in a hurry to get car insurance on the same day, you might not have time to compare quotes and research the companies. You might find a great company that offers affordable rates but not same-day insurance. In this case, you’d have to go with another option. 
You want all the discounts You might miss out on specific discounts offered by some insurance companies. For example, an insurer might provide a discount for buying your car insurance policy at least 7 days in advance. 
You don’t have your social security number Auto insurance companies want to verify your identity, so they will ask for your social security number. They will need more time to process your application if you don’t have it available. Some might even deny coverage altogether. 
You recently moved Insurers will also want to verify your address. If you recently moved, they might not be able to verify your new address quickly enough to offer same day auto insurance coverage. 
You have a less common vehicle If you’re trying to insure an exotic, antique, or specialty car, it can be more complicated to secure same day car insurance. The same goes for costly vehicles. 
You have a spotty driving record When you have too many accidents or moving violations on your record, auto insurance companies might view you as too big of a risk. They might need more time to determine whether they can offer you coverage or deny you altogether. 

How Can I Make Sure I’m Getting the Best Same-Day Car Insurance?

You want to have same-day insurance, but you also want cheap car insurance, so you aren’t breaking the bank just to get coverage. You can do a few things to ensure you get a good deal.

Understand How Much Coverage You Need

First, always know how much coverage you need. The requirements for minimum coverage can vary from one state to the next, so see what you need where you live. 

Additionally, if you are securing financing to buy a new vehicle, the lender may require you to meet minimum coverage requirements. This minimum might be higher than what the state requires. You will need to follow the lender’s requirements since they provide money for the vehicle.

It’s also important to consider other factors like your deductible, types of coverage you want (comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, liability coverage, etc.), and other factors that can significantly impact your auto insurance rates.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies

Once you know the type of coverage you will need, you then have to compare the quotes for coverage from many different insurance companies. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first company you find because you are in a rush. You want a good deal, and that means putting in a bit of research.

Fortunately, you can do this relatively quickly when you use The site makes it easy to compare coverage options and find those that can provide you with just what you need in your budget. You can get instant car insurance quotes and be signed up for your new policy in just a few minutes. Just enter your ZIP below.

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Factors That Impact Your Same Day Car Insurance Quote

When you get a quote to secure same-day car insurance, the insurance company will look at several factors to determine your premium. These are the same factors considered when they give other drivers who don’t need same-day car insurance a policy. 

Some of the factors are out of your control, while others you can do something to improve. 

What Car Insurance Companies Offer Same-Day Insurance?

Today, the Internet has made it much easier for companies to provide customers with same-day insurance coverage. However, not all companies will offer this type of coverage. Below are some of the most popular companies that provide same day car insurance coverage.

Remember that this is just a partial list of companies providing same-day coverage. Check out the other options on to see whether they can provide coverage the same day you buy the policy.

Same-Day Insurance FAQs

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding same-day insurance and their answers. These can provide you with a good understanding of this type of insurance.

Can you get insured on the same day?

Yes, many insurance companies issue same-day car insurance. This isn’t to be confused with one-day or short-term car insurance. Same day car insurance is simply the process of securing auto insurance on the same day you begin your search. 

Can I insure my car immediately?

While it’s not quite immediately, you can secure a policy the same day you begin looking for coverage. Once you pay your first insurance premium and you print out your proof of insurance, you are protected. Even if you don’t print the proof of insurance, you are technically still covered. You just need to find an insurance company that provides same-day coverage.

How fast can I get an insurance policy?

Find an insurance company that offers same-day coverage. You can often get a new policy within minutes or hours. 

Do all car insurance companies offer same-day insurance?

While most larger companies offer same-day insurance, this is not the case with all car insurance carriers. You will want to look at the various options available with insurance companies to see whether they can provide the same-day coverage you need. Using a comparison site like can help make finding the right coverage faster and easier for you.

Does same-day insurance cost more?

You will find that having same-day insurance doesn’t necessarily cost more than buying a policy ahead of time. The cost for your car insurance rates should be the same since you are buying online. However, you could be losing out on a discount that would make your insurance less expensive. For example, some insurance companies offer discounts if you sign up 3-7 days before your insurance is active. Getting same day insurance won’t allow you to take advantage of that discount.

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