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Looking for car insurance for your Land Rover? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our latest guide below on everything you need to know about car insurance for Land Rover or Range Rover SUVs.

Updated January 31, 2022

The story of Land Rover starts with a sketch in the sand on a Welsh beach by their original designer, Maurice Wilks. From that original sketch, their legacy began to grow and remains to this day. 

By 1948, the original Land Rover hit the market. Although the brand has changed hands many times, this ruggedly luxurious vehicle has remained very popular. So popular that drivers craving a combination of performance and luxury continue to opt for it today.

If you are a Land Rover driver, or plan to be one soon, you must consider the cost to experience this level of luxury which includes more than just the sticker price and maintenance. Car insurance cost is an often overlooked financial factor – but one that can get costly if you don’t choose the right company. It’s no secret that insuring a vehicle can get expensive quickly. But you can quickly compare your options with us to fit the best available rate for your ride. 

You can get right to it by entering your zip code below to compare insurance rates of 60+ companies or take a minute to explore the average car insurance costs for Land Rover vehicles with us. We’ll look at the average insurance costs, break down how much you can expect to pay per model, and outline which companies tend to offer the best Land Rover car insurance rates. 

Cost of Land Rover Insurance

The average US driver can expect to pay an average of $106 per month for car insurance. 

When driving a Land Rover, the average rate jumps to an average of $130 per month or around 23% more than most drivers in the US. While the rate is higher it makes sense because you’re insuring a luxury vehicle which costs more to repair and replace in the event of an accident. This is a major factor car insurance companies have to consider when determining your premium. 

But, just because you’re driving a high end car, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for paying more than you need to for Land Rover car insurance. 

Keep in mind that your vehicle make isn’t the only factor at play in determining your car insurance costs. Others that insurance companies will consider your vehicle model, driving record, demographics and location. That’s why it is a smart move to compare quotes across multiple providers to ensure you are getting the best possible rate without sacrificing the quality coverage you need to protect yourself and your vehicle. 

Land Rover Car Insurance Rates by Model

Land Rover drivers pay an average of $130 per month for car insurance. But there is some good news for your budget — many Land Rover models offer average car insurance rates considerably lower than $130 per month. 

Below we outline some of the most popular Land Rover models and their expected monthly auto insurance premium. Remember, these are just averages. However, the numbers should give you a better idea of what to expect when shopping for Land Rover car insurance. 


The Land Rover Defender offers an extreme level of capability and durability matched with some of the latest technologies on the market. You can choose from a two-door or four-door model to suit your adventurous side. 

Beyond the capabilities of the vehicle, you’ll save on car insurance. On average, Defender drivers pay $73 per month for car insurance. That’s significantly less than the average driver on the road and it’s the most affordable car to insure on this list.


Land Rover’s Discovery provides seating for seven within a luxurious interior. It’s great for large families due to its size and you can also enjoy off-roading in your free time. 

As a Discovery driver, you should expect to pay an average of $105 per month for car insurance. That’s $25 less than the average Land Rover driver. Plus, $1 less than the average driver on the road regardless of vehicle model. 


The Land Rover LR3 was on the market from 2005 to 2009. It was known for its size – having seating for seven which made it great for large families. It also provided off road capability and terrain response technology with comfort that doesn’t too often come with an off road experience. You can still find many reasonably priced options on the market today. 

If you find yourself in the driver’s seat of an LR3, you’ll pay an average of $105 per month for car insurance. 


The LR2 was another SUV once offered by Land Rover. Drivers could enjoy this five-seater vehicle on multiple terrains without sacrificing comfort and luxury. However, the company ceased manufacturing LR2s in 2015. Although new models are unavailable, you can find some LR2s on the used car market today. When you’re behind the wheel, you’ll enjoy the quality engine, strong handling and highway stability. 

The average cost to insure an LR2 is $110 per month. 


Land Rover’s LR4 offers a spacious SUV to comfortably fit seven passengers. Carefully selected luxuries like stadium seating and ample luggage space were paired with powerful towing capacity and off-roading options. But this vehicle was discontinued in 2016. With that, you’ll only find this option on the used car market. 

If you decide to drive an LR4, you’ll pay an average of $136 per month for car insurance. This is the most expensive car to insure on our list. 


After a relatively long manufacturing run of 17 years, the Land Rover Freelander was taken off the market in 2014. Drivers of the Freelander enjoy a rugged vehicle built to go anywhere. But you may have trouble finding one in the used market due to a limited supply. 

If you do drive a Freelander, you can expect to pay an average of $77 per month for car insurance. That’s a relatively affordable option. But Freelanders are older vehicles, so you might be able to snag a lower cost for car insurance.

Land Rover Car Insurance Rates by Insurance Company

Car insurance companies look at a variety of factors to determine your car insurance rate. You’ll even find that companies will offer different rates for the same vehicle and the same driver because they weigh certain factors more than others when determining risk. 

As we saw above, the model vehicle you drive will impact your insurance rates, but you also want to look at the insurance company. 

Below you’ll find a chart that outlines the average monthly premium to insure a Land Rover at 3 insurance companies. 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Direct Auto $95
Clearcover $131
Liberty Mutual $168


Direct Auto offers the most affordable option on our list with an average monthly premium of $95/mo. Next up is Clearcover at $131/mo, which is what you’d expect when insuring a Land Rover followed by Liberty Mutual at $168/mo, which is far above average. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg though. There are many more insurance companies on the market that can cover your Land Rover. The best thing to do to find a great rate is compare car insurance costs. 

If you want to explore all of your options, you should take advantage of our free comparison tool to find the best deals. Just enter your zip code below to get started. 

Land Rover Features That Impact Insurance Cost

Vehicles with certain features can impact your car insurance costs. Specifically, adding select safety features to your vehicle could significantly lower impact your car insurance rates. That’s because insurance companies consider you a lower risk driver if your vehicle has features that can reduce the risk of being involved in an accident or getting a ticket. 

Here are some to look out for:

  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA). If you begin to drift out of your lane unintentionally, this feature will help keep you in your lane by gently steering you in the right direction. 
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). If the vehicle detects a potential collision, it will alert you. If you fail to respond to the alert, your vehicle will automatically apply the brakes for you.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring. When a vehicle is in your blind spot, you’ll receive a notification to reduce the risk of being in an accident.
  • Park Assist. If you want assistance steering in and out of a parking spot, this feature will guide you through the process. 

Many newer vehicles come with these features, while older models likely won’t. You’ll have to decide whether it makes sense to buy a vehicle with these features or install them in one that doesn’t currently have them. Ultimately, even if you don’t save on your car insurance (which you likely will) you’ll have a safer driving experience with these features in place. 

Other ways to lower your car insurance costs include:

  • Increase your credit score: Many auto insurance companies consider you a more responsible person (and safer driver) if you maintain a good credit score
  • Secure discounts: There are numerous discounts available including multi-car discount, multi-policy discount, good student discount, paperless billing discount and more. You can save 5-40% on your auto insurance premium depending on the discounts you qualify for. 
  • Practice safe driving habits: Insurance companies provide lower rates to drivers with a good driving record. Try to avoid getting in accidents or receiving tickets to keep your auto insurance premiums low. 

FAQs About Land Rover  Car Insurance

Are Land Rover cars more expensive to insure?

On average, Land Rover drivers pay more for car insurance. While the average driver pays $106 per month for car insurance, a Land Rover driver pays an average of $130 per month. 

But keep in mind that the Land Rover model you drive will significantly impact your costs. For example, you’ll pay an average of $73 per month to insure a Defender. But the average cost to insure an LR4 is $136 per month. 

Does Land Rover have their own car insurance?

No, Land Rover is a luxury SUV brand. The company doesn’t provide any car insurance options. But you may receive access to a prepaid maintenance plan. However, a prepaid maintenance plan is not a substitute for car insurance. Be sure to compare insurance rates at to find the best insurance policy for your Land Rover.

How much does Land Rover insurance cost?

The average Land Rover driver pays $130 per month for car insurance. 

However, there are many factors at play that could impact your insurance costs.  As you explore your car insurance options, using a comparison shopping tool makes sense. With our help, you can quickly determine what your best rate is for your vehicle’s insurance. 

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