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by Nick Versaw Updated October 13th, 2021

Land Rover is currently part of Jaguar Land Rover Automotive, which is partly owned by Indian automaker, Tata Motors. The main focus of Land Rover is 4x4 and off-road vehicles with an added element of luxury through their Range Rover models. From their 1948 establishment until 2016, these sport utility vehicles were famous for their box style design that never strayed from this look. In 2017, Land Rover witnessed its first makeover by releasing variants with a unified body and frame structure. This design is more fluid and modern than the boring, boxy look of the past.

Land Rovers and Range Rovers are known for their durability and high safety rating. Despite this, you should still make sure you’re covered by a quality insurance company. Using can help you choose an agency that saves you the most without sacrificing quality. Choose your model of Land Rover from the vehicle list below, and we'll take you to one of our comprehensive guides where you can browse insurance options.

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