The Cheapest Car Insurance for Vans in 2024

Learn how to get the best and cheapest van insurance for the most popular vans on the road so you can explore with peace of mind.

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Whether you’re traveling across the country with your four dogs and all your camping gear or chauffeuring the kids to and from their activities, vans offer the space you need to explore and take your friends, family, and cargo with you. But you’ll need a van insurance policy to protect your finances if you cause an accident or your van gets damaged.

The overall average price of a van insurance policy is $113 per month, according to data — $38 less than the average car insurance premium. That may be because vans have safety features that reduce the risk of a claim or because van drivers tend to cause fewer accidents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vans cost about 25% less to insure than cars.
  • Mile Auto, Mercury, and Liberty Mutual offer cheap auto insurance for vans, but the best company for you will depend on your coverage needs.
  • If you drive your van for business use, you’ll need a commercial van insurance policy.

How Much Is Van Insurance?


The national average cost of van insurance is $113 per month. Liability-only coverage for vans averages $104 per month, while full-coverage van policies cost an average of $151. But keep in mind that you may pay more or less than that depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The van model: The vehicle price and features will affect your monthly premium. Typically, more expensive vans will cost more to insure, while older ones will be cheaper — but built-in safety features can also come into play.
  • Your driving record: Speeding tickets, DUIs, and past car accidents can all result in a higher monthly premium.
  • Your age: Younger drivers pay more for van insurance because they have less experience on the road and are more likely to cause an accident.
  • Your credit score: In some states, you might pay more for van insurance if you have bad credit.
  • Your annual mileage: Car insurance companies typically consider your estimated annual mileage, but some companies — like Mile Auto and Metromile — determine rates based on your actual mileage at the end of each billing cycle.

Find Cheaper Van Insurance in Minutes

Cheapest Car Insurance for Vans

Family riding together in a van

Van insurance rates vary by van make and model, as well as individual factors, such as your driving history and age. It’s important to compare personalized auto insurance quotes to find the best rate for your van. But to give you a general idea of the cost, here are the seven cheapest insurers offering auto insurance for vans.

Insurance Company Liability Only Full Coverage
Mile Auto $57 $92
Mercury $65 $130
Liberty Mutual $68 $153
First Chicago $68 $138
Sun Coast $70 $135
Clearcover $72 $152
Commonwealth Casualty $77 $170

Mile Auto is the cheapest insurer for vans — both for liability and full-coverage policies, according to data. But keep in mind that Mile Auto is a pay-per-mile car insurance company, and the table above reflects the insurer’s base rates, not the final price after your per-mile rate is added.

It’s also worth noting that full-coverage van insurance is more than twice as expensive on average as liability-only coverage at the cheapest insurers.

But regardless of coverage type, prices vary widely by company. For example, Commonwealth Casualty charges an average of $40 more per month for full-coverage van insurance than Mercury. Some companies may also charge more for certain vans than others. Let’s take a look at the average premiums by van model.

Honda Odyssey

With seating for eight, an affordable starting price, and top safety features, the Honda Odyssey is a relatively inexpensive van to insure. The 2024 model offers a variety of driver assistance features, including collision and lane-departure warning systems.

Below are the cheapest insurance companies for a Honda Odyssey, as well as their average monthly premiums.

Insurance Company Average Monthly Quote
Mile Auto $60
Dairyland $69
Clearcover $70
Aspire $72
Mercury $76

Mile Auto takes the cake for the cheapest Odyssey coverage, but remember that you’ll pay a per-mile rate on top of your monthly base rate. Dairyland and Clearcover are also excellent options for just $9 or $10 more per month. Dairyland offers more discounts than Clearcover, so it may be a great option if you’re looking to maximize your savings.

Toyota Sienna

The 2024 Toyota Sienna is Kelley Blue Book’s top-rated minivan. It comes with a hybrid powertrain to save you money at the pump, along with all-wheel drive to keep you and your seven passengers safe on snowy roads. It’s also one of the cheapest vans to insure — below are average monthly premiums from the cheapest Toyota Sienna insurers.

Insurance Company Average Monthly Quote
Aspire $57
Mile Auto $63
Diaryland $68
Mercury $69
First Chicago $72

Aspire offers the cheapest average monthly premiums by $6, but the company only offers coverage in California. Mile Auto also appears on the list, providing a good option for low-mileage van drivers. Policyholders on Trustpilot also have positive things to say about Dairyland, which offers average premiums for just a few dollars more.

Kia Carnival

The 2024 Kia Carnival is cooler than your average minivan, with a stylish design and an impressive warranty. It offers a slew of safety features, including warning systems and stability and traction controls. Nevertheless, it’s more expensive to insure on average than some other vans.

You can find the five cheapest Kia Carnival insurers in the table below.

Insurance Company Average Monthly Quote
Allstate $87
Acceptance $96
Mile Auto $113
Mercury $125
Nationwide $150

Allstate offers the cheapest coverage for the Kia Carnival, charging $63 less than Nationwide — the most expensive option on this list. Unlike some insurers, Allstate also offers a wide range of coverage options and a long list of discounts. Acceptance is a close second for affordable coverage, but the company has more limited state availability.

Chrysler Pacifica

The 2024 Chrysler Pacifica has excellent safety ratings, with an overall 5-star crash safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and advanced features, like a pedestrian detection system with auto brake. And with family-friendly features like a built-in vacuum and seating for eight, it’s a highly rated van — with affordable average insurance rates to boot.

If you’re looking for affordable coverage for your Pacifica, check out the companies featured in the table below.

Insurance Company Average Monthly Quote
Mile Auto $71
Dairyland $73
Clearcover $84
Sun Coast $95
First Chicago $97

Mile Auto once again comes out on top, followed by Dairyland and Clearcover. The monthly difference between Mile Auto and Dairyland is just $2, which highlights the importance of comparing quotes before you buy.

Get Cheaper Insurance for Your Van

How Much Van Insurance Do You Need?

Couple driving in a van

When purchasing van insurance, you have several options for coverage. Liability insurance is typically the cheapest, but it can leave you vulnerable to unaffordable costs if you’re at fault in an accident. Most people should consider more robust insurance coverage.

Requirements vary by state, but a liability policy typically includes:

Each state has its own requirements, but you may want to choose higher coverage limits than the minimum legal requirement. The average liability claim was $24,211 in 2022, according to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I), but a serious accident can result in even more expensive medical bills.

In some states, you may also be required to have the following:

While not required, you should also consider purchasing a full-coverage policy, which generally includes:

  • Collision coverage: This pays to repair or replace your vehicle after an accident you cause. Without this coverage, you’d be on the hook for the full cost, even if your car is totaled.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This pays to repair or replace your vehicle after non-collision events, like fire and theft.

Some van insurance companies may offer types of insurance that are optional, like rideshare coverage and roadside assistance. Choose the options that fit your needs and your budget.

Keep in mind that if you have a commercial van that you drive for business purposes, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy. Your personal policy won’t cover you when you’re driving commercial vehicles. If you drive your personal vehicle for commercial purposes, such as making deliveries to customers, you may need a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy instead.

How to Get Cheap Van Insurance

Man using his phone to compare car insurance quotes

The process of getting cheap car insurance for a van is quick and painless. Follow these steps:

  • Research van insurance companies: Look at the car insurance companies that offer van insurance in your state, and narrow down your options to insurers that offer the coverage you need. You may consider bundling your auto insurance with home insurance to get a discount and manage both policies with the same company. Finally, be sure to check third-party ratings, such as financial strength and customer satisfaction ratings from AM Best and J.D. Power, and eliminate options that don’t meet your standards.
  • Compare quotes: You can collect van insurance quotes directly from each insurer’s website, call an independent insurance agent, or use an insurance-comparison site to view quotes side by side. The difference in price between companies can be significant, so this step is essential to finding the best deal on van insurance.
  • Ask about discounts: For even greater savings, check if you’re eligible for any discounts not included in your quote, such as a safety course or anti-theft device discount.
  • Choose a policy: Based on each insurer’s reputation, coverage, monthly cost, and available discounts, choose the van insurance policy that best meets your needs.
  • Pay your first premium: Before coverage can begin, you’ll need to pay your first premium. Make sure you’re enrolled before canceling your previous van insurance policy, if applicable.

Get Cheaper Van Insurance in Minutes

Van Insurance FAQs

Auto insurance can be confusing, but finding an affordable van insurance policy can be easy if you know where to look. We’ve answered a few of the most common van insurance questions below to get you started.

What is the cheapest van insurance?

Based on our research, Mile Auto offers the cheapest auto insurance rates for van drivers, but the pay-per-mile company won’t be a good fit if you drive more than 10,000 miles per year. Mercury is the second-cheapest van insurer, offering liability coverage for just $65 per month and full coverage for $130 per month, on average. Be sure to compare cheap van insurance quotes based on personal factors.

Are cargo vans expensive to insure?

It depends. The cost of commercial insurance for a cargo van varies based on the type of van, the type of business, your employees’ driving records, your ZIP code, and your coverage choices. But generally, a commercial insurance policy for a business van or delivery van will be more expensive than a personal policy for a passenger van.

Is RV insurance cheaper than van insurance?

It depends on the RV. A travel trailer may be cheaper to insure than a van, while a Class A motor home or camper van may cost more to insure. Factors like the cost of the RV, how you use it, and your location will also impact the cost of an RV insurance policy. And the level of insurance coverage you choose can result in a higher or lower price.


Data scientists at analyzed more than 50 million real-time auto insurance rates from more than 75 partner insurance providers in order to compile the quotes and statistics seen in this article.’s auto insurance data includes coverage analysis and details on drivers’ vehicles, driving records, insurance histories, and demographic information.

All the quotes listed in this article have been gathered from a combination of real quotes and external insurance rate data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant Information Services. uses these observations to provide drivers with insight into how auto insurance companies determine their premiums.


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