Acuity Insurance Company

  • Customer Service: 800-242-7666
  • Claims: 800-242-7666
  • Roadside Assistance: 866-732-1466

Acuity has been focused on providing the protection people need for over 90 years, with the help of eager and knowledgeable employees who are ready to clarify every detail of insurance. At Acuity, they believe this frees you to live your life with the peace of mind that you’re covered.

Why choose Acuity Insurance?

  • 96% customer claims satisfaction, with a single point of contact throughout your full claims experience
  • Acuity is a mutual insurance company that is not restricted by stockholder demands
  • Ranked #1 by Deep Customer Connections for ease of doing business

Did you know...?

  • Partners with knowledgeable agents and provides them top-of-the-line training
  • Acuity currently cares for over 450,000 homes and vehicles
  • Acuity offers industry-leading replacement cost guarantees – giving you the full value of replacing your car

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